Ken zhu and rainie yang relationship questions

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ken zhu and rainie yang relationship questions

First, it was with Yang Dong Hua, Rainie Yang, but both were said as . Ken Chu and Mayi's relationship have come to an end because of a .. They¡¦ll immediately run to the artiste, snap photos and ask some questions. May 21, well if you girl a die-fan of ken zhu you will be slapped by this heading. for me i'm not Rainie Yang said you remind her of the North Pole. Meteor Rain is a Taiwanese drama starring Jerry Yan, Vanness Wu and Ken Chu of F4 and Rainie Yang. She attempts to rekindle her relationship with Xi Men (Ken Chu) (Soujiroh Nishikado in manga series) and However problems arise in the second part of this chapter, when Ah Yuan learns that Dao Ming Si is.

Just when Bin Fei was about to give up hope, he unexpectedly sees Ruo Ning at Xishuangbanna's festival! However, Ruo Ning refuses to acknowledge her own identity. Under continuous misunderstandings and conflicts, Bin Fei confirms that the Ruo Ning standing in front of him is actually another person all together.

Her name is Yu Bo Han.

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She is the god-daughter of the village's chief and is on the verge of getting engaged with the village chief's son, Yan Hu.

Even though Bin Fei tries to keep his distance from Yu Bo Han but the two of them always seem to meet by chance and they gradually become friends.

Xia Rui can't bear the fact that Bin Fei continues to live under the shadow of Ruo Ning and finally finds out about Ruo Ning's whereabouts… It turns out that when Ruo Ning was on her way to Japan to find Bin Fei, she met with a car accident and passed away. She never imagined that this would accelerate the development between Bin Fei and Yu Bo Han's relationship.

However, after Bin Fei finds out the news about Ruo Ning's death, he misunderstands Yu Bo Han's intention and as a result, they broke up.

ken zhu and rainie yang relationship questions

Until Bin Fei was wrongly accused and sent to jail that's when Bin Fei finds out that Yu Bo Han is the little girl in the "Rebirth" photograph; the dream that he has been chasing all along… In order to get Bin Fei out of prison safely, Yu Bo Han and Xia Rui work together to investigate the Xishuangbanna hunting incident.

They discover that the person behind this is actually Duan Peng but they don't have any evidence.

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Originally, Bin Fei and Yu Bo Han had thought that they will never see each other again in this lifetime but after Xia Rui unexpectedly breaks up the marriage ceremony, Bin Fei and Yu Bo Han finally gets back together. In the end, Duan Peng finally decides to turn himself in and put an end to this whole succession of hunting incidents. His work at Xishuangbanna comes to an end and Bin Fei plans to go back to Japan to work.

He hopes that Yu Bo Han will go to Japan with him.

Meteor Garden throwback: 5 things to relive with the reboot of the F4 drama

Ken Zhu stars as a photographer who travels into the most scenic Southwestern China for shooting. Rainie Yang said you remind her of the North Pole.

ken zhu and rainie yang relationship questions

What can you say about that? All the rest is your crap buddy. Laughing while shaking his head. Reuters article no 2: Taiwan, Janaury 14, Rainie Yang was whisked through the backdoor of the studio after the main entrance was blocked by press vans waiting for her arrival. Despite the detour, a few press people were able to sneak into the studio for a quick interview with the actress: Look, it was just joke. Obviously, a very careless one. Slightly blushing, shaking her head.

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As a colleague in business, do you have a message for him? Camera zooms on Rainie's beautiful face. But, I do have a tip for you on your birthday -- Do one thing that scares you the most.

Thank you very much for your time. A small box with a card came with the flowers. When Rainie opened the box, she found a compass and a card saying: Taiwan Post, Entertainment Section, Jan 14, Security was especially tight at the Marriot Hotel this evening. The main ballroom is said to be booked for the night by a very special guest. According to unnamed sources, actor Ken Zhu booked the ballroom at noon today for a quiet dinner for two. The arrangement is said to include a 4-piece orchestra to play soothing classics, a lone table set at the center of the ballroom, intimate setting, and a special 9-course meal prepared by the head chef.

According to our source, Ken Zhu arrived at the venue first. He was in a casual evening suit -- very shuai.