Joffrey and margaery relationship counseling

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joffrey and margaery relationship counseling

Joffrey didn't set aside Sansa and rejected Margaery's wish of marriage. With the King's statement of their impending marriage, the Queen sent for her. Sansa though no matter the advice, Joffrey would do as he pleased. Margaery, at her grandmother's urging, spends time with Joffrey in order to of this (including snippets in text messages), offered advice and much She didn't even have the distraction of the marriage bed, since Renly. Cersei required Sansa to be alive, but otherwise, Joffrey was free to treat Sansa however he liked. And he liked Why does Margaery Tyrell want to befriend Sansa Stark? . He basically needs alot of counselling. After the marriage though, something or other would have ticked off and his behavior would have changed.

joffrey and margaery relationship counseling

The only other I've known who understood was my Hound. I have released him from my service, but he served me well for many years. He could have lost his life. Joffrey nods once, but something has shifted in his face, so she abandons the topic of the Clegane brothers.

I'd like very much to hear about the hunt. You can tell me about your kills, how you shot them down. That is what I imagine. You must tell me about it when you return! If it pleases you, of course," she adds quickly. With desire, she thinks, proud. He stiffens briefly, and she thinks he might pull away, but he lets her lightly clasp his fingers and bring his stiff hand to her lips.

Very lightly she brushes her lips across his fingers, then looks up to see his reaction. His lips are parted but curve upwards. She offers him her hand. His fingers are cool and dry, but his palm is hot.

He bends his head slightly to kiss her palm, but before she can take her hand back, he closes his lips around the tip of her finger and bites, hard. It hurts only a little, but the bite startled her. She recovers quickly, though, and gives him a small smile.

She looks down, pretending demureness. He catches her chin in his hand and pulls her face to his, crushing her lips with his own. Although he's rough, it isn't a bad kiss at all. His mouth is open, but the kiss isn't overly wet, and his lips are warm. Renly's kisses were cool, dry, impassive. Margaery opens her mouth to Joffrey, trying to keep up with the press of his mouth, his small sharp teeth, but she quickly surrenders the fight. Without ending the kiss, Joffrey brings his hand up to her breasts, sliding it into the front of her gown.

Margaery lets a small sound escape her throat. His touch at once warms her and sets her to shivering. Did you like that? She tilts her head up, about to bring her lips to his, but he snakes his hand around the back of her head, letting the crossbow swing down in his other hand. She is very much aware of it pressed against her leg, hard against her thigh, the quarrel pointed at her foot. He presses his lips to hers, lightly at first, but then and she's expecting it he bites her lip, hard, taking only a tiny pinch of skin between his teeth.

It's several seconds before he lets up, long seconds of Margaery breathing hard, trying to hold the kiss while keeping tears of pain from springing into her eyes, wondering if he's going to break her skin. She breathes heavily into his mouth, sucking in air to soothe the relentless strength of his teeth. But as she's trembling, she brushes his groin and feels him, hard, straining at his breeches, and so she twitches her hips once more against him.

He catches his breath, and she knows that she's won this round. Joffrey lets go of her lip, and Margaery ignores what will likely become a welt; instead, she reaches between his legs, rubbing one finger lightly across his hardness.

He exhales in a rush. I felt you against me, and I very much wanted to touch you, to see what you feel like. She cups him in her hand, as well as she can through his breeches, pressing her palm up against him, rubbing his groin. He sighs roughly, to her great pleasure. This is a man she must keep happy, but she knows that she can do so. It isn't difficult to keep smiling. She enjoys the feel of him under her hand, relishes his quick breaths. He reaches to catch one of his curls between his fingers, then pulls it, hard.

Margaery gasps and bites her bottom lip, and he pulls harder. She lets her breath out in a moan. His gaze is intent on her, his green eyes large and very dark. He pushes her away to finger the bodice of her gown. But before she can undress, there's a knock at the door.

