Homeland season 2 carrie and brody relationship tips

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homeland season 2 carrie and brody relationship tips

Not just because Episode 2 of Homeland's second season ends with a damning piece of evidence against him, but because Carrie Mathison's about to be back on his trail. Carrie had been sent to Lebanon to work out a tip from a former - The relationship between Sol and the operative who helps in the. Dude the relationship between Carrie and Brody IS the show. them to really push the Carrie/Brody love story thing, especially in season 2. Homeland Recap, Season 2, Episode 8: Brody And Carrie Make Sex Noises In 'I' ll Fly Away' But Carrie knows his secrets and still loves him. Dana musters the courage to ask him about his relationship with Jess — was it.

As that realization is sinking in, she shares her vision of their future, where they join forces to stop Nazir and that act of heroism erases the stain of everything that's come before.

homeland season 2 carrie and brody relationship tips

Next thing you know, they are humping away like jackrabbits as Quinn, Saul and the rest of the CIA's pervert squad listen in. Quinn wants to haul Brody in, but Saul urges him to give Carrie more time: Carrie goes rogue, Quinn and Estes freak out, Saul buys her time and she winds up being proven right. The exact same thing happens again when Brody winds up driving with Roya out to some god-forsaken spot in the middle of nowhere. After promising Quinn to "stay the fuck back," Carrie insists on doing a ride-by, which reveals that Brody and Roya have been joined by the mystery terrorist who shot up the tailor's shop in Gettysburg.

This time, Carrie wants to move in, but Quinn insists on waiting. They've got the targets surrounded -- the smart move is to wait and see what they do next.

But no sooner has Saul noticed that the clearing would be a great place to land a helicopter than a chopper lands, scooping up Brody, Roya and their anonymous friend. Meanwhile, Dana has been busy bonding with Uncle Mike, who is apparently the type of home chef who wears a kitchen towel over his scrupulously toned shoulder. Dana musters the courage to ask him about his relationship with Jess -- was it hard for him to step back when Brody emerged from his spider hole after all those years?

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Now she's more determined than ever to disturb the peace of that poor girl whose mother she killed. Mike gives her a lift in his muscle car, which idles outside as Dana knocks on the door. Somehow, the girl immediately knows what this means: I should have known. Dana receives this news as if it were the worst outcome imaginable when in fact, it is the luckiest, most convenient thing that could happen to her. Brody can no more say "no" to them than he could to Abu Nazir a couple episodes ago.

Carrie is forced to operate on two levels. She is certainly a woman saving the man she loves from self-destruction, but she is also a CIA operative whose job is to extract a confession.

Here, we see her as honest as she has ever been, buteven her honesty operates within the limited framework of her professional sphere. When she turns off the cameras in the interrogation room, this creates a mere illusion of privacy: Saul and Peter are still listening in on their conversation.

The episode cuts to them at pivotal emotional moments in the long conversation between Carrie and Brody, as if to remind us that, in the world of the show, somebody is always, always watching, and that the connection they forge in that interrogation room exists in an impossible liminal space.

This connection is undeniably real — it is the most real thing, in a way, that either of them has ever experienced — but it also cannot ever have happened. The intensity of their relationship is only exacerbated by this tragic inevitability.

But instead of seeming bitter, she really is, as she says, just happy to be talking to him again. Something is always better than nothing. Don, like Brody, is living a life predicated on a host of lies. Tellingly, for characters whose lives revolve around their work to the point of self-destruction and denial, this episode takes place largely at the office.

homeland season 2 carrie and brody relationship tips

The relationship between Don and Peggy is the emotional core of Mad Men, but that show is an ensemble that always has many balls in the air psychologically, emotionally, and politically.

As I argued last weekHomeland is an extremely political show, but it is also a resolutely amoral one: She helps him evade the local Talibanand talks him out of committing suicide when they find him.

Ultimately, however, she delivers him to the Taliban so they will spare his life. Saul for five Taliban members. When Saul comes into view, however, Carrie sees a young boy behind him wearing a suicide vest. Carrie goes herself to retrieve Saul, and persuades him to let the exchange go forward and come with her. As they go back to the U. Embassy, their car is hit by a rocket-propelled grenade.

Homeland Season 2 Episode 5 Recap: Q and A Brings Carrie and Brody Together Again

The White House orders U. She later stops him from assassinating Haqqani, and sees that Haqqani has Adal in his entourage. Carrie finds some solace in talking to Frannie, and decides to be a better mother to her.

