Glee quinn and puck relationship

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glee quinn and puck relationship

In that week's Glee Club assignment, he sings Hello, I Love You, to describe his feelings about Quinn and Puck's relationship. Throughout the rest of the year. Mar 20, In the series finale of 'Glee,' Rachel becomes a Broadway star, marries Jesse St. James and becomes So why Rachel with Jesse(WTF); Santana/Brit; Quinn and Puck; Coach Biest? .. Not every h.s. relationship works out. The Quinn-Sam Relationship is the romantic relationship between Quinn a move because he's afraid that Puck, Quinn's ex-boyfriend and baby daddy, will.

Santana was yelling at Sam saying, "You like her more than me she's blonde, perfect and so smart" referring to Quinn. In Rumoursa blind item is posted in the school's newspaper implying that Sam and Quinn have been seeing each other in a motel room. Finn, wanting to make sure Quinn is not cheating on him, goes on a stakeout outside the motel with Rachel.

However, the two see Kurt come out of a motel room with Sam, causing rumors that Sam is hooking up with Kurt. But when Finn and Rachel go on another stakeout, they see Quinn come out of Sam's motel room and hug him, which spreads a rumor throughout school that Sam is hooking up with both Kurt and Quinn.

glee quinn and puck relationship

After dealing with relentless teasing and insults from the glee club for interfering with relationships, Sam admits that he is homeless and living in the motel, saying that Kurt found out because Sam got a job delivering pizzas and delivered one to Dalton and Quinn found out because he goes to the same church as her. The only reason they were there was because Kurt was giving Sam clothes to wear and Quinn was helping babysit Sam's younger siblings.

The glee club apologizes to Sam with the number Don't Stopwhere Quinn and Sam sing parts of the song together. Quinn and Sam act kindly towards each other the whole episode, implying that they are both over their rough break-up and have reconciled their friendship.

Episodes Quinn saw Sam get slushied and helped him wash his face. While she's helping him, Sam tells her that she has pretty eyes in Na'vi the Avatar language "Lor Menari. Sam confides in Quinn that he loves astronomy and that outer space makes his problems seem small. When Sam later shows Quinn how to play his guitar, they stare at each other for a long moment before Sam leans in to kiss Quinn.

Despite Quinn's angry rant that it's not like "she needs him," Sam does not argue or protest. With the help of Rachel and Finn, Sam apologizes to Quinn and they become partners again. They later sing a duet together and go to BreadstiX for their free dinner.

Sam later admits that he puts lemon juice in his hair to make it look lighter so he would look like a popular student. Touched by Sam's confession, Quinn puts away the coupons and tells Sam that he will be paying for their dinner because a real gentleman always pays on the first date, implying that she likes Sam.

Duets Quinn says Sam is hot, and would kill the part of Rocky. While in the weight room with Sam, Finn, and Artie claims that if he wants to get Quinn for good, then he has to "look the part. Sam asks Quinn to do "a little something-something" with him.

Later, they're seen making out again. Quinn is surprised when Sam mentions Beiste's name while they are making out. She reports this to Sue, and also states that he is the cutest guy in school. She later finds out why Sam was picturing Beiste while they made out and says that she is sorry. Later when their boys sing their mash up to apologize to Beiste Sam sings his bit to Quinn while holding her hand as she smiles happily. Never Been Kissed Sam offers Quinn a promise ring.

Finn-Quinn Relationship

Quinn initially says that he is freaking her out, and says, "We've known each other for six weeks! Quinn is shown multiple times denying that she is dating Sam, and Finn says to Sam when they are in the locker rooms together, "Seeing as you can't even get Quinn to be your girlfriend" when they are discussing popularity, to which Sam replies, "I'm working on it. Sam gets a black eye, and Quinn is seen holding an ice pack to him in the choir room, and remarking that it's "actually kind of hot.

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They are seen dancing together happily during Just the Way You Are. At the end of the episode, Quinn approaches Sam by his lockers to tell give him Arnica for his bruise.

