Hemraj and aarushi relationship help

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hemraj and aarushi relationship help

He met Aarushi Talwar a month before she was found dead in her been found guilty of her murder, and that of their domestic help, Hemraj. "I never went to her house but she seemed to have a normal relationship with her. NEW DELHI: A medical expert who insisted sexual intercourse between Aarushi and Hemraj was the motive for their murder cited his “marital. The HC pointed out that there was no evidence to support this theory and Aarushi Hemraj relationship · Aarushi murder case · Aarushi.

Gautam, who had been requested by Sushil Chaudhury to come to the Talwars' house. After arriving at the house, Gautam examined the rooms of Aarushi and Hemraj.

Dinesh then showed him the blood stains on the terrace door handle. According to Gautam, Dinesh requested him to get the terrace door lock opened. Gautam then called SP Mahesh Mishra, and told him that the lock needed to be broken. Mishra promised that he would himself visit the crime scene, and meanwhile, sent the station officer Dataram Nauneria to the apartment.

The key to the terrace was still missing. Anita Durrani asked the Talwars' neighbour Puneesh Tandon if he had a duplicate key to the Talwars' terrace, to which Tandon replied in the negative.

A body "in advanced stage of putrefaction " was discovered lying in a pool of blood at about Meanwhile, SP Mahesh Mishra also reached the spot.

Rajesh went upstairs to identify the body. He told the police that he couldn't be sure that the body was that of Hemraj, due to the injuries and the decomposition.

Later, a friend of Hemraj identified the body as his. At Haridwar, Rajesh entered the time of Aarushi's death as 2 am in the priest's records. Then, their throats were slit with a sharp weapon. There was no sign of asphyxia. The CBI closure report also mentions an injury on the occipital bonebut according to the Talwars' lawyers, the only injury mentioned by the post-mortem report is one on the left parietal bone.

Hemraj had identical cuts on the neck at the same position. The first hit on the forehead resulted in her death within two minutes, as indicated by the blood clot size. The defence argued that the CBI officers had drawn the words "golf club" from Dohre's mouth. RK Sharma, who told the court that this fracture could not have been caused by a golf club. The identical measurements of the lacerated wounds indicated that the same weapon was used on both the victims. In Maythe forensic scientists remarked that the wounds displayed a "clinical precision and careful thought", as they were inflicted at the right spot to cut the windpipe and dissect the vital left common carotid artery which supplies oxygenated blood to the brain.

By Junethe CBI's suspicion had shifted to the three Nepali men, and the weapon was believed to be a kukria type of Nepali knife. InCBI told the court that according to the faculty at the Talwars' alma mater Maulana Azad Medical Collegetheir dental students were taught surgery. The defence argued that a dentist's scalpel has a cutting surface of about a centimeter: RK Sharma, the wounds could have been caused by surgical scalpel No.

Her face was covered with her schoolbag. However, there was no blood on the toys, the schoolbag and the pink pillow kept on the back of the bed. These items were within the range of the splashed blood area, which indicates that they were placed on the bed after the murder.

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Aarushi's body lay undisturbed on the bed, and the bed sheet was laid out smoothly. Sunil Dohre marked Aarushi's genital area as "nothing abnormal detected", thus ruling out a sexual assault, but also noted the presence of a "whitish discharge" at her vagina.

The whitish discharge sample was sent for pathological examination at the local district hospital, which reported absence of semen. However, later, inwhen this vaginal swab sample was sent to CBI's forensic labs, it was suspected to have been tampered with see below. Ultimately, the CBI concluded that the sample had got contaminated, but not deliberately tampered with. Urmila Sharma testified that the whitish discharge is normal in and year-old girls after the beginning of a menstrual cycle.

There was no such wet patch on her pyjamaswhich were untied; no urine or any other bodily fluid was found on her underwear either. The lower garments of Aarushi appeared to have been pulled up or pulled down, as her buttock cleavage was visible. CBI suspected that her pelvic area was swabbed clean, and the pyjamas were pulled up afterwards. Dohre stated that Aarushi's private parts were "extraordinarily dilated", although there were no signs of rape.

He also stated that her vaginal orifice was "unduly large", the mouth of her cervix was visible and the whitish discharge was confined to the vagina, when it should have spread to the "entire area". Dohre stated that he had not mentioned these observations in his original report, because these were his "subjective findings", and because "the findings were non-specific and were very strange". He thus concluded that Aarushi's private parts appeared to have been cleaned after she died.

The body was dragged towards to AC unit, as the quantity of blood was more near the AC unit.

hemraj and aarushi relationship help

An expert from FSL Gandhinagar as well as a team of experts from CFSL concluded that the drag mark on the roof resulted from a blood-soaked body being dragged after being kept in a bed sheet. So, unless the killer cleaned up the original murder spot, Hemraj seems to have been killed on the terrace.