The riders are departing. I am the king! Man enough to be wed, but still young. It saddens me greatly that you must leave. But I know that you must, so I shall anxiously count the moments until you return. His smile is pleased, and she returns it with a demure one, taking the arm that he offers. At the door, he leans in close and says in a low voice, "We'll continue this when I return. Then he calls his knights and commands them to escort her back to her chamber. She almost wants to seek out Sansa but spends the afternoon in quiet reflection instead.

That night she takes supper with Loras. Their grandmother has retired early, claiming that she needs all the rest she can manage if she's to keep up with this castle of fools, and Margaery is glad of the privacy. Does he admire you as much in private as he does in public? Did he offer you insult? They are all presuming that he will be enamored enough of Margaery to treat her well, and if he does not, well, Loras has pledged to end the king's life, though he will likely lose his own in the process.

Margaery does not mean to allow him to make such a sacrifice. Indeed, she does not plan to find herself in a position to need it. We spoke of the hunt. He says he'll take me hunting. But in a way, it is an answer, and Loras accepts it. I do not intend to wed. You are Father's favorite. He means to settle lands on you, and you'll need an heir. Why are you so anxious to see me married? I believe she's had enough of life in the capital.

She would likely be content seeing her husband once a moon or two, raising his children in a peaceful, pretty home. You likely wouldn't have to consummate the marriage for a year or two, as I believe she's had quite enough of men for the time being. But Sansa loves songs and honorable knights. She'll adore you and admire you, and as long as you never raise a hand to her or mock her, she'll do so to the end of her days. And Highgarden will gain the support of the North for the Crown.

He will when I am queen," Margaery is sure she can convince him to see the merit in her plan. The trick is phrasing it properly, and when she is queen, she may sit on the Small Council and will gain the support of his advisors.

They will see the wisdom of wedding Sansa to Loras. There really is no drawback. What use has the castle for a traitor's daughter? The wedding can take place after the war, when there's no longer any need for hostages.

I'm still not sure I like your marriage. He is not untroubled, it's true, but I can see that he thinks highly of me. I know I can make him happy. And later, in her luxurious bed, under fine bedding of rose silk, with matching velvet drapes drawn just because my house symbol is a rose does not mean I wish to be swallowed up by the color of rosesMargaery has already begun to anticipate the king's return.

She wants to feel his hands in her hair again, his strong arm around her shoulders, pulling her close. He sends for her just as he's promised. Two hours after she hears the riders outside her window, she receives a summons to attend the king. When she steps into his chamber for the second time, fingertips cold, he rises to greet her.

He is wearing only a linen shirt with his breeches, and his hair is damp. He bathed before sending for me. She is not fond of the scent of sweaty, unwashed male. I've been waiting for this moment.

She is wearing her favorite blue dress, and although it's not quite as fashionable as the embroidered dresses that are in style now, it suits her better than any other gown she owns. We killed a boar, and I slew a stag with one bolt.

I drew first blood on the boar, too," he informs her proudly, excitement in his voice.

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His crossbow is lying on the table next to them, Margaery notes. How did it perform? Finally I told my men if they couldn't get it out, I'd shoot one of them, and eventually Meryn was able to dislodge it. You must have looked magnificent, slaying the stag. And with only one shot! Of course you are brave and strong. To see the light go out of its eyes?

He slips his hand easily into her bodice, finding her nipple and pinching it, hard. Something between a shriek, gasp, and moan bubbles from her throat, and she sucks in air through her teeth.

It hurts, it truly does, but below the hurt there is something more, something dark and dangerous, something exciting, something that sets her body shivering, makes her wet between her legs. He straightens, keeping his wide green eyes on her. She doesn't look away, although his stare somewhat discomfits her. Then his hand curves around her side, his nails digging in to her back.

