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How Behenji became Madame Mayawati

Mayawati's assets were amassed possibly only when she Gradually, Kanshi Ram grew in strength and political stature. The relationship was respected by the fond and indulgent Dalits who saw nothing objectionable in it. Read also – The Chamcha Age – by Saheb Kanshi Ram Check Wallpapers from here - 15th March in Dalit History – Saheb Kanshi Ram Ji's. That relations between the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) and the media have always But last week they hit rock bottom when a mob led by BSP leaders Kanshi.

Barring exceptions, therefore, BSP rallies normally start at 11 am and end before sunset. When it comes to a woman's safety and security, Mayawati makes no compromises.

Kanshi Ram

There are very clear cut instructions to all party-men that any indulgence will not be tolerated. So while Mayawati's views on women might seem a bit conservative, unlike the Samajwadi Party, the BSP's supreme boss does not oppose the women reservation bill although her party wants the bill to be introduced with some modifications. In the forth coming Lok Sabha elections she has given tickets to quite a few women candidates; although it is a different matter that most of these women candidates are just dummies of their husbands who are ministers or MPs with the BSP.

There have been occasions when chief minister's office is has been opened at mid-night and fax sent to the district magistrates for immediate implantation of a Government order.

So key party functionaries expect calls from her or her office any anytime. Sources say Mayawati herself sleeps for only 2 to three hours every night. Quite like the newsroom of a television channel several television sets have been set up in her residence. Round the clock officers from the Chief Minister's Office keep a constant 'vigil' on news items that is being aired by the news channels.

Constant reports are sent to Mayawati about any new item which concerns her, her party or her state. Dressing down This is Mayawati's favorite pastime. Party sources say in any close-door meeting when Mayawati speaks others only listen. If you are at fault you get a severe dressing down; it does not matter if you are a minister, a respectable Member of Parliament or an MLA.

Sources say she has already taken resignation letters from several of her ministers and kept them with her. Once a young Brahmin minister was asked to deliver some donation chanda for the party. But the minister got late by two days. Behanji gave him a dressing down and asked him to write his resignation letter immediately.

But even those who used to be purchased at Rs. That shows it is a hijra eunuch government. But I am angry. It should have been Rs. A time will come when people should spend Rs. If money is coming from a treasury, it will be extinguished.

I am getting money from a perennial source of funds. I need only one crore rupees to win all the parliamentary seats. One day, voters will queue up to pay money to Kanshi Ram. The next day, they will que up to vote for Kanshi Ram.

Some people may get tired. Some people may be purchased. Some may become frightened. This will be a permanent feature. It will not demoralise us. I have created a method where in a given time if 10 people go awaywe will produce people of the same caliber.

Whom we dropped as deadwoodothers are trying to pick up and burn a fire. They are trying to use them against us. They had given to Babu Ji also. I am not prepared to attain what I cannot sustain. Let us attain whatever we can, but it must be retained and retained only by permanent change. Ambedkar Times newspaper, free, copies are available in Indian stores, California now.

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It was a very good experience to meet our brothers and sisters from Panjab who are settled in USA. We decided to work together to spread the ideology of our great leader Baba Sahib Dr. Sakya Mohan and Ms. Savitha Duraisamy compeering the event, the program began with the lighting of the lamp and paying tribute to Dr.

Martin Luther King Jr. Shushma Thevar, the president, Temp Solutions Inc. Thaddeus Kirkland, state representative,th district in Pennsylvania. After the lighting of the lamp Ms. Sakya Mohan welcomed the dignitaries and the participant and greeted the Dignitaries with a bunch of flowers. The programme was lit up with the presence of personalities like Mr. Joe Hoeffel, commissioner, Montgomery County, Rep. Thaddeus Kirkland, State representative, th district in Pennsylvania, Mr. Pramanand Rangari and Master Akshay Thevar sang an awareness song on blind faith on different gods and goddesses and urged to believe in science and rational thinking.

ODRF aims at paving the way for sustainable development by ensuring universal education, access to basic health care services, creating equal opportunities and advocating human rights issues of the most exploited communities.

Keeping all these principles as the centre, seven committed youth who in carrying the legacy of Dr. It was time to turn our attention to the activities of ODRF from ODRF is fighting against caste system in India and working for the cause of the oppressed" he concluded his speech by saying "we want to make a change so fight for what we believe".

