Hufflepuff and slytherin relationship memes

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hufflepuff and slytherin relationship memes

Houses As Tumblr Text Posts Part Seven. (Thoughts About Relationships). Gryffindor:While you were busy being heterosexual, I studied the blade. Hufflepuff:I. Totally. They honestly would be such a cute pair. Just accidentally bumping into each other all of a sudden. I can imagine their relationship growing by their. Dec 18, A Hufflepuff and a Slytherin cross both paths, hearts, and fates as they i ship hufflepuffs and slytherins together Harry Potter Memes, Harry Potter 20 Adorably Accurate Examples of the Slytherin & Hufflepuff Relationship.

The one on the Pottermore website is probably the most popular.

SlytherPuff: 20 Adorably Accurate Examples of the Slytherin & Hufflepuff Relationship

You have to answer a slew of questions — and it's pretty obvious which answers coincide with which house. Now, while you might switch things up on your answers — sometimes an answer that fits Gryffindor or sometimes one is a little more selfish like Slytherin — the quiz determines where you'll be sorted.

We all want Gryffindor, don't we? Taking the quiz and ending up in one of the other houses that's not Gryffindor is very disappointing, especially if you're placed in Slytherin. Because then you'll turn into something like this really weird-looking Spongebob Squarepants. At that point in Sorcerer's Stone, the Slytherin house had already proven themselves to be mean-spirited bullies and exhibited poor sportsmanship in Quidditcht.

The head of their house, Professor Snape, clearly had it in for Harry and constantly deducted points from Gryffindor for no real good reason. After Harry, Hermione and Ron go through all they do to retrieve the stone that could help make you immortal, and then Harry facing his one true nemesis, Lord Voldemort for the first time, it's only fitting that Gryffindor wins the House cup.

Those kids in Slytherin didn't earn it the right way, so yes, as this meme says, give Harry points for breathing.

hufflepuff and slytherin relationship memes

This just epitomizes why Draco Malfoy and his Slytherin thug friends Goyle and Crabbe are who they are. The meme makes you laugh out loud for sure, but there's some real truth behind it.

First of all, we know how horrible Draco's father, Lucius Malfoy, is and how he has the same kind of elitist attitude that he passed down to his son. There is no warmth there between father and son. Draco only wants to please Lucius, which eventually forces him into an impossible situation. Any of Draco's redemptive qualities come straight from his mother, Narcissa, who still probably didn't hug him enough when he was a kid.

It's hard being part of an evil wizard's inner circle. Although we never see it, we can only imagine Goyle and Crabbe's fathers are the same. This is the end result — three Slytherin jerks. You know he has been told he looks like Severus Snape many times, and he is probably not at all amused by it. Sure, his face looks a whole lot like the late Alan Rickman, but the hair is what puts him in Snape territory. To add insult to injury, he also works at an airline counter at the airport, which truly has to be one of the more thankless jobs around.

So, some Harry Potter fan either snapped the pic or found it to create this great meme, letting us all imagine what it would be like if Snape controlled how many bags you could take on the plane — and how many points he could take from Gryffindor passengers.

Snape clearly did not have much joy in his life. He seemed like the perfect Deatheater under Voldemort's control. Except he wasn't because Snape did have the capacity to love — an unrequited love he had for Harry's mother, Lily, which he carried with him even after she passed and guided his actions with Harry.

Still, he could be exceptionally petty when it came to his young Gryffindor students. It would be arm and friendly, probably, with lots of games of wizard's chess by the roaring fire and eating chocolate frogs.

In this fun meme, the proud Lions are described through photos by how each Hogwarts house sees them, along with a couple of others. Ravenclaws think the Gryffindors are not nearly as intelligent poor Ron. Hufflepuffs see Gryffindors as a loyal bunch, much like they are. Slytherins think Gryffindors are the bad guys, not them.

hufflepuff and slytherin relationship memes

Filch, Hogwarts' caretaker, find Gryffindor members extremely disruptive and disobedient, while the Lions think of themselves as fighters for the greater good which is true. What Gryffindors really do is see each other as a family, always.

Slithering like a snake, for one, which almost seems a little too pat, if we're being honest. In this meme, we get a little racier version of that Slytherin line. The first frame, Hermione says she's going to bed, with Harry by her side. That's going a little too far. It's the next frame, though, that kills us — Hermione's nonplussed gaze and Harry's face being replaced by some strange animated one with a complete shocked look on its face.

hufflepuff and slytherin relationship memes

This meme is just too hilariously weird not to share. In the movies, though, we do feel sorry for Draco as the series progresses, watching him wrestle with this horrible task put upon him. That's where this image really stems from.

Snape ends up fulfilling his Unbreakable Vow with Narcissa and protects Draco by taking out Dumbledore himself. Could you imagine opening up said door and seeing that greet you?

SlytherPuff: 20 Adorably Accurate Examples of the Slytherin & Hufflepuff Relationship

Maybe if you could speak Parseltongue it wouldn't be as bad. It constantly goes at all hours of the day. We never have a break from our thoughts, which is also why we have some of the most creative people. The sorting house is even able to pick up on it in just a few seconds.

You have to answer a riddle to enter, so you have to be able to use your brain to make it inside. It would definitely be a sight to see.

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Instead of designated drivers, they would need designated puzzle solvers, just so they could go back to their beds before being discovered! Reddit To some, libraries are extremely dull places to be.

This may not sound appealing to the average person, but to Ravenclaws this is amazing.

hufflepuff and slytherin relationship memes

There are thousands of books there, and you have access to all of them. You can find reading material on anything your heart desires. And then once you locate the perfect book, you can sit there and examine it from cover to cover without being disturbed.

An American Musical as much as they do Harry Potter. Some clever person decided to pair music from the hit Broadway show with the Hogwarts houses, and each one is spot on. As far as Ravenclaws are concerned, we care about using our intellect to make the world a better place than how we found it.