Jace wayland and clary fray relationship quotes

Jace And Clary Quotes (40 quotes)

jace wayland and clary fray relationship quotes

Explore Nay Reigns's board "Jace Wayland Quotes" on Pinterest. Jace Wayland and Clary Fray (Mortal Instruments ~ City of Glass by Cassandra Clare) Quote. Read Biography-Clary Fray from the story The Mortal Instruments-Facts Quotes Quizzes Jokes and more! (Book 1) [completed]➰ by fanvergent13 (Suditi <3) with . 40 quotes have been tagged as jace-and-clary: Cassandra Clare: 'And next time you're planning to injure tags: clary-fray, jace-and-clary, jace-wayland, love.

They're the ones who lose, sometimes. But they keep fighting, they keep coming back. They don't give up. That's what makes them heroes. It's in his soul.

So what's their plan, hitting Sebastian over the head with Jace until he passes out? Maybe with less sarcasm. No shutting me out. You'd get the gold.

Jace and Clary- Dynasty [2x16]

It's a bad idea. I have known you a long time, and I am absolutely certain on the subject. If you are planning to become a pirate again, it's a bad idea. Don't do it, whatever it is.

Don't lead a werewolf uprising, don't do anything that might accidentally contribute to the apocalypse, and don't start your own line of glitter and try to sell it at Sephora. I know you were joking. But it's less funny when I can't rid myself of the feeling that the apocalypse is coming, somehow. Valentine Morgenstern nearly wiped out the Shadowhunters, and his son is twice as clever and six times as evil. Take it, and cut your brother's throat with it, and take back the honor of your blood.

If he dies, it will be--" "--No one's fault. I remember when he put the protection spell on you. I told him I never wanted you to have anything to do with the Shadowhunters. He said it might not be my choice. He said that the pull of the Shadowhunters is like a riptide-- and he was right. I thought we had fought free, but here we are, back in Alicante, back in a war, and there sits my daughter with blood on her face and a Morgenstern blade in her hands.

She was wearing a pair of flannel pajamas, too short in the leg and tight in the chest, with fire trucks on them.

Clary And Jace Quotes (20 quotes)

Luke raised an eyebrow. You need not worry yourself about him. I nearly killed him at the Citadel--" "That was not you. That was the heavenly fire. And it did anything but harm him. He'd want to see me. I don't need to be in the infirmary. Surely you could be using your resources more fruitfully on the actually wounded. Look, you can either bring me to Brother Zachariah or I can wander around yelling for him until he turns up.

Once more a Herondale is the bringer of my deliverance. I should have anticipated. I had almost forgotten. No other family does so much for love, or feels so much guilt for it. Don't carry the weight of the world on you, Jace. It's too heavy for even a Herondale to bear. Perhaps hearts are the same. I only know the dreidel song. It's just-- you know me. I only have two reactions to bad news. Uncontrollable rage and then a sharp left turn into boiling self-hatred.

And that'--he pointed ahead--'is the road to Hell. That's where we're going. I was doing fine. If your definition of 'fine' suddenly includes becoming a snack for a flying death turtle, then we are going to have words, Jace Lightwood--" Jace Herondale and Clary Fray, pg.

Of course we can help,' Malcolm said, turning around to face them. There's always carrier kittens. They're so cute, no one can deny them. Fix your mouse problem, too. Kidnapping the representatives, attacking the Praetor, he won't stop there.

All of Downworld will know soon enough what's going on. The question is, where will they stand? Catarina looked darkly at him, and he quailed. Or at least within earshot. And hard to get hold of. Like cats, but with fewer tails. Well, there are some tails. I don't have one myself--" Malcolm Fade, to Maia Roberts, pg. Except you didn't, really. You were just standing there and the demon grabbed you. Admittedly, you were being obnoxious to Simon.

I don't know how I got here. Straight through the faerie corridor, left at the decimated village, right at the blasted plain of the damned, sharp U-turn at the heap of dead demon--" Clary Fray and Jace Herondale, pg.

jace wayland and clary fray relationship quotes

They get in your blood, under your skin. I've been with vampires, werewolves, faeries, warlocks like me-- and humans, so many fragile humans. But I always told myself I wouldn't give my heart to a Shadowhunter. I've so nearly loved them, been charmed by them-- generations of them, sometimes: Edmund and Will and James and Lucie And Clary, too, I loved, for I watched her grow up.

But I've never been in love with a Shadowhunter, not until Alec. For they have the blood of angels in them, and the love of angels is a high and holy thing. Between saving one person and saving the whole world. I've seen it happen, and I'm selfish enough to want the person who loves me to choose me. But Nephilim will always choose the world.

And awe is well and good, but it's poison to love. Love has to be between equals. One, because I do not have any pie ingredients. Two, because I don't actually know how to make a pie.

jace wayland and clary fray relationship quotes

Removing his sword and and leaning it against the cave wall, Jace said warily, 'And three? I thought otherwise I wasn't loyal. I made excuses for them.

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But I feel like whenever we have to fight, we're fighting a war on two fronts. We fight the enemy and we fight the Clave, too. I don't--I just don't know how I feel anymore. You know I don't like change. Like a moss, or a skin disease. I'd move to Los Angeles in a jiffy. Did you know that a jiffy is an actual measurement of time? It's a sixtieth of a second.

You can't do anything in a jiffy, not really. Always good to remind the mice that in this case, when the cat is away, the mice will all be eaten by demons. I'm going to send this video file to everyone one of our Downworlder contacts around the world. Just a reminder that there are demons we need Shadowhunters to destroy. That's why they exist. We've been here before, haven't we?

