Lexie and meredith relationship advice

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lexie and meredith relationship advice

Relationship Time Line. Season 6. They become good co-workers and assist each other on many cases. Jackson gives Lexie advice on not being a mouse. Legendary Relationships” is a regular column which will examine that took the lives of Meredith's sister, Lexie, and fellow surgeon, Mark Sloane. heard Dr. Thomas' advice to her in voiceover, “Do not look for friends here. Lexie Grey was the daughter of Susan and Thatcher Grey and half-sister of Meredith Grey. Mark and Lexie's relationship started to get troubled when Sloan Riley, Mark's Meredith would give her tips on how to get on his good side. Lexie.

It would've been best if this relationship never happened for either of them. We spent all of those episodes wondering how the mechanics were even possible. Everybody missed Denny and wished there was a scenario that would allow him to come back, but ghost sex is just not what we had in mind.

It all ended up being a plot device to lead Izzie to her own cancer diagnosis. Ironically, just like Denny, she was dying. Izzie beat it in the end, but left the hospital after some personnel issues. It was prompted by some on-set issues with actress Katherine Heigl. If she had ended up dying, we hope she wouldn't have returned to have creepy death sex with Alex. The worst part is that, although this was really weird, we had to lose Denny all over again. This idea was better left on the drawing board and not in the show.

Look, they both grew up poor and had rough childhoods, so they must be soulmates. There was definite chemistry between the two, but way too much fighting and secrecy.

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Jo hid the fact that she changed her name and went in hiding because of an abusive husband. It's hard to think that Alex doesn't remind Jo of her former spouse at times when he calls her names any time they get into a fight.

He spent months pushing for her to marry him, but he never treated her like someone he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. Meanwhile, she was sitting on a mountain of secrets that she never trusted him enough to divulge.

They should have stayed friends and dated other people. We've got a feeling things may not be entirely over for these two. He also has a thing for women in power positions, as evidenced by his romance with Miranda Bailey. Miranda wasn't interested in anything beyond the physical, but it seemed like Eli had more in mind.

Times Chapter 1: The Funeral (Part I), a grey's anatomy fanfic | FanFiction

Plus, we can't forget about Ben. He'd been silently waiting in the wings for Miranda to recover from the trauma of the hospital shooting and come to him when she wanted a relationship. If you've got two seriously hot men to choose from, why wouldn't you pick the one who at least has husband potential in your eyes?

lexie and meredith relationship advice

These two were mismatched from the start and their sex scenes weren't even steamy enough to make us root for them. It's a good thing Miranda came to her senses. By hijacking someone else's wedding and only getting married because you think your days on earth are numbered.

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Honestly, they probably both thought Izzie would be dead in a few months and that they wouldn't have time to wonder if this was the best decision. Surprisingly, marriages based on pity and desperation really don't work out in the end. The King's Soldier Meredith is beating herself up over not being there in Lexie's final moments, so Derek suggests remembering all the times that she was there for Lexie.

Meredith and Lexie (4x03)

A collection of one-shots showing various moments throughout Meredith and Lexie's relationship. Most main characters make some kind of appearance. I don't own the show. If I did, Lexie would probably still be alive. I realize I'm a little late to the Grey's Anatomy party, but I just started watching some of it recently. I immediately fell in love with the character of Lexie, and her relationship with Meredith gave me ridiculous amounts of inspiration.

So this story was born. It came from a combination of wishing the Grey sisters had gotten more scenes together and feeling like Meredith would beat herself up for not being there when Lexie died. This story was inspired by the song "Times" by Tenth Avenue North, which lists a series of specific instances. The chapter titles of this story will each be loose interpretations of the lyric that inspired that particular chapter. Also, I listen to a lot of music while I write, so I've decided to include the names of key songs that influenced a certain chapter's tone in case people want to listen to those.

I think that covers all the logistics I hope you enjoy the story! She would've wanted it that way. Almost the entire hospital staff shows up at the cemetery that morning. There's even a handful of Derek's more recent patients who live in the area and want to be here to honor the kind doctor who helped them through. It's a testament to Lexie that she touched so many lives. The one that really blows Meredith's mind is the young woman from Australia who somehow heard about the crash and flew all the way across the world just to be here.

Cristina quietly explains to Meredith that the woman was in a serious accident a few years ago and the recovery process was so intense that she wanted to die. What convinced her to keep living was Lexie's friendship. Now there's a wedding ring on her left hand and a tiny toddler in her arms.


Most of the short service goes by in a blur. A pastor April knows gives a sweet speech that makes several people tear up, but to Meredith it's all just empty words. He didn't even know Lexie. He can talk all day about how kind she was and how much she'll be missed, but none of it means anything because he didn't actually know her.

Soon enough the service is over and the casket is buried in the ground. Then the hard part begins. Everyone wants to hug Meredith and tell her how sorry they are. Bailey takes Zola off on a walk so Meredith can focus on the faces.

But most of them just say the same thing.

lexie and meredith relationship advice

Lexie meant so much to them, and they're so sorry for Meredith's loss. Over and over and over. One of the people that does stand out is Clara, the woman from Australia. There are tears in her eyes as she introduces Meredith and Derek to her young son. His name is Alex. Clara tells them that she knows he won't remember today when he gets older, but she wanted to be sure he got the chance to meet his namesake.

After she walks away, it takes a good five minutes before Meredith can speak again. Gradually the river of mourners dies down until there's only family left standing in front of the tombstone. Thatcher is here and perfectly sober, along with his girlfriend.

Lexie would've loved that. Molly and Eric have flown in with little Laura, who will be old enough to start school next year. She's too young to truly understand what death means, but she's still very solemn as she looks down at her aunt's gravestone.