Houki and ichika relationship questions

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houki and ichika relationship questions

Since Tabane is a close friend of Chifuyu, she has an intimate relationship with Chifuyu, Houki is shy, blushing and giving short answers to Ichika's questions. Charlotte repeated Houki's words a bit more meek this time, Ichika once again found . Ichika asked no more questions and happily accepted his sister's offer, Don't you want to rekindle your relationship with your Nee-san?. The relationship between the Orimura siblings has been bad ever since the kidnapping six years ago. Now discovering he can pilot an IS, can Ichika and Chifuyu repair their broken relationship at IS . Although if this feeling on my chest is anything to go by, Houki-chan has I have so many questions.

Absently, I felt like a futuristic samurai and the only thing I needed was a katana. As if according to my wishes, I felt a weight materialize into my hand—close range combat knife…extend.

So this is how my sister feels…this sudden increase of knowledge in the world, ultra-aware components in most comfortable mode…complete. I understood everything about what it does. Despite only having studied it a little, I understood more than I should have in the couple months I researched about it.

She was rearing back her right arm as if to throw a punch at me. Hmmm a Raphael Revive of the Dunois Company? Instantly materializing another katana, I went for a diagonal slash across her chest that connected with the IS shields.

Spinning around in the direction of my swing, my other katana flashed out aimed right for her temple. She never saw it coming. Probably too surprised that a man was piloting an IS. After that my world changed. As the first male IS pilot he—" Turning off the T. The news and every other media outlet was filled with 'Orimura Ichika' and 'first male IS pilot'. I was kind of sick of it already.

Sitting on my sofa, I heard the door open. My beautiful older sister, Orimura Chifuyu, came walking in. This was a surprise—or maybe not considered what happen—but Nee-sama rarely comes home.

About once every three months and even then she doesn't stay long. Our relationship really has fallen ever since the second Mondo Grosso six years ago. She looked at me and I saw a brief flash of pain in her eyes before she tossed me a package.

It seems she still blames herself huh… "That's your new uniform. You'll be attending the IS Academy from now on. The door closing loudly behind her. The reason she was like this was because of that day six years ago. The day I found a purpose but also the day Nee-sama almost lost hers.

I don't like to be reminded of it and I always feel the need to beat something up after. I would do that now but it seems this 'phone book' that came with my uniform doesn't want me to. This is going to be a long night. Just me and all of these girls for the next three years. How is this paradise Dan! Oh, Dan is a friend of mine from junior high.

He seems to think one guy in a school full of girls is paradise or something. What is this, the anime or manga I draw?

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It was just me, Nee-sama, and two people in black suits in the car. The atmosphere was so tense that you could only cut it with Yukihira. Making it one very awkward car ride. Stopping at the station, I was ushered out of the car.

houki and ichika relationship questions

The fair is already paid for and everything. Nee-sama was also in the car but I guess she didn't want to see me off… "Okay.

Stepping into the station and grabbing my ticket. I was suddenly attacked by a multitude of stares. From the regular passerbys to other students of IS Academy being wished off by their parents, I was the target of every stare. I felt like a zoo animal or something. Whispers started shooting off about me like I wasn't there. I can hear everything you know?

And no, I will not be turned over! Bells started going off, signaling the arrival of the train bound for IS Academy. Sighing—something I happen to be doing a lot—I stepped onto the train to be greeted by multitudes of females. Then the stares and whispers broke out again. This is going to be a long three years.

XxSceneChangexX Walking into my classroom, designated asall of sudden it became eerily quiet. Once again I was struck by the ray like stares of those who happened to be my fellow classmates for the next year. As expected of IS Academy, the classroom was state of the art.

With built in computers and holopads, it had everything! At least I know where all the taxes have been going now… Scratching the back of my head nervously, I looked around for my seat.

But as I was looking I noticed something really familiar looking.

houki and ichika relationship questions

Wait, that woman-like pony tail, that resentful glance…! Is she sick on the first day of school all ready? You need to take better care of yourself! I'll just stop this train of thought now.

Putting her down, I smiled at her. The redness on her face seemed to increase. You're causing a scene!

Ichika Orimura

It's been awhile since I've had this feeling. Looking around me the intensity of the stares increased. And I heard things like "who is that girl? I want to be a part of it! I have no plan for such a thing. Let's talk after class! So I decided to sit in my seat. It just so happened to be in the middle of the first row! With this obvious masculine upper body I'll no doubt be noticed even more. As I regressed into my inner monologue and reflected on how I actually arrived here, I was broken out of my thoughts by the sound of someone's voice.

It's the petite green haired girl from the entrance exam.

houki and ichika relationship questions

Why is she in front of the class? Is she okay from that one hit I gave her? I have so many questions. She doesn't look old enough to teach but if she is, she suddenly looks more appealing than before.