She shows that she is wearing his promise ring, and explains that she broke into his locker with a nail file to get it. After Quinn leaves, Sam jumps in the air, happy that Quinn accepted the ring. They are later seen sitting closely in the choir room when Kurt announces that he is moving to Dalton. Furt Rachel refers to Sam and Quinn as 'Ken and Barbie,' which Quinn remarks that Rachel "used to be sort of obnoxious, but now I pretty much want to punch you every time you open your mouth," which is met with a laugh from Sam.

They are later seen sitting together, smiling during Kurt's performance with the Warblers. Later in the episode, before performing their duet of I've Had The Time of My LifeQuinn remarks the last time she was in the green room, she went into labor and said she was having post dramatic stress.

Sam comforts her and persuades her that their performance will go well. Before they are about to go on, behind the curtain, Sam tells Quinn she looks beautiful. They sing their duet and seem happy when they get through to regionals. Special Education Sam and Quinn interacted with each other mainly during the episode. They wrapped presents together, decorated side by side and stood next to each other both times when they were decorating the tree.

It is shown that Quinn still wears her promise ring given by Sam. Quinn and Sam are later seen kissing by the lockers under the mistletoe Sam is holding.

glee quinn and puck relationship

Finn brings Quinn to his own home, and his mother tells her she can stay with them as long as she needs to. Hairography Quinn debates whether she made the wrong decision in cutting Puck out of her baby's life and choosing Finn instead. Quinn tells Kendra and Terri she wants to keep the baby. Later in the episode, Santana tells Quinn that she and Puck had been sexting the whole time he was with Quinn, so she checks his phone and she again decides to give up the baby.

She then reunites with Finn, both feeling guilty about their actions she with Puck and he with Rachel and they tell each other that they love each other. Her baby bump is starting to show a bit in this episode. Mattress Just before the yearbook photos are taken, Quinn resolves to be back on the Cheerios after sitting with Brittany and Santana as they deface a Thunderclap. She blackmails Sue by threatening to reveal the fact that the cheerios make profit, which could get them disqualified from competition.

Sue agrees to let her back on the squad. Sue then says she has to be at the back of the photo to hide her shame. She then makes a rude comment about Quinn's pregnancy. Offended, Quinn instead rejects her offer and tells her to give up one of her yearbook pages to the Glee Club as she rather be with people who accept her for who she is, forcing Sue to agree.

Sue admits to Quinn that she forgot how ruthless Quinn really was. Quinn thanks Sue for indirectly teaching her this lesson, and then storms out, leaving Sue speechless. Quinn tearfully admits that Puck is the father and attempts to apologize but Finn in tears, breaks up with her, quits the club and runs away.

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Rachel apologizes to her for telling Finn the truth and Quinn says she's not mad at her. Hell-O Quinn returns to school attempting to make Puck a faithful father.

glee quinn and puck relationship

The Power of Madonna When Rachel asks for help with boys and sex, Quinn requests she stop talking as she is grossing her baby out. Quinn then informs Mr. Schuester of the sexism in society and the lower salary of woman, making him choose Madonna as a Glee assignment.

Home Quinn begins to notice that Mercedes, now a Cheerio, is deliberately starving herself to get thinner, something she can relate to. After Mercedes collapses, Quinn approaches her and reveals that when she was a cheerleader she threw up to stay skinny but being pregnant made her see the importance of eating healthy and that she doesn't mind becoming big and round as long as her baby is healthy and she gives Mercedes some food.

She says Mercedes is beautiful as she is and the two become friends. Quinn is at the top, and when asked, she claims Rachel is the culprit due to her grudge against Quinn. After seeing Quinn get bumped into in the hallway, Mr.

Schue realizes Quinn wrote the Glist to improve her reputation. To Quinn's surprise, Lauren's plan to sabotage her votes backfired, when she revealed that Quinn's popularity instead increased after putting up the Lucy Caboosey posters. Finn and Quinn's relationship started going downhill from Rumourswhere Quinn was suspected of cheating on Finn with Sam, bringing up trust issues within the couple, however these were resolved by the end of the episode when Sam revealed Quinn was babysitting his younger siblings.

