Kevin federline and shar jackson relationship marketing

kevin federline and shar jackson relationship marketing

Federline, now a father of six overall, said last June that his relationships with both Spears and the mother of his two oldest kids, Shar Jackson. Kevin Federline's lawyer wants Britney, who has two sons with him, to pay her ex “at least three Kevin has son Kori, 15 and Kaleb, 13 with Shar Jackson, as well as Jordan, six and Peyton, four She is currently in a relationship with Sam Asghari. . The mother of Kevin Federline's two children, Shar Jackson, has declared that her ex is 'such a nice guy'.

The star had a well publicised meltdown which saw her shave her head in a downtown Los Angeles barber in full glare of the paparazzi. Her bizarre behaviour continued and she later lost physical custody of her two young sons to Federline. In JanuaryBritney was placed on an involuntary psychiatric hold in UCLA after the police were called to her home.

Infamously, she was pictured strapped to a guerney as she was stretchered out of her Hollywood Hills home. A court later placed her under the conservatorship of her father Jamie Spears after he made an application. She remains under the conservatorship today - but has gained freedom over her personal affairs, while some of her financial affairs remain under her father's control under terms laid down by the court.

Federline said it was tough watching his former wife plunge into despair from afar - and paid tribute to her father Jamie for the role he played in helping his daughter access the help she needed. Taking full custody of the boys sucked the life out of me, but it was for them.

He made it so I could actually deal with her again. I'm still figuring out myself and learning every day.

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But I think I'm more in a good place. I like being alone, which is good I think. You know, I love reading books. I'm really a quiet kind of person right now. And so it's cool to be back and feel like yourself again. In NovemberSpears filed for divorce.

kevin federline and shar jackson relationship marketing

The rest is upside-down-world history. She spent about a month in rehab in early leaving and then returning when Federline said he'd raise custody issues if she didn't complete treatment. Her career comeback would take some time, but Spears made sure to focus on getting well enough to be with her boys again right away, and she and Federline eventually turned into amicable co-parents. He has since had two more children with wife Victoria Prince and is now a father of six.

Her plate is full, and the same with him. They were having fun together. There were there moments when I lost my way and was a bad boy, absolutely. You give year-old kid a hit song and too much money, and stuff happens. And then when you do something bad, it does go under a microscope.

Thankfully, I am past that.

kevin federline and shar jackson relationship marketing

Enough years have passed now that when I think back on it, it all seems pretty shocking. After the conservatorship was established, Spears' parents slapped Ghalib and her manager at the time, Sam Lutfi, with restraining ordersaccusing them of conspiring to undermine their authority by sneaking her a cell phone to communicate with them.

Lutfi sued Britney and her parents for defamation in and Ghalib was called to testify. Asked what it was like seeing Jamie and Lynne Spears in court, he told E!

kevin federline and shar jackson relationship marketing

News"Not good. They got engaged in and Trawick at one point became a co-conservator of Spears' estate. She continued to heal and return to form in the recording studio and on stage. In hindsight, Fox added, "People are going to think what they're going to think, but I know the truth.

Britney Spears ex husband Kevin Federline: 'There's a lot more I could have done to help'

They were wonderful people and I'll say that until the day I die. To this day I don't talk to a lot of people about it because I still feel protective over them. Lolling on the couch later, Kevin tells her he thinks she's scared to love him, and that makes him scared to love her. Other people's love scares me," she says at another point, quietly. But Federline was proving to be a perfectly eligible squire, and he seemed to enjoy being Mr. To not have to worry about making my next car payment felt like a huge weight lifted off my soul.

kevin federline and shar jackson relationship marketing

But everything got so crazy. At the time, it was also easy to forget that Federline had two other children. I guess I got so wrapped up in all this other s--t that I never really sat back and had a chance to apologize to you. I really do want you to know that I am sorry. There are reports that I was in the hospital this weekend, and Kevin and I just want everyone to know that all is well.

kevin federline and shar jackson relationship marketing

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. That summer Spears has released the single "Someday I Will Understand " in honor of her first child, but otherwise she was still in no rush to get back to making music. The Remixes that November.

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It was a confluence of unfortunate circumstances that caught Spears driving one day with 5-month-old Sean on her lap instead of in a safety seat, with one hand holding the wheel and the other holding him to her. She admitted later that it was a mistake, but that at the same time she'd just had a particularly frightening run-in with photographers and had been trying to get away.

Spears was eight months pregnant at the time and she said she'd gained about 40 pounds—and had no qualms about her pregnancy cravings. It sounds disgusting, but it's so satisfying. Two months later, Spears texted Federline that she wanted a divorce. Britney filed the paperwork on Nov. Their date of separation was listed as the day before she filed. Goodness, what could've gone wrong?!

Everybody wants to put their own spin on it.