Uh yes I'm here! The class burst out into laughter behind me. How embarrassing… "W-well, I'm sorry for calling you out so loudly. Did I startle you? So, pl-please, could you introduce yourself? Wait what is this feeling? I'm not going to say anything world changing so stop expecting it from me! D-did you miss my introduction? My name should be behind me on the screen! I guess the allure of older woman has a greater effect on me than I thought.

For me to miss something so obvious… "Ah sorry about that.

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I'll introduce myself now. So you better do it properly okay! Such an intense feeling. Sweating slightly I began my introduction.

It's nice to meet you all! Um I like to cook and hang out with my friends when I'm not beating up gangs. I dislike it when I'm attacked randomly throughout the day. My hobbies include sparring and drawing manga. Compared to the other girls, Houki's desires can be considered as the most pure and innocent ones; as she doesn't have the same type of delusions as the other girls.

Relationships Edit Ichika Orimura - Her childhood friend. Although they have not seen each other for six years, Houki still harbors strong feelings for Ichika, as her continuing practice of kendo was her only link to him.

She was his first roommate at their dorms prior to Charles Dunois ' arrival and tends to get jealous when Tatenashi and Houki fighting other girls are around him. Houki tends to take her anger out on the girls, despite the fact that he doesn't like it himself. She has an admiration for Ichika. He Ichika shows a steadfast sense of what's right and wrong, regardless of his strength, which goes through a drastic change. Tabane Shinonono - Her sister. It is implied in Volume 7, Houki had done something terrible behind Tabane's back, but she forgave her and never blamed Houki, and due to her strong sense of responsibility and guilt, can't bring herself to face Tabane.

Cecilia Alcott - Houki and Cecilia are rivals over Ichika's love, and both of them would often fight for training him. They started getting along with each other when they're not fighting over Ichika. Lingyin Huang - The 2nd childhood friend of Ichika. Houki is uncomfortable that Lingyin is also a childhood of Ichika because ichika has very few friends.

Outside of that, the two have a lot in common, giving them a good understanding of each other. Charlotte Dunois - At the beginning when Charlotte was thought to be a male, Houki was indifferent. After learning her true gender, Houki started to see her as a rival and a strong one as well even fearing one wrong move on her end can put her behind Charlotte. Laura Bodewig - Houki hates her for stealing all the good parts with Ichika, such as kissing him and sleeping naked with him.

They do get along well nonetheless, although Houki finds it troubling when it comes to Laura's incorrect knowledge of love. Chifuyu Orimura - Ichika's older sister. Since Tabane is a close friend of Chifuyu, she has an intimate relationship with Chifuyu, sometimes secretly sharing information with her about Tabane.

Also she thinks of Chifuyu as "Chifuyu-nee". But like the other girl, she has questioned the relationship between her and Ichika.

Houki Shinonono

She even worried if Ichika has a sister complex toward's Chifuyu since they were kids. Ran Gotanda - She feels she is a rival. Houki met her in Volume 4 and the OVA. Tatenashi starts to develop an interest in Houki due to the fact that they both have sisters they cannot understand Tabane Shinonono and Kanzashi Sarashiki.

Houki seem to act differently to Tatenashi than she does others such as not attacking her after talk about her breast when she attack Tabane for it. She even question herself why she does. This may come from the fact that Tatenashi reminds her of how Tabane was towards Houki in the past.

Despite this, Houki doesn't like when Tatenashi gets better treatment from Ichika because she's their senior.

Edit She is particularly skilled in the art of Kendo, having won the national tournament a year prior to the story. Her fighting style is decidedly offensive, as in the past she has always won her competitions with pure power, and she had issues defending against Charlotte Dunois during the Grade Level Tournament. Her skills of operating an IS are slightly above average, being able to compete with Charlotte Dunois for a short period of time in the Grade-Level Tournament, despite using a training IS.

Her knowledge in IS is particularly limited, as Ichika often thought that he has absolutely no idea what she is trying to say with her punches. In the novel, it is stated she is a C-Rank user, most likely due to her strong emotions towards Tabane Shinonono that affects her ability.

Tatenashi suspects this was done due to Houki being the sister of Tabane more than anything else. Houki has initially piloted the Uchiganea training ISduring her training with Ichika. Later, she gets Akatsubaki from her sister, Tabane. Although the unit has the highest specs out of the whole series, the level is brought down due to her skills, thus putting her at the same level as the other heroines.

She also seems to have some form of abnormal strength, as seen when she dented a small locker when thinking about Ichika where she twisted the words on him wanting to defend his comrades his original wordsto wanting to defend her instead during their interview.