Joey and pacey relationship

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joey and pacey relationship

The Joey-Pacey-Dawson love triangle was a desperate move from a desperate . Their relationship would be built around Joey deciding to. Today makes 15 years since the Dawson's Creek episode when Pacey and Joey broke their relationship news to Dawson. Here's why they. So how did Joey and Pacey's relationship first originate, and why did they wind up a pair? Creator Kevin Williamson, who modeled Dawson's.

While Jen convinces Dawson to go to counseling, Joey catches Jack in a 'bid' to get one of his frat brothers in bed with Audrey during the fraternity's Winter Formal.

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They embark on a whirlwind romance before she tells him to leave to pursue his dream of being a touring musician. She has an unforgettable run-in with a mugger, who luckily for her, gets hit by a car shortly after robbing her at gunpoint.

However, when she is requested to be at his side in the hospital, Joey discovers that the mugger is also a drug addict, and has a young daughter, Sammie, with his wife, Grace. When the mugger dies with Joey at his side, she returns to the waiting room, all of her belongings returned, including the money. Thinking of Sammie, whose situation reminds her of the relationship she has with her own father, Joey leaves all the money hidden in Grace's backpack. At the end of the season she returns to Capeside, and Dawson confesses to her that he wants to be with her.

She rejects him saying that all those feelings were in the past, but in the last episode she rushes to the airport, to declare her true feelings for Dawson. She catches him, and they kiss.

joey and pacey relationship

Joey tells Dawson to go to Los Angeles as that is his destiny, and that they'll meet up after the summer. As she goes to get a refund, she is offered the chance to go to Paris, and the audience is left hanging. Season 6[ edit ] In the beginning of the sixth season, it is revealed that Joey didn't end up going to Paris, but went home to Capeside. After not talking all summer, she and Dawson meet up and have a one-night stand in her dorm room.

The next day it is revealed that Dawson has a girlfriend in California. Joey breaks things off with him. She takes a job as a waitress at Hell's Kitchen, with the help of aspiring drummer, Emma Jones.

joey and pacey relationship

Joey eventually falls for the bartender, Eddie Doling Oliver Hudson. They both have a love for writing and literature, but it turns out that he is not officially a student at Worthington, as his family was too poor to afford the tuition. After Christmas, Eddie disappears without telling Joey, going back to Worcester to live with his parents. In trying to find him, Joey gets some help from Harley Hetson—the year-old, alienated, headstrong daughter of her snobbish and somewhat misogynist English professor, Greg Hetson Roger Howarthwhom Joey clashes with several times during the entire season.

Harley lies, telling Eddie that Joey was pregnant with his child in order to lure him back to Boston. Joey and Pacey begin to rekindle their romance after sharing a kiss at his apartment. After being locked overnight in a K-Mart together, they discuss their past and current relationship. Each admits that they miss the other. They briefly reunite, but when Eddie reappears in Joey's life, she breaks it off with Pacey ironically Pacey and Joey break up at another high school dance resembling the prom.

After Pacey and Dawson have another falling out after Pacey's stocks tank and Dawson loses his entire investment, Joey decides that it's time they worked things out for themselves without her in the middle because it "is not her fight" and that it never has been, and never will be. After a heart to heart with Pacey on the dock, Joey brings everyone together to help Dawson make his movie. Joey finally goes to Paris and the final episode of the season ends with her standing before the famous Eiffel Tower.

Series finale[ edit ] The final two episodes are set approximately five years after the season finale. During this double episode, the five friends return to Capeside for Gail Leery's third wedding but second husband.

Although she had originally planned to spend the weekend with Christopher, Joey runs scared after finding an engagement ring hidden in the couple's dresser while she is packing for the trip.

joey and pacey relationship

The five friends reunite at Pacey's restaurant to reminisce about the past. Afterwards, Joey drops by Dawson's house, and the two reestablish their friendship. During Gail's wedding reception, Joey and Pacey kiss reigniting lingering feelings between the twobut the moment is interrupted when Jen collapses.

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It is later discovered that Jen has a deadly heart condition. At the same time, Joey ends her relationship with Christopher and chooses between Dawson and Pacey. Though she loves Dawson, she acknowledges that he is her soulmate who is tied to her childhood, a love that is pure and eternally innocent. She also cannot deny she is still in love with Pacey.

It is a BAD idea to have your hotter, sexier, funnier, and more charming best friend take care of the woman you love, while you are busy figuring out your issues. Bad news for Dawson, but great news for us, because now the relationship between Pacey and Joey can truly begin in earnest.

In search of a college scholarship, Joey commandeers Pacey to partner up with her in a ballroom dancing class. Pacey agrees to do this for Joey in exchange for her tutoring him in math. Unfortunately, slutty equals sloppy, for Pacey and Jen.

5 reasons Pacey and Joey on 'Dawson's Creek' were the epitome of true love

And when Dawson finds a condom wrapper on the floor of his bedroom, shortly after Pacey has left, the former becomes convinced that Pacey is having an affair with Joey.

Hilarity ensues when the four confront each other at a ballroom dancing class. There, Jen begins to suspect that romantic feelings are developing between Joey and Pacey. She, therefore, breaks things off with her former sex toy. Thanks mostly to Pacey, the bed and breakfast receives a favorable review. She explains that if a person truly loves someone, he or she could be content simply sitting for hours and watching that person sleep.

I think you can guess what happens.

joey and pacey relationship

Oh, Pacey and Joey: In fact, my year-old self swore up and down not to settle until I found my own Pacey because I could relate to Joey so, so hard on almost every level.

Joey is playing the main character and Pacey is, fittingly, playing a sea creature. After he pulls her into the lake, their very first on-screen dialogue exchange progresses like this: You did it again—you grabbed my ass! Like you even have one.

joey and pacey relationship

By the time they figured it out, Pacey and Joey had pretty much seen the best and worst of each other, and knew that they loved each other before they were even close to being together. Pacey broke up with Joey because he knew deep down that she had a need to grow, away from Capeside, before they could make an adult decision as big as promising to be together forever. But Joey remembered everything, too. And this is about how just last week when we were at miniature golf you took all of the shots first so I would know the correct path.