Isaiah Mustafa "Some things can't change. And when you find the one, that's it. On more than one occasion when Luke has needed to acquire some allies in a hurry his solution has been to find the nearest werewolf pack, kill the Alpha, and take over as leader.

Cassandra Clare shares unedited Clary and Jace cave scene from ‘City of Heavenly Fire’

Becomes infuriated when he learns that a member of his pack is thinking about hunting mundanes and turning them into werewolves against their will. Initially one of the unlucky variant for Jocelyn. Although as Season 2, it turns into Victorious Childhood Friend as Jocelyn seems to reciprocate his feelings. He was one for a time, after Valentine set him up to be bitten by a werewolf. He's a police detective, and a very handsome one at that. He seems like a regular cop, but as a former Shadowhunter-turned-werewolf, he can be quite hardcore when he needs to be.

Clary considers him to be like an uncle since he's been around her whole life. With Shadowhunter, Jocelyn Fairchild.

Luke Garroway sounds like loup-garou, French for werewolf. His lycanthropy enables him to hear and smell things better. Puns aside, he is violently protective of Clary. When Meliorn suggests they execute her on sight, Magnus has to visibly stop him and intervene to keep Luke from killing Meliorn for the suggestion alone. Helped raise Clary along with Jocelyn. In a way, he was sort of a father figure to Simon, too, as the latter's father died when he was younger.

Was white in the books, but is black in Shadowhunters. After his baleful transformation into a werewolf, he becomes this.

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However, like Simon, he eventually comes to grips with his new life and returns to Downworld society. He's the second person Jocelyn falls in love with, after her disastrous marriage to Valentine. We Used to Be Friends: He and Valentines were once best friends and parabatai.

Now, they're both trying to kill each other. With eccentric style, he is wise, fierce, cunning, and keeps his cards close to his chest. Toward the beginning of the series, he is described as someone whose tastes are both "exquisite" and "excessive.

A Father to His Men: Magnus views the Downworlders he's taken under his wing as his children, giving them the guidance and care that he himself didn't have as a child. He even banishes Camille to Idris for trying to turn him against Raphael, who Magnus has acted as a father to for decades. Nobody else calls him that, not even his family.

He often calls Clary "biscuit". Warlocks stop aging once they reach adulthood. He features glitter eye shadow, red velvet suits, and awesome ass-kicking. Magnus has greenish-yellow eyes with vertically-slit pupils, like a cat. Beware the Nice Ones: Magnus is a very charming, friendly and fun person but he's still an extremely powerful Warlock and isn't afraid to remind people of how he got his position and reputation.

Magnus makes no secret that he's been involved with both men and women, including Michelangelo, Camille, and Alec. No matter what era he is seen in, he's always flamboyant and fashionable. Dark and Troubled Past: Magnus has made several references to his past and none of them have been pretty. His mother committed suicide when she found out he was the son of a demon, so Magnus was forced to grow up and learn how to survive the Downworld all alone. And then there's his prior relationship with the Ax-Crazy Camille Tends to speak sarcastically.

It becomes even more pronounced when younger characters which is most make rash or downright stupid decisions. Is he going to be alright?

Does he normally lay like that without moving? He's the High Warlock of Brooklyn, darlings. The loft he owns is huge and spacious and located in one of the more expensive parts of modern New York City, implying that Magnus is at the very least a multimillionaire. Everything's Better with Sparkles: He is quite fond of his body glitter and his magic itself does sparkle. He once created a fire-breathing cobra to be a pet for Camille and claims it was the best gift he ever gave.

When Simon stumbles upon it in Camille's deserted home, Magnus is ecstatic and calls the snake his baby. Magnus really likes kids. He's been concerned for Clary since she was a little girl, tries to get Max to be more comfortable with downworlders, and easily gains Madzie's trust. He's dated vampires, faeries, and djinns.

jace wayland and clary fray relationship quotes

Now he's dating a Shadowhunter, Alec Lightwood. Supposedly has had relationships over the last few centuries He spoils the stray cats that show up around his loft. In the alternate universe, he has two cats of his own. He can induce it, such as his work on Clary. However, he can't undo it. Like a Son to Me: Raphael is this to Magnus, and Aldertree is more than willing to use it against him. Mark of the Supernatural: Warlocks have a distinguishing mark that's unique to each one.

He has cat eyes. He is centuries old and dating Alec Lightwood, who is in his early twenties. Frequently called in to provide healing whenever somebody suffers an injury that the usual Shadowhunter healing Rune cannot fix. His mother committed suicide after realizing that he was the son of a demon. Afterwards, when Clary puts her weight behind it, Jordan Kyle helps Jace deal with his simmering rage that encourages the heavenly fire to get out of control.

When Jonathan, going as Sebastian, starts attacking Institutes all over the world, the Shadowhunters withdraw inside Idris. Jace and Clary stay by each other, helping each other in this tough time because they both know they understand Sebastian better than the Clave.

At last they decide to visit hell along with the Lightwoods and Simon, where Sebastian is hiding, knowing that the Clave cannot defeat him, and they need to rescue Magnus, Jocelyn, Luke and Raphael.

She reiterates to him that she would never wish for another life because this one brought her to Jace.

jace wayland and clary fray relationship quotes

She helps Jace with the heavenly fire, once he loses control of it and purges him of it, enclosing the fire in her shortsword. They keep it a secret, and that secret is what helps them to defeat Sebastian at the end. It was, as Simon had thought to himself, a perfect team work. Jace and Clary grew from bickering at each other to being two perfectly matching puzzle pieces. They return to Idris after defeating Sebastian and Jace decides to take up the name Herondale.

He teases her by calling her Clary Herondale once, and their story closes with Clary and Jace sitting near the Mortal Mirror, watching the night sky with all of their friends. ByClary seems to be officially known as a Fairchild.