The blood found on the staircase leading to the terrace on 17 May might have come from the mattress that the cleaners were trying to dump on the terrace. The investigators found a smudged blood-stained palm print on the terrace wall. The blood was later identified as that of Hemraj, but the print could not be identified.

However, the police did not check this.

hemraj and aarushi relationship help

Naresh Raj told the court that Hemraj's penis was swollen when his body was brought for autopsy. According to him, this meant that he was either in middle of a sexual intercourseor was about to have one. The defence lawyer cited a medical book which stated that this swelling of penis after death was normal.

In response, the doctor stated that his conclusion was not based on any medical authority, but on experiences from his own married life. According to this statement, Gautam saw three glasses, two of which had some quantity of liquor in them, while the third one was empty. He also found three bottles: Kingfisher beera Sprite and Sula whisky. However, inGautam told the court that there was no liquor in any of the glasses.

He also stated that he had not suggested presence of three people in the room, based on the state of the mattress. When questioned about the discrepancies, he stated that the investigating officer should be asked why his statements were not recorded correctly.

There were two known sets of keys to the house entrance. One set was with the Talwars, and another with Hemraj.

hemraj and aarushi relationship help

Nupur threw down one bunch of keys to the maid on the morning of 16 May. According to Nupur, Hemraj's keys would usually be kept on the sideboardbut she couldn't find them on that morning; so, she threw down her own keys to the maid. The question whether this key was that of Nupur or Hemraj was initially relevant to the investigation, as there were reports that the middle grill door had been locked from outside with a key If both the keys were inside and CBI was right, it could mean that the parents locked the door, then went inside their apartment through Hemraj's door which they locked from inside, in order to mislead the investigators.

However, later, the maid Bharati's testimony in the court established that the door was merely latched from outside. Thus, if the killers were not the parents, they could have shut the innermost wooden door which automatically locked when shutand then latched the middle grill door from outside. When she came back at the gate after collecting the bunch of keys which Nupur had thrown downshe could open it by pushing it.

According to the Talwars, this key was present in Hemraj's bunch of keys, which went missing after the murders. Aarushi's door could either be opened from inside, or from outside with a key. Usually, her room would be locked at the night, and its keys would be at Nupur's bedside.

He was the friend Aarushi spoke to most

There was no sign of forced entry in Aarushi's room. On the morning of 16 May, the key was found in its shoe-shaped key ring, on top of a framed wall sculpture near the house entrance, in the living room.

Nupur later told police that she was not sure whether she closed Aarushi's door the last time she entered the room at She claims to have stated this in several lie detector, brain mapping and narco-analysis tests that she cleared.

Rajesh also told him that he had forgotten to lock his own bedroom door from inside, and someone could have stolen the key to Aarushi's room from his room. Rajesh was working in his Hauz Khas clinic at the time, while Nupur was in another area of Noida Fortis Hospitalas indicated by her mobile phone records.

The Talwars' defence lawyer later claimed that Krishna Thadarai was working in the Noida clinic at that time. The phone records confirmed that Nupur called Hemraj's phone from the Talwars' landline at 6.

The call was picked up, but disconnected after two seconds. Her parents have been found guilty of her murder, and that of their domestic help, Hemraj. Aarushi was found with her throat slit in her bed on Mayjust two weeks before her 14th birthday.

Hemraj was missing from the room that he slept in at the Talwar home. There were no major restrictions on her," says her friend. He says they would usually speak to each other every night going to bed, logging long hours and plenty of text messages on their cellphones, like so many other kids in their school.

hemraj and aarushi relationship help

On the night of May 15, she didn't pick up. It was our last day of school just before summer vacations. But as soon as I reached, a friend who lived near Aarushi's house came up to me and told me Aarushi was dead. She repeated the same words. I went to the 9th grade classroom and saw most of her friends were crying. I couldn't handle it. I went into shock, and called my mother to come and pick me up immediately.

He skipped school for a few days, but his bedroom offered limited sanctuary. I had to change my number shortly after that. Because not just journalists, even random people were calling up as my number had gone public.

2008 Noida double murder case

They ordered him to accompany him to the police station. His father was at the golf course. His mother argued that as a minor, he could not be taken away without a parent. But the boy was bundled into a jeep. And just my mom trying to stop them. I got a little scared and thought it's best to comply, so I got in the car.

hemraj and aarushi relationship help

They made inquiries about my relationship with Aarushi. But otherwise they were fine with me, they gave me food and time to rest in between questioning.

He was taken to meet a senior cop - he does not want to say who or where - and was urged not to reveal "the episode.