Hellsing alucard and seras relationship counseling

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hellsing alucard and seras relationship counseling

With the help of Alucard's master, a woman by the name of Integra Hellsing, By the year , Seras's relationship with the Hellsing director became . them all the advice and manpower the Hellsing Organization can offer. Integra and Alucard's peculiar behavior catches the attention of an The Wild Geese ruled this roost, though a couple of other Hellsing soldiers Hell, if this mercenary thing didn't work out, he'd be an awesome sex therapist. Integra orders Alucard and Seras to mate. which Seras was grateful for as she could follow Integras advice and study the said topic in piece.

hellsing alucard and seras relationship counseling

He was dishing himself up some hash browns when he caught sight of a long haired blonde. He wasn't aware anyone was growing their hair ou- …wait a minute. That was Sir Integra. Out of the office.

hellsing alucard and seras relationship counseling

Getting her own food. She gave a soft smirk-smile back. Vernedette," she said, going back to serving herself. Pip stood there and just watched her. She continued on her way, turning to leave when she caught him. Pip's first instinct was to duck for cover but a playful smirk came across her lips, "What, you didn't think I could do things for myself?

I just, I just assumed you were too busy…" "I am, but Walter's gone for the week," she explained. So that was what was up with the eager beavers… Apparently even Sir Integra wasn't immune to the "while the cat's away" idiom. He watched her leave the kitchen thoughtfully. Either she was a morning person or, as he had suspected from the moment he laid eyes on her pants suit, she needed to get laid.

hellsing alucard and seras relationship counseling

Hell, if this mercenary thing didn't work out, he'd be an awesome sex therapist. Seras was less thrilled with the suddenly outgoing relationship. No fledgling wanted to think of her master as a nymphomaniac, especially considering how similar the master-servant bond with Integra was. This was so unlike Sir Integra… She was jerked suddenly from her thoughts as Alucard passed by her.

hellsing alucard and seras relationship counseling

She blinked and spun around, watching him rip off the top of his blood packet and sip. He turned around slowly, staring at her as the packet drained gradually.

hellsing alucard and seras relationship counseling

Seras fidgeted, not sure if she should use that word; he might be offended. This seems…well, not innocent, but considerably a lot less malicious…or dangerous.

Seras cringed, wanting to throw up. Too much information… Alucard finished his snack thoughtfully, tossing the plastic on the ground, " I'd invite you, but I'd fear for Integra's safety. Alucard stared after her, curious as to what would make her react so strongly. He was a happy person, really…he just found joy in murder and blood. III "You were invited to a t'reesome and didn't go? Seras peered up at him, taking refuge at his side again that night.

Pip was sure to make it to the mansion at the same exact time as yesterday. As he figured, Integra was a creature of habit, and was setting a fist-sized grapefruit onto her plate and walking towards the dining room.

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Pip came in with some cereal and a grapefruit, taking a nervous seat beside Sir Integra. She sat at the head, staring out at the sunny day that was just beginning. Without even looking, she sliced the grapefruit in two, laying both halves down carefully. Integra nodded, picking up her spoon. Scientific fact," she scraped at the inner edges. Hopefully Seras's "enamel" wouldn't rot if he did her too many times… He took a few bites before continuing his private investigation.

She glanced at him questioningly. Tell that to the government, Pip thought wryly, "Sure the first couple of times I thought it was horrible, but I eventually got used to the taste and started to enjoy it. Every Sunday before church. Sometimes Walter would join in.

Sure they were a little close as an employer and employee, but that close? No wonder she was so messed up… "And lately you've been 'aving grapefruit with Alucard!

She glanced casually at him. It's how I get my shits and giggles," she smirked.

Pip glanced down at his food. His stomach churned and he pushed it away. My spoon is in 'iding because of you," he stood up and walked out of the dining room. Integra blinked, not positive they had been entirely discussing grapefruit. Seras tilted her head. Sir Integra is raping Alucard! At times Seras seems nervous and uneasy around Alucard, mainly due to his constant berating about her being a pathetic vampire during the early days of Seras' vampire life.

She also strongly objects to Alucard's unnecessary cruelty towards human beings, while she does not partake in the slaughter of the SWAT team, she aides Alucard in his combat with Tubalcain Alhambra and later attempts to fight Alexander Anderson though her attack is comically cut short.

As the series progresses, her shy and nervous behavior towards Alucard loosen up a bit once she becomes a full-fledged vampire and he addresses her by name. During Alucard's fight with Anderson, Seras comes to his rescue in a desperate attempt to save him.

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After stopping the strike by Anderson, Seras' alarmed calls bring Alucard back from torpor. The last visage in his dream was Seras' face, ending the flashback and chapter with the words: There is a voice calling out. Your voice sounds fine regardless; like fragments of shattered melody Go and conquer, Seras. In the end, Seras is the only one who has undying faith of his return. In both versions of Hellsing, Alucard and Integra share a complex but strict "master and servant" relationship. Integra has been connected to him since her father's death.

Arthur Hellsing named her the new head of the Hellsing Organization, a decision that drove his jealous brother to try and kill her. Using the air ducts, Integra snuck into the dungeons of the Hellsing estate's sub-levels recalling that her father said that she would find her "salvation" there, should she find herself in the face of death at the hands of her enemies and found Alucard's corpse Hellsing's "greatest legacy" according to Arthur in one of the rooms.

Shortly upon discovering him, Richard finds her and shoots her. The bullet grazed her arm and the blood from her injury fell onto the corpse, awakening Alucard. He kills all the men in the room and severs Richard's arm before pledging his allegiance to his new master.

After protecting her from Richard's final attempt to kill her, Alucard allows Integra to kill her uncle herself. In the television series, Alucard offered Integra to be a vampire shortly after his awakening, but only when she bravely defied him did he consider her worthy of his respect and servitude and fit to be the head of the Hellsing family.

Alucard claimed that Integra "Hasn't changed, she is still so childish Over the years, Alucard and Walter help her grow and mature into the leader and master she becomes. As such, Integra is the only person whom Alucard will obey. Integra is also one of few people whose life and honor Alucard will bother to openly protect. In Episode 9 Red Rose Vertigo of the television series, Alucard is moved to shock and rage when Incognito implies that Integra has been killed.

Rather than stay and fight, Alucard makes a hasty return to the Hellsing manor to kill Bubbancy before she could turn Integra into a ghoul.