Finn and Quinn break up in Funeral. The two get into a fight during the prom, and are consequently kicked out, ruining Quinn's chances of being Prom Queen. They stay together until Finn breaks up with her in Funeralboth of them taking it very hard, despite Finn telling Quinn that he still loves her. In New YorkQuinn, still distraught from the breakup, refused to get over Finn. But after returning from their trip to Nationals, Quinn appeared to be fine with it, accepting the fact that Finn loves Rachel.

Episodes Pilot is when it was confirmed they were dating, but Finn says they had already been dating for four months. When Rachel asks if Finn and her should go out, Finn already says he is in a relationship with Quinn, which shocks Rachel. It cuts to a scene of Quinn and Finn making out, but then Quinn stops after Finn attempts to touch Quinn's butt, stopping him and telling him they should pray instead.

He tells Rachel that Quinn is cool. Pilot Quinn initially joined Glee club to get closer to Finn. Quinn justifies this reason to Sue Sylvester and acknowledges Rachel as a threat to her relationship with Finn. Finn joins the Celibacy Club because of Quinn and reminisces about her hot tub scene.

Finn and Quinn pair up with the balloon in the celibacy club meeting and freaks out when the balloon popped. Rachel later sings Take a Bow while watching Finn talking, who appears very happy, appearing to be commenting on how pretty she is, and laughing with Quinn, while she is doing the same.

Showmance Quinn tells Finn she is pregnant, but doesn't tell him that the baby is not his. She makes him believe he ejaculated in a hot tub, during a heated session.

She decides to lie to 'Yes, Puck is the father' him because she believes he'll be a better father than Puck. Although shocked at first, Finn promises Quinn he'll support her fully. Quinn and Finn share loving looks throughout the football game. When they win their first game of the season, Finn kisses Quinn after the siren which makes Puck jealous he is the father of her child and loves her. Finn gives Quinn his old baby blanket called Geege the only item that he can remember his father by for "their" child.

Finn also stands up for Quinn and tells him "don't talk to my girlfriend like that" against Puck's nasty remarks. Schuester to give away some of Quinn's verses in fear of something happening to her and the baby, if she performing too much. Finn tries to get Rachel to rejoin Glee club in hopes that he will get a musical scholarship to support Quinn and "their" baby. The Rhodes Not Taken During a voice-over Finn says he's actually proud to have Quinn, because she's popular, hot and carries "his" baby.

Quinn acknowledges Finn's stress over the baby as well his good character and heart. She claims that the reason why she is giving up the baby to Mrs. Schuester is because of Finn which is a lie. Quinn is seen leaning on Finn while he is sitting down at the beginning of the episode.

Finn takes Quinn to the clinic to get a sonogram, the doctor tells them it's a girl and they kiss each-other.

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During a test Finn suggests her the name Drizzle for the baby and she asks him if he's a moron. Quinn confronts Rachel about her crush for Finn and tells her to back off, as a result of Rachel telling Quinn to sing more as she has a lot to express, Quinn sings You Keep Me Hangin' On as a way to express her jealousy between Rachel and Finn.

Finn comforts Quinn when news get out to everyone that she is pregnant. Throwdown Quinn stands up for Finn when he gets slushied by one of the football guys. In the choir room Quinn washes Finn's face and talks with him about their popularity.

glee quinn and puck relationship

They visit together Mrs. Pillsbury and ask for advice. She suggests wearing sunglasses by accidents, which they actually later do. However their plan backfires on them as they get slushied and made fun of again. Quinn can be seen caring for Finn by cleaning the slushie off of his face. Mash-Up Finn comforts Quinn in the gym as she watches the Cheerios practice.

She also urges him into finding a job and calling him a moron for not finding any during the bake sale. Also Finn walks in during Quinn and Puck's bake-fight and is shocked. She assures him they're only baking and Finn stares after Puck jealously when he leaves the room.

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Finn finds a job to support Quinn and "their" baby. He is seen carrying her off to class in his wheel chair. Wheels Quinn's suspicion of Finn. Will forces the Glee kids to sing a ballad together and Finn wants Quinn as his partner, but Will says the fate will decide.