Hawaii five kono and steve relationship

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hawaii five kono and steve relationship

*Summary: Steve is in love with Kono, & the Ex Pro Surfer knows it, but he can't admit to her that he dreams about her, & wants her, So she. Officer Kono Kalakaua is a former member of the Hawaii Five-0 Task Force and an expert sniper. Kono and Steve have a respectful and easy relationship. Hawaii Five-0 - Rated: T - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1, An insight into Steve and Kono's relationship through the 'One Sentence.

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But he was my father. The star volleyball player in Episode 5 is played by Tania Raymonde Lost. Romance Episode 4 introduces a potential new love interest for Danno in the lovely form of Autumn Reeser Entourage. She plays a museum curator who assists Five-0 by analyzing some evidence.

Kono Kalakaua

Every single relationship starts with a cup of coffee. Near the end of Episode 4, Danno waits outside the Bishop Museum after dark for the curator to emerge. He asks her out for a cup coffee, and she agrees. Later, McGarrett needs a notebook decrypted. Catherine Rollins Michelle Borth. But the magic appears to be gone. As he joins her on a park bench and gives her a freshly picked flower, she asks: Danno to McGarrett about Lori: Those are right out there front and center.

I never said anything. Later she tries to talk sense into Kono — implying more of a past relationship between the to than viewers had been led to believe. In Episode 2, he enters Five-0 headquarters wearing dark glasses, a khaki trench coat and matching hat — and carrying a large manila envelope.

Set early season 3. McKono Sorry not a brillant summary. Hoa Pili by carson34 reviews The show wrote this episode written with Catherine but I decided to write it with Kono.

hawaii five kono and steve relationship

Three times Steve crosses those lines and how he finds his way home, with a little help from Kono. We start with Steve looking for a new partner. He is initially as unimpressed with the young Kono as she is with him, but of course the story is about their changing their minds.

hawaii five kono and steve relationship

Aloha au ia 'oe by dannodontsurf reviews Steve's life suddenly started falling apart. Everything went wrong when Cath left. Steve, heartbroken, will try to fix the remaining pieces of what his life used to be.

How will he battle a new case and his sudden feelings for Kono? What will happen when, out of nowhere, Cath reappears?

hawaii five kono and steve relationship

Steve will have some tough decisions to make and many lives to save - including his own How will it affect McKono? Can Steve handle the responsibilities of being an father? Gets advice and help from Danno! What a 4th story for me, so please read and review! Double Boom by Foryou reviews The team investigates a series of bombings.

Kono is smitten with Steve. As the case develops, as does their relationship. Not good at summaries. Lost by robinh reviews The team is following three gun smugglers. The chase leads them deep into the woods.

Things are out of control pretty quickly. McKono fic at the heart of it, based in season 3. My take on Kono as Xena: Warrrior Princess and Steve as Hercules not literally of course. These two belong together. So, in the spirit of warriors, here we go He has a fourteen year old daughter that he never knew about. Steve struggles to cope with her and relies heavily on Catherine, who snaps and leaves him. But slowly someone else begins to help Steve, someone who relates better to him and his daughter.