He drags them across her skin, and Margaery knows by the sting that he is leaving marks. She cries out, louder than she means to, and his eyes flash. His hand rises to her breast again, and suddenly Margaery can feel his manhood hard against her. The drapes are drawn, mostly, but the crack of sunlight that filters in casts an odd light on his face.

She is trembling, although she still cannot say why. She places her palm on his chest, the feel of him under her fingertips exciting her almost as much as his kiss had. Moving her hand along his side, she rests it briefly at his waist, hooking her fingers over his belt and teasing briefly before she finally brings her hand to his groin but holds back, hovering, waiting. Joffrey nods, once, and she presses her palm gently against the hardness.

joffrey and margaery relationship counseling

His groan is low, controlled. She wants to draw more sound from him, so she slips her fingers back up to his belt, keeping her eyes on him.

joffrey and margaery relationship counseling

He's watching her hands, interest in his eyes, so she undoes the buckle of his belt, her hands moving slowly, precisely. It wouldn't do for a lady to appear too eager. When his breeches are open, she sits on the long low chair and draws him gently down next to her. She reaches underneath the fabric. He's hard, of course, and she rubs a finger down the length of him, feeling her body twitch in response to his sharply drawn breath.

Margaery rises and moves to stand in front of Joffrey, then sinks to her knees slowly, nearly touching his face with her breasts as she kneels. His breathing is quick, now, and his eyes do not waver from hers as she tugs his breeches down, palming his cock as it springs up. Once or twice she'd reached into Renly's clothing, trying to bring him to life, but she'd never seen it entirely and so has nothing to compare Joffrey's to, but it seems a good size, neither small nor large.

She lightly drags her fingers through the thatch of hair between his legs, which is as golden as that on his head and coarse to the touch, but not unpleasantly so. Wrapping her hand around the base of his cock, she leans over him, running her tongue down his length.

He smells only clean, with a faint hint of sweat that she finds arousing. He is barely inside her when he shifts position, sitting up and grabbing her head with both hands, holding her tightly against him as he shoves his groin against her. His cock is at the back of her throat now, and she chokes and coughs, but he doesn't let up, and it doesn't seem like he will, so she does the best she can, moving her hands to his thighs, caressing and pressing, as if by pressing against his leg she can push him away from her.

She keeps her lips against him but not as tightly, using her tongue to wet their tracks so they can pass more easily along him.

His grip allows her to move her head only slightly, but she uses her full range to work her mouth over him, not really minding that he is holding her so forcefully. It took her by surprise, certainly, but his shallow pants and the way his fingers thread through her hair, tugging and tangling, are reward enough already. Margaery finds if she holds her mouth a certain way, he doesn't reach far enough back to make her cough, but positioning carefully, she sucks him in, letting him nearly touch the back of her throat, as if she were swallowing him.

She's able to do it without gagging this time, and smiles around his cock, pleased with herself. Joffrey keeps one hand on her head but brings the other down to pinch at her nipples again. Margaery wishes he could reach between her legs, wishes she dared grab his hand and guide his fingers toward her own wetness.

She wonders what he would do if she pulled her mouth away, lifted her skirts, and sat down on him, taking him inside her without a word. Although she would like to, she knows it's more prudent to remain a maiden until the wedding ceremony, in case gods forbid anything should go awry.

She uses his slightly relaxed grip to work her mouth harder and faster over him and is soon rewarded when he groans and thrusts and grunts and then, yanking at a handful of her hair, looses a jet of his seed, hot and salty, against her throat. Quickly she swallows it before it pools in her mouth and then opens her lips to free him.

She licks the length of him once more, looking across to where the mirror reflects the two of them. He is looking down at her, she sees, and she brings her eyes up to his face. His hands still their motion, though his fingers rest heavily on her head, and his low voice cuts the settled silence. After all, she doubts that most maidens have even the faintest idea that they could do something like that with their mouths.

