Kazehaya and sawako relationship marketing

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kazehaya and sawako relationship marketing

Last season, we were left with a somewhat happy ending for Sawako and her blossoming relationship with Kazehaya, the most popular guy in. In this volume, Sawako and Kazehaya finally, finally get their feelings across to friendship with Yoshida and Yano before he tries to take his own relationship. Kazehaya falls in love with Sawako shortly after meeting her, and admits . His interference with Sawako and Kazehaya's developing relationship irritates Ayane . or romantic novel discussed in this article is the mass-market literary genre.

You began participating in different events. Now you have a b-b-b-boyyy…. I can really tell how sad he is. I think he doesn't truly approve of us! B-But… I like Kazehaya-kun! Everything's going perfect now!

Why wouldn't dad be happy for us? I know I can understand how he feels, since I've remained to be his little daughter the whole time, but now I'm developing social ties with everyone, I'm starting to slowly distance myself from my family. He still isn't ready to let go of me yet. But I think it's time to take one step higher towards completing my teenage years… And it's Kazehaya-kun who's going to help me with that.

Maybe if I introduce Kazehaya-kun to my parents, then they may change their mind about us! If they see how kind and nice and sweet and pleasant Kazehaya-kun is, they would surely approve of him!

They would never hesitate! I can already imagine! And so, I went to my cell phone and thought of sending him a mail. But… I wonder if it's going to be a burden if I ask him to visit me? I don't want him to waste some of his time just for this. He might think I'm taking him too much for my advantage… And I don't want to. But then, it wouldn't hurt if I ask him… After all, he should meet my parents sooner or later.

And then… After hours of hesitations, I finally gathered the courage to send him an email. Would you want to go to my place tomorrow? I was hoping you could meet my parents.

I hope it's not too casual… I don't want to be giving him a misconception of things… He might think I'm totally advancing him; we're barely even one month old. But come to think of it, he's never been to my place. I heard a lot of couples spending most of their time in each other's homes.

But maybe meeting my parents is a little too early! Maybe he's feeling a little awkward right now as he reads my message… And he's hesitating to reply!

Additionally, it's Sunday tomorrow, so he probably has a lot of plans in mind… Even if we're dating, that doesn't mean I have to hog him all for myself.

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I can't stop shaking! I can't believe I still act so awkward towards him now we're just more than friends. Is this being in a relationship feels like? Now that I'm bonded with Kazehaya-kun, I'm a lot more conscious in what he has to feel and think and… Beep! I should stop thinking so hard and just… Sure! I'll be looking forward to it! I remained silent… I stared at that message for as long as I remember.

I can't believe that's all it took. I reflected my mind out of all the negative things I could think of, but this is what Kazehaya-kun just said. He's even looking forward to it. He doesn't mind at all… Oh, Kazehaya-kun! I'm so sorry for thinking so humble of you! Soon afterwards, I offered to buy groceries since I really feel so bored. It's actually killing two birds on a stone; I've done afternoon exercise at the same time.

It's in fact a very great feeling! I should suggest this daily routine to my friends! I think I just heard someone call my name from nowhere. I'm currently walking my way towards the market and I don't think my name passing through my ears is a normal thing. I do have a feeling the voice sounds familiar… And the other strange thing is they don't call me by my casual nickname. Someone's calling me by my real first name, and I have no idea where it's coming from! Someone just landed a huge handprint on my back…!

Only one person just does that to me… "C-Chizu-chan! What are you doing here?

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I stared at her and she's wearing the apron I gave her as a gift in my first Christmas with them. That makes me so happy; she's actually been using it like she told me! Suddenly, I saw Sanada-kun appear from behind her, he himself wearing kitchen attire like Chizu-chan. I wonder if it's a normal thing for couples to tease and fight? Well, these two always do… And they look so natural.

I envy them for a bit because I was hoping I could do the same thing with Kazehaya-kun… But I think that would be impossible. I can't imagine it myself. Right now awkwardness still envelops the both of us. You've been frozen the entire time," Chizu-chan remarked. I can clearly say she's worried, but I don't want them to always feel pity for me. I should always show my cheerful expression, even how bad I look with it.

And I bet it looks so obviously scary since I saw a lot of people stop and froze themselves. I sighed and thought of working it out more often. I think you're really busy…" "Oh, that? No, no, it's okay. We just finished our part time duty in Ryu's dad's restaurant. We were cleaning up and that's when I saw you…" "Oh, I see… Then I suppose you're on your way home, then?

It's a good Saturday afternoon; it's the perfect time to rest. In fact, I don't rest! I'm made of steel! You're going to the market, right? Let me come with you! I really felt happy when I heard her say that, but I don't want to be wasting her time just to come with me. I bet she helped out at the restaurant since this morning and it would be a shame if she doesn't rest… "Stop thinking too much, Sawako! There's no such thing about being a burden. I want to help out!

I really don't feel like resting and it's rare seeing you out on a weekend. You get to carry her groceries! You're a gentleman, aren't you? I think I'm being a complete burden to him then… "N-No, it's okay! He stared at me for a couple of minutes and smiled gently as he turned away. The next day, 8 A. Kazehaya falls in love with Sawako shortly after meeting her, and admits though not to Sawako his feelings, unaware that she feels the same for him.

