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The Relationship between John Balliol and Edward I.. -The idea of a Scottish King fighting for an English one was outrageous, it was even worse that Scotland . Home > History > The Scottish Wars of Independence > John Balliol and Edward I. The Relationship between John Balliol and Edward I. When John Balliol came to the throne he had had several problems to overcome. Revise the main events in Scotland during the reign of King John Balliol between and and how he was deposed by Edward I.

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Name[ edit ] Balliol arms: In Scots he was known by the nickname Toom Tabard, usually understood to mean "empty coat. He was born between and at an unknown location; possibilities include GallowayPicardy and Barnard CastleCounty Durham. He demanded homage to be paid towards himself, legal authority over the Scottish King in any disputes brought against him by his own subjects, contribution towards the costs for the defence of England, and military support was expected in his war against France.

He treated Scotland as a feudal vassal state and repeatedly humiliated the new king. The Scots soon tired of their deeply compromised king; the direction of affairs was allegedly taken out of his hands by the leading men of the kingdom, who appointed a council of twelve—in practice, a new panel of Guardians—at Stirling in July They went on to conclude a treaty of mutual assistance with France—known in later years as the Auld Alliance. When his baggage was examined at Doverthe Royal Golden Crown and Seal of the Kingdom of Scotland, with many vessels of gold and silver, and a considerable sum of money, were found in his chests.

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Edward I ordered that the Crown be offered to St. Thomas the Martyr and that the money be returned to John for the expenses of his journey. But he kept the Seal himself. Over the next few years, there were several Scottish rebellions against Edward for example, in under William Wallace and Andrew Moray.

The rebels would use the name of "King John", on the grounds that his abdication had been under duress and therefore invalid. This claim came to look increasingly tenuous, as John's position under nominal house-arrest meant that he could not return to Scotland nor campaign for his release, despite the Scots' diplomatic attempts in Paris and Rome. Afterhe made no further attempts to extend his personal support to the Scots. Effectively, Scotland was left without a monarch until the accession of Robert the Bruce in This timeline should include: Presentation to Class of Timeline 30 minutes To ensure that you have a thorough understanding of events each person in the class will present their timeline to another member of the class.

You will present your presentation 3 times to different people. Ensure that you cover all the major events. The Wars of Independence Activity 3: Exposing the people behind the events Understanding the characters involved is key to understanding the events in which they took part.

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Be accurate but use the language of the plebeian press should not be too hard then! John Balliol Also Known As: King John famously gave homage to Edward of England and effectively became a puppet of the English King. Future Kings of Scotland would not name their children John in case they turned out to be little saps like John Balliol.

Although he may have been given a bad press by chroniclers after his reign in an attempt to justify the Bruce families taking of the throne Ill Educated News Verdict: The boy has got a bad press!

He tried to establish his authority across Scotland and held annual Parliaments but he was just right unlucky! Too bad, so sad! The Wars of Independence Activity 4: Did the Guardians take power or share power with King John?

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Why was Scotland so easily subjugated in ? The Wars of Independence 1. The Wars of Independence Write a paragraph in your own words summarising the evidence that the Guardians took power and summarising the evidence that they shared power.