I did not know how, so I asked my women who had experience with men for assistance. They told me things they knew, or things they'd learned from their friends. The destructive relationship plays a large part in the untimely demise of her own father, Ned, as well, which leaves Sansa with plenty of trauma to deal with and no real source of solace. So when their relationship finally comes to an end, it is with great relief on the part of all viewers, and Sansa herself.

However, the damage has already long been done. When he fell in love with Gilly, a long-abused daughter of Craster, it was clear that this was what he felt could be his moment of heroism.

Despite how little viewers actually were treated to of it, the marriage between Ned Stark and Catelyn Tully was portrayed entirely as a partnership of equals. Through their unhealthy union, three children were born — with a fourth potentially on the way — including the tyrannical King Joffrey and the utterly incompetent and overpowered King Tommen. Their union has done nothing but lead to destruction, whether of their family or of their kingdom. Certain scenes in particular have also been doubly problematic, with implications of assault stirring up many a debate on the internet.

Thankfully, season 7 ends with Jaime seeming to come to his senses as he abandons his sister and sets off to chart his own course. The furor online among fans of both the television series and the book series was seemingly never-ending when the offending episode aired.

There was truly no point to including the scene, or the plot entirely, in as graphic detail as it was written and portrayed. Ramsay was already a truly psychotic, unpredictable, violent threat long before he assaulted and repeatedly abused Sansa. Subjecting her character to this incessant abuse did nothing for the series as a whole.

He might not be the trueborn son of Robert Baratheon, but the fury of the Stormlands' House was still present in the King. Sansa began to feel pity for him and instead focused on eating the Dornish eggs the King had ordered her to eat. Maybe that would heat your blood for me to fuck you, Sansa, he told her when the servants brought their food.

The Dornish eggs might have done nothing for her blood but she needed to try out her plan. Even if Joffrey had her beaten for her boldness she would have at least given him a reason for the punishment this time. Stannis is your hostage, one with blood as royal as yours.

Surely, you would grant your uncle a mercy and his rightful seat at Dragonstone. Joffrey's eyes narrowed, but she knew him enough to know he was considering what he said. Have your cousin Shireen be brought to the Red Keep to ensure his loyalty and to encourage him to give more sons to the Baratheon bloodline. Sansa chose to ignore his comment.

joffrey and margaery relationship counseling

She felt a bit more confident in herself now and as the Queen Regent and her brother continued their bickering and Joffrey headed Tywin's further advice on the matter, Sansa thanked the Gods. When she was a little child she had dreamed of being married to a gallant and kind Prince, be named a Queen and having little princes and princesses to the pride of her husband.

Right now, she had only a King who has neither gallant or kind but if she could find her voice and be heard, who said she couldn't have the rest of her dream?

And mayhaps, if she learned to be heard, she could get Robb and her family a pardon, too. The following days she sat at court more often that not along with the Queen Regent.

Sansa had complied and sat beside the Queen in a small bench similar to Cersei's. She was pleased to note that the Queen Regent recognized her tries. Silently, Sansa hoped she could accomplish even more.

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Lord Tywin had made sure she was not beat anymore and Sansa thought it might have been because he saw something worthy in her, though she wasn't sure if something worthy for the Lannisters was honorable at all. One day, about a fortnight since Stannis' invasion and capture, Sansa saw Margaery Tyrell again. This time the young lady was dressed more modestly, no doubt because she had not been able to pursue and seduce the King, Sansa thought, but still she looked as beautiful as a maiden from the songs.

A lady as beautiful and highborn as her should not be having trouble in finding a husband. Most of all being the only daughter of the Lord of Highgarden. There was something else going on and Sansa wanted to find out what it was.

Before Joffrey could answer Margaery, Sansa stood and walked up the stairs of the Throne noticing the stares she was drawing. Once she was at the top and whispering her recommendation to the dumbfounded King, she also saw Margaery Tyrell's hastily covered annoyance.

She kept looking at Joffrey until he regained his composure and answered Lady Margaery with her own words.