Hinamori and toshiro relationship marketing

Hitsugaya to Hinamori: why you should date me

hinamori and toshiro relationship marketing

Hitsugaya to Hinamori: why you should date me As requested by anon. “Also, since you've had um less than healthy relationships, it's. Hitsuguya Toshiro and Hinamori Momo a lot younger. J J Young Toshiro & Momo (is it just me or does momo look like Tamako from Tamako Market). J J. i personally think they are in the same "family" as they call those who live togheter in soul society. or they might be real brother and sister.

Not Rukia simply because when he does show concern for her in battle, Renji scolds him and says that to want to protect a warrior in battle is an insult to that warrior. Another canon couple that the two are remarkably similar to is Renji and Rukia. Childhood friends, slightly estranged after their induction into Soul Society, with the guy seeming to pine over the girl.

Renji and Hitsugaya both keep close eyes on their respective counterparts. Both girls seem to be ignorant to the attention.

hinamori and toshiro relationship marketing

Which brings us to the question: Even if Hitsugaya is in love with Hinamori, does she love him back? The simple answer is no. I do not think, as I stated before, that throughout the probable course of the manga that Hitsugaya and Hinamori become romantically involved.

Hinamori loves Hitsugaya, non-debatable. She has known him as a smart-mouthed, somewhat bratty child. She is also, for a good portion of the manga, in love with the facade Aizen has presented to her. And before there is any hate-posting about this fact, I would like to remind everyone that Aizen fooled everyone, with the exception of Shinji. Hinamori he worked especially hard on. He singled Renji, Izuru and Hinamori out as academy students for his schemes.

A Writer and a Reader — HitsuHina: Is it Love?

He later admits Renji was too hard-headed to easily manipulate and so he eventually reassigned him to Byakuya and out of his way. Izuru he gave to Ichimaru and Hinamori he manipulated for literal years. He carefully isolated her feelings to involve only him, making him become her focal point. This, along with the natural feelings of loyalty you see displayed between all of the captains and vice captains, makes Hinamori an easy pawn. She has been obsessed with Aizen since the academy, and he has only fostered these feelings until they became all-consuming.

Meanwhile, Hitsugaya has not fostered his relationship with her. He has seen her affection for Aizen and subsequently backed off, watching her from a distance.

So while her relationship with Hitsugaya has become somewhat estranged, her relationship with Aizen is extremely close. Also note that Histugaya is not one open about his feelings— even if he is indeed romantically attracted to Hinamori, he would never have given her indication, especially when her affection for Aizen was so obvious. He is not the type to force his affection on anyone, so he only allows himself to be this way when he knows she needs it.

He has never had to look too deeply into his relationship with Hinamori because Aizen has always acted like a sort of buffer to it— why attempt to develop such feelings when there is obviously no point?

Now, at this point in the manga, is when I think Hitsugaya has begun to feel more obligated than ever to protect Hinamori, because he will now trust no one else with her safety. And with this realization, I think, could be the catalyst of his romantic feelings as well.

Hinamori, meanwhile, is only just beginning to see Hitsugaya as a man rather than a child. You can see the obvious shift when they are speaking over the Bleach-style Skype. He acts maturely towards her, calm and forgiving, while she in comparison is teary-eyed and feeling pathetic. This is an easily overlooked scene for Hinamori, as most people focus on that first, dazzling smile we see from Hitsugaya, but it is extremely important to the development of their relationship.

It is at this point Hinamori sees Hitsugaya as a captain— the rank of Aizen— instead of the child see once knew him as. What little else we see of them together is during the midst of a battle, where Hinamori has forsaken Aizen and claims her loyalty to Soul Society.

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However, you must realize that this is a plot device of the actor to escalate the tension. The audience is supposed to have a moments confusion— what is she doing? Is she betraying them after all?

what is the relationship between hinamori and hitsugaya?

So, people who interpret her loyalty to Aizen as stronger than her loyalty to Soul Society and Hitsugaya, are misreading the text. This is the statement of her loyalty to goodness and her people, and the eradication of her last ties to Aizen. However, her loyalty to Hitsugaya has now eclipsed her loyalty to Aizen. Now she stands on the same side with Hitsugaya, against her once beloved captain. This is a significant turning point in their relationship.

Aizen no longer stands as that buffer between them and Hinamori is beginning to recognize the growth in Hitsugaya. That is not to say she is now in love with him, but rather now the path to falling in love with him is much more clear.

Hinamori and Hitsugaya do not start out as deeply in love with one another, but over the course of the manga, you see their relationship begin to change and grow. The chemistry and potential is very much there between them, so who knows?

Matusmoto needs someone to keep her in check.

hinamori and toshiro relationship marketing

And Matsumoto, in turn, needs someone to keep her from slacking off all the time. I suppose even then, it was probably tiny Hitsugaya making sure some sort of work got done. Also, Matsumoto seems to genuinely respect Hitsugaya, despite the fact that he appears to be twelve. Which is pretty cool of her, if you think about it. None of us look our age.

what is the relationship between hinamori and hitsugaya? - Minitokyo

We all look way younger than we should! I-I never thought about it like that… Matsumoto: In fact, I find it particularly interesting that Matsumoto and Hitsugaya have a good relationship, given the fact that Hitsugaya was third seat and then got the captain-ship instead of Matsumoto who was lieutenant.

For a more bitter person, that would be a recipe for resentment, but Matsumoto seems to have nothing but good feelings toward Hitsugaya. But even so, she seems to accept Hitsugaya as captain without bitterness. Maybe I was a little mad at first. But then I was like - hey! And then I felt better. Um, neither do you. Matsumoto acts lazy, but she gets serious when she needs to.

Plus, although Matsumoto might slack off when it comes to things like paperwork, she can definitely get serious when she needs to. I fought three times as many people as you did, Captain! Mine was an espada!! And Hitsugaya, in turn, may act like a continuous grumpy-pants, but he actually does care deeply for Matsumoto. Halibel even comments on how distracted he seems once Matsumoto is in danger.

If you profess your love now, the rest of the list will be awkward!