Master Akshay Thevar received a standing ovation for his speech on Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar and America. In his speech, he stated that there is a strong link between Dr. Babashaheb Ambedkar and USA. He studied in Columbia University from to this was the time when he came in contact with the world most famous personalities like Prof. These people created a great impact on Dr. Ambedkar in many ways like teaching him democracy, Anthropology,economics, civil rights and pragmatism.

He said that Temp Solutions Inc. ODRF lives by these words, be it the school bag distribution or toys distribution… or fighting for social justice undertaken by ODRF, it has always succeeded in installing hope for better future based on liberty, equality and fraternity.

Actions speak louder than words. ODRF activities speak thousand words. Pratibha Kamble, a perfect example of how temp Solutions Inc. A dalit girl from India shared her experience of coming to USA. This was simply because of one reason that I completed my entire education in my mother tongue that due to lack of exposure to speak and write in English. Michael sir has been in constant contact with me and my family and became the source of motivation to improve my communication skills and it is only because front of you.

This is a big change in my life that I came to USA and away from my parents. After my arrived in Pennsylvania Mr. Michael sir and family as treated me like their own sister and never let me feel that I was alone". A man who could never be forgotten and who is the source of example for many youngsters and the man with the mission of paying back to the society shared his views on ODRF and other activities.

Dalits are the most oppressed communities of Indian society along with Tribal communities. The fundamentalist caste forces in India and world over who are against giving equal rights to Dalits are great threat to global Human Rights concerns.

Martin Luther King Jr, rightly said, "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere". The globalization and liberalization also opened up societies for human rights scrutinizes. Then he drew the attention of the members to the future plans of ODRF He concluded his speech by saying "we will be made to believe that change need to happen, we want to live as human beings and will also need to recognize others as human beings.

And incorporating the proactive policies to regain the economic rights to Dalits would be a small but significant step towards larger goal. The awards will be given to the activists engaged in sociopolitical and Dhamma movement. This was the turning point of his life and he travelled all over the country to awaken the educated employees who got benefitted due to the affirmative action policy but failed to serve the community.

He decided that he will never get married, never acquire any property, and never attend any ceremonial function, marriage function or a party. He also decided that he will devote and dedicate the rest of his life to achieve the goals of Shahu — Phule — Ambedkarite movement. It was his commitment, dedication and vision that today a woman from oppressed community 'Bahan Mayawati' is the Chief Minister of India's Largest State, Uttar Pradesh.

Ambedkar told his people that "politics is the master key by which you can open any locks". He could not see his dream fulfilled as he died on 9th Oct due to long illness. Manyawar Kanshi Ram Ji's prevented millions of people turning into 'Uncle Tom' using pay back to society strategy.

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He changed the dimensions of politics in India which was the monopoly of dominant castes. Taking the inspirations from life of Manyawar Kanshi Ram Ji ODRF decided to honor personalities worldwide who contributed towards upliftment of marginalized people. Thaddeus Kirkland, state representative, th district in Pensylvenia and Dipak Panzade with Manyawar Kanshi Ram Ji award for their contribution in sociopolitical movement in India and abroad.

Kirkland who lobbied in Pennsylvania assembly to condemn the Caste discrimination in India. This contribution of Mr. Kirkland directly linked oppressed people in India with African-Americans, and given a new hope that one day 'the world will be free from all kind of discriminations.

Accepting the award Mr. Thaddeus Kirkland expressed his solidarity with the cause against caste system. He also promised to spread awareness on the Indian caste system among the international communities. He is involved with several activities in the community to empower dalits, Tribals and other weaker sections of the Indian Society. The function ended with the positive note from Ms.

Surabhi Garg, United States Indian political Action committee said that this is a new beginning and let this new beginning continue to work for the cause of the marginalized communities. After the speech of Ms. Surabhi Garg the cultural team came up with a song in Marathi meanwhile the participants started enjoying the dinner.

The complexion of Indian democracy significantly changed with his rise on the political horizon of India. Major Indian political parties were taken by surprise. The era of one-party rule ended paving a way for the coalition politics at the Center.

He entered in politics like an ascetic by renouncing the comfort of hearth and home for writing a new chapter on making of the Indian Nation. Utter Pradesh Chief Minister Kumari Mayawati, his keen follower, created history by winning absolute majority in predominantly Hindu majority state of Utter Pradesh. A spate of pro-Dalit developments undergoing in Utter Pradesh would not have been otherwise possible for several decades.