However, after being confronted by Ryu influenced by Chizuru and Pin, Kazehaya goes to Sawako as his friends jokingly remark that he likes Sawako; however, Kazehaya takes the remark seriously and agrees, subsequently confessing directly to Sawako. However, in chapter 40, he is finally able to confess his feelings to her, and they are officially dating. He seems to avoid Sawako because he wants to be careful in loving her because in chapter 58, the two almost end up kissing and he is worried that Sawako may end up thinking too much about it.

In chapter 71, Sawako starts asking if he is still in love with her, he quickly kisses her. She is the arguably the most mature of the group and she has a boyfriend in college as well as having her ears pierced multiple times. Kurumi starts a rumor that Ayane played around with more than guys in middle school, and that she and Yoshida are thug underlings of Sawako's in high school.

She was also able to figure out that it was Ume who spread the rumors, Ch.

kazehaya and sawako relationship marketing

She is also fairly intimidating when angry, being called scary by Chizuru a number of times. Later on she breaks up with her boyfriend, who had begun to become too possessive of her: However, starting from chapter 59, it has been strongly hinted that Kento has feelings for Ayane.

She is the tomboy of the group, and she even admits this when Ryu calls them brothers, where she argues about who is the older rather than that she is not a 'brother'. She can be very emotional at times, usually seen humorously crying after a touching moment between her friends.

kazehaya and sawako relationship marketing

She has a soft spot for innocent mannered people, so she takes a near instant liking to Sawako. In Kurumi's fake rumors it was passed around that she was a former Yankeethough Chizuru just takes the rumor as a means of scaring people off or as a joke for her friends. When he confesses to her again, this time making it clear, it shocks her to the point where it becomes difficult to talk to him normally as she never thought about him like that and believes that they can't go back to how they were before ever again.

But she begins to grow feelings for Ryu and in chapter 88 she confesses to Ryu and he kisses her.

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He is the son of the ramen shop owner of Chizuru Yoshida's favourite ramen shop. He is quiet most of the time and rarely talks, but still can communicate well with Sawako, as they both don't talk much anyways. Ryu and Kazehaya became friends when they were on the baseball team during middle school.

He is also close childhood friends with Chizuru and does not deny having feelings for her, such as simply smiling when Sawako asks if he and Chizuru are dating. He's more than willing to comfort Chizuru if she's depressed, though he would rather have her mad at him as he knows Chizuru can vent out her emotions better.

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Ryu also seems to like animals a lot; when Shota was going to walk "Maru", his adopted puppy, home with Sawako, Chizuru pulled Ryu away telling him he's going to walk with Ayane and her instead. While being pulled away from Shota's puppy, he cried out for it.

A running gag in the series is that he has a very hard time remembering a person's name with the exception of Kazehaya and Chizuru as he's known them for a long time, and after some time later Sawako and Ayane.

In chapter 43, he casually tells Chizuru that he loves her and she is totally shocked. In response, he smiles and says, "I know. Sawako, being formal, always refers to him as "Arai-sensei," while almost everyone else refers to him by his nickname, "Pin. He used to be part of Kazehaya's father's league team, so he has known Shota since when he was young. A loud and eccentric man prone to believing the silliest things, Pin apparently enjoys interrupting people.

A running gag through the series, despite being a teacher he is prone to actions that are more suited to a teenager, such as eagerly running to the bathroom when he heard about a fight yet became depressed when Sawako and her friends were making up rather than fighting.

He also has a false impression that Sawako is an exorcist.

kazehaya and sawako relationship marketing

Pin also has a habit of believing girls in Sawakos year fancy him and often turns them down when they speak to him, stating that he's just too old for them. Aya Hirano animeMirei Kiritani live-action A girl who appears friendly and sweet to everyone around her, she has had a huge crush on Kazehaya since their first year of middle school; as a result, she understands his personality well, despite the fact they were never close friends.

From when she was first seen, for many chapters she was known only as "Kurumi", which Sawako mistook to be her given name. She dislikes her given name, Ume, because it sounds old-fashioned and prefers to be called her nickname, "Kurumi. During the next series of events it comes out that the middle school "Kazehaya is Everyone's" alliance had been Kurumi's idea, in order to preserve her own chances with Kazehaya.

Sawako-chan, when I'm talking to you I get irritated and say what I really mean When Sawako hesitates on expressing her feelings, Kurumi tells Sawako that Sawako is not worthy of being a rival, but changes her mind after hearing that Sawako and Shota have become a couple.

Mamoru Miyano anime A student who sits next to Sawako at the beginning of their second year. He expresses gratitude over the fact that the two began dating before he fell in love with her.

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He tends to help girls with broken relationships, as he continues to grow feelings for Ayane, he seeks advice from Sawako and Kazehaya. It is from Kazehaya that Kento finds out that Ayane has been slapped by one of her ex-boyfriends. Mayuki Makiguchi Eriko HiranoVoiced by: