John williams and steven spielberg relationship

john williams and steven spielberg relationship

This succession of events rapidly established John Williams as one of the foremost film composers of the day. The close relationship with Steven Spielberg and. John Williams and Steven Spielberg's partnership has led to numerous iconic soundtracks, including Jaws, Raiders of the Lost Ark, E.T, Saving. Film composers and directors always have a unique relationship in the movie making process. Enter Steven Spielberg and John Williams.

And then John, without really needing to hear any more from me because the film pretty much says it all, goes off and writes his themes.

john williams and steven spielberg relationship

Then he performs sketches of the themes for me on the piano. I've often made a fool of myself sitting there weeping, hanging over the piano after he's played me something, either from E. Or I just admire what he's done.

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More often than not, the first thing he plays me is what goes into the movie. I don't think there's been a single moment where we've had a disagreement about music.

John Williams - composer extraordinaire

We certainly have a high regard for each other, but I just think that's about Johnny hitting the target in an uncanny way. As a matter of fact, when I named my first child Max, that came from a nickname that I gave Johnny from the first time we met.

It's a joke that sometimes his music reminded me of Max Steiner. And he would always laugh, so I got to calling him Max. I said I was looking for a composer who could write in the classic Hollywood style of the '30s and '40s, and he said 'John's the man for you, he's fantastic. And Steven said, 'Oh yeah, he's perfect. Attack of the Clones.

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It's done in a very old-fashioned style, as silent films, so that the music kind of tells the story. A lot of the emotional content is carried through the music as much as through the scenes themselves.

john williams and steven spielberg relationship

So it's been a great collaboration over 25 years. Steven works with him pretty much the same way I do. We go through a spotting session, explain what you want and what your intentions are -- whether suspenseful or dramatic, or having military or religious overtones, or whatever it is the way you're describing the scene.

john williams and steven spielberg relationship

And then John goes off and works his brilliance. Without somebody as brilliant as Johnny doing the scores, I don't think they would have been as successful as they were.

john williams and steven spielberg relationship

We grew up with them. We've listened to them over the decades.

How John Williams changed the relationship between movies, music

If you look at 'Jaws,' for instance, he captured the absolute terror of that shark. We have a special debt to pay to Mr. Williams because he loved the sound of the whole symphony orchestra.

john williams and steven spielberg relationship

When Peterson was 10 years old, he bought his first CD: He credits that soundtrack for introducing him to the world of classical music, where he would later find his career. His father was a musician, so he was exposed to the world of professional music at an early age.

Hollywood collaborators - Williams and Spielberg

He studied at Juilliard and began as a jazz pianist, playing in clubs and eventually in Hollywood for major TV series. He began composing for TV in the s and soon caught the ear of Steven Spielberg, who asked him to compose the score for his first feature film, "The Sugarland Express," in A year later, they collaborated again on "Jaws," which won an Academy Award for Original Score and opened Williams up to a lifelong career of composing for film.

Williams has maintained a strong partnership with Spielberg and has composed the scores for all but a few of his feature films.