The day is not far when she may even occupy the seat of power in Delhi. Sonia and Rahul Gandhi out of their smugness, sometimes just to demonstrate the sweep of her unquestionable power. Dedicated supporters of Kanshi Ram like Sadhanshu Kumar from Bihar are relatively very poor and non-entities in comparison to the immensurable strength of Utter Pradesh Chief Minister.

Ram was killed while in her captivity. A school teacher who had dreamed of becoming a civil servant at the most, Mayawati fantasized her life on the roller coaster when she met Kanshi Ram in Mayawati recognized that Kanshi Ram had set a mission on a higher plane where wealth, marriage and family ties could not distract him.

His vows about not marrying and amassing wealth during his BAMCEF days reflected the singularity of his purpose and extreme dedication to the cause of Dalit upliftment. She set her eye on the empty space of his life and started filling it with her domineering presence. She presented herself as the agent of change that Kanshi Ram had most advertized. The aggressiveness she showed by venting her vitriol against Brahmins, Bania and Thakurs had convinced Kanshi Ram of her potential and eagerness to work for the party cause.

She showed her tendency to amass unlimited wealth and got embroiled in Taj Corridor corruption case. AfterKanshi Ram decided not to contest any election for the public office. He planned to improve the party functioning and make it more attached to the grassroots level.

As he had no wealth, no home, no friends, he experienced helplessness typically like millions of Dalits who end up in traps of Chankayan making. Since Mayawati increased her surveillance to monitor his movements and people he met with, Kanshi Ram apprehended a grave threat to his life. He allegedly gave hints of a conspiracy to his supporters.

Before Kanshi Ram could wriggle out of the trap, he suffered the paralytic stroke making him completely at the mercy of Mayawati, an Amazonian figure in Dalit politics. Babasaheb unexpectedly died on 6 th December, Ambedkar was formed on 3 rd October, But from the party began to split up under various leaders. The biggest set-back to the party was that, it became a party of Maharashtra and the Mahars later converted to Buddhism after and the other sub-castes remained the supporters of Congress and others.

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The clash of personalities and personal political ambitions took the caravan in a reverse direction rather taking ahead. He started working with Republican Party of India. After near about eight years of working with Republican Party of India, he became disillusioned with its functioning.

His dream of Ambedkarite movement was completely shattered when Dadasaheb Gaikwad joined the hands with Mohan Dhariya from Congress for a petty one Lok-Sabha reserved seat and few lakh rupees. This event was the beginning of his dissociation from Republican Party. Manyawar Kanshi Ram Ji decided that he will develop a society which will work to spread the thoughts of Dr Ambedkar and other social reformers and will never sell themselves for a small gain.

He traveled all over the India along with his few activists to know why Caravan of Dr Ambedkar was brought back rather than taking ahead. During these days he never bothered about his health, food, transport and worked tirelessly to awaken the educated employees.

Organization of employees of Backward Class and Religious Minorities, after doing a necessary preparatory work within a period of five years decided to float an organisation in As a result of it, and as per the vision of Dr. Kanshi Ramji decided to take the Caravan of Dr Ambedkar ahead and he considers it as his responsibility to fulfill the same. Then he started working among educated employees and awakens them to work for the upliftment of the downtrodden. In this process he was successful to a large extent in awakening, realizing and transforming the expectations of Dr Ambedkar from educated class.

After the necessary ground work and positive response from some employees in PoonaNagpurDelhi and other places Kanshi Ramji decided to launch an organization for pay-back to society. During this time, he conducted several cadre camps, meetings, seminars in different parts of the country to awaken the employees. Basically it has been the organization aimed to build up the non-political roots for the success of Dr.

Ambedkar's political vision and action. BAMCEF's typical feature was that it was an organization of the employees, by the employees but not for the welfare of the employees.

The first concept given by Kanshi Ram Ji was "people who should succeed politically must have strong non-political roots" He witnessed the failure of Ambedkarite movement in MaharashtraKanshi Ramji had realized that the people whose non-political roots were not strong were bound to fail politically. They can have their political party, but they cannot succeed politically. BAMCEF created a new missionary political conscience among the backward caste educated employees and also established a national network for further Kanshi Ram's movement.

After spending 20 yrs of his young age Kanshi Ramji realized that merely organizing employees would not be enough to fulfill the dreams of Dr Ambedkar.