She also sees her estranged mother Victoria Clarkeand finds out that she has a half-brother. She confronts Adal, and learns that Quinn has accepted a mission in Syria and that Saul and Adal are negotiating with Haqqani. Homeland season 5 The fifth season begins two years later. She meets with her former colleague Allison Carr Miranda Otto to assess the security situation there; Allison refuses to help unless Carrie gives her inside information on the Foundation, a request Carrie refuses.

She and Jonas get into an argument when he finds out how many drone strikes she ordered while at the CIA, and he storms out. Soon after, he learns that Quinn kidnapped his son and then released him as a ploy to draw Carrie out. The following night, Carrie finds Quinn sneaking up on Jonas' house and shoots him in the back. Quinn was wearing body armor, however, and incapacitates her.

They stage a crime scene and take photos to fake Carrie's death, and Carrie prepares to go into hiding. Before she does, she insists on scouting the post office where Quinn gets his assignments in order to confirm whether it really was Saul who wanted her killed. After Quinn drops off his "proof" of Carrie's death in the P.

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Carrie then asks her asset Numan Atheer Adal to hack into Allison's computer to find the case files about Nazari, and discovers a screensaver photo of Nazari at Allison's favorite bar. She deduces from the picture that Allison and Nazari are romantically involved, and that Allison is the traitor. They then lead her to believe that an SVR chief has defected to the U.

Carrie then sees a news report showing video of Islamic State terrorists poisoning Quinn with sarinand threatening to unleash a chemical attack on a major European city in 24 hours.

Following a tip from former Hezbollah commander Al-Amin George Georgioushe tracks down one of the cell's supporters, Dr. Under threat of arrest, he brings her to an apartment belonging to Qasim Alireza Bayramone of the terrorists. In the apartment, Carrie finds extensive research on the Hauptbahnhof train station and heads there to investigate. Carrie then shoots and kills Bibi, neutralizing the threat.

Back home, Jonas breaks up with Carrie, saying that neither he nor his son will ever be safe around her. Saul asks Carrie to rejoin the CIA, but she declines his offer. She does not answer him, and he gives her time to think about it. Adal gives Carrie a letter Quinn wrote declaring his love for her.

She visits him in the hospital, locks the door to his room, and removes his pulse monitor, implying a mercy killing. The episode ends with Carrie pausing before anything happens to Quinn. She is working for a foundation that provides legal aid to Muslims accused of terrorism, and serving as an informal advisor to President-Elect Elizabeth Keane Elizabeth Marvel.

Carrie Mathison

She is also caring for Quinn, who emerged from the coma with neurological damage and post-traumatic stress disorder PTSD. Mallory Cree is killed in and framed for a terrorist attack, Carrie begins to investigate. A group of protestors, angered by leaked reports that Carrie was Sekou's lawyer, gather outside Carrie's house; this triggers Quinn's PTSD, and he shoots one of the protestors and takes a reporter hostage.

Carrie manages to talk Quinn down so he will be taken in alive. Dar Adal - the mastermind of the attack - exploits the situation by telling Children's Protective Services CPS that Carrie put Frannie in danger, in order to drive Carrie over the edge and discredit her in Keane's eyes. CPS put Frannie in a foster homeand Carrie falls into an alcoholic despair that motivates Keane to question her judgment.

At the meeting, however, Javadi lies that Iran is not complying with its nuclear deal with the United States. Carrie discovers that Adal is part of a conspiracy of disgruntled undercover operatives who want to undermine Keane's antiwar foreign policy.

She also finds out that Javadi had been working with Adal, and that Adal is the brains behind alt-right media personality Brett O'Keefe Jake Weberwho is peddling a false conspiracy theory that Keane's son Andrew, who died fighting in Iraq, was deserting his post when he was killed. As he is taken away, Javadi leaves evidence of Adal's treachery for Carrie, who takes it to Keane.

homeland season 2 carrie and brody relationship tips

Carrie is reluctant to do so, as that would ruin Saul's career, but ultimately agrees that it is the best course of action. After she refuses, she gets an ominous phone call informing her that her upcoming supervised visit with Frannie has been cancelled. She realizes that Adal is blackmailing her, and calls the CIA to tell them that he has "won".

Wilsonan assassin working for Adal, has been spying on her. Quinn kills Belli, and finds evidence that the conspirators are planning to assassinate Keane. Moments later, however, the house is destroyed by a hidden bomb, taking the evidence with it. During the evacuation, Adal calls Carrie and tells her that the bomb threat is a ruse to get Keane out of the building, where she can be assassinated, while Quinn is to be framed as the killer.