Gene hunt and alex drake relationship

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gene hunt and alex drake relationship

A story about the relationship between DI Alex Drake and DCI Gene Hunt. Summary: Alex ends up back home in with Molly, she gets. exclusively about bidding farewell to DCI Gene Hunt and DI Alex Drake. others obsessed with Gene and Alex's (or Galex's) relationship. Gene Hunt and Alex Drake to snog in last epsiode of Ashes to Ashes Given that her love-hate relationship with Hunt is sealed with a kiss.

For the past three years, the actress has focused more on home-grown threats, specifically involving the sprawling metropolis of London, as DI Alex Drake in Ashes to Ashes, which is currently airing its third season in the UK.

gene hunt and alex drake relationship

Viewers are also introduced to an enigmatic stranger who is watching the DI and trying to make contact with her in a mysterious manner. KH — A strange man keeps leaving Alex roses which she initially thinks is another puzzle. She starts to investigate further believing that if she solves the puzzle she may be able to go home.

Viewers are used to their onscreen bust-ups and fiery exchanges, however, Keeley believes they shar a mutual admiration for each other.

gene hunt and alex drake relationship

KH — They do still have their ups and downs, but Gene is beginning to take onboard different ways of policing and is starting to understand forensics and the importance of collecting evidence. Occasionally he and Alex are quite in tune and they definitely admire each other to a certain extent. Keeley also reveals that there is a darker edge to this season.

Layton was freed from jail purely to construct the car bomb required to do the deed. Was that to hide the fact Clown actor Andrew Clover was playing Tim, too?

But why bother bailing Layton from prison just to build a car-bomb? Why would Alex be amazed to discover Gene was the one who hugged her younger self in '81, following the bomb? Oh, and characters created by Sam Tyler. The subplot was disappointing, with CID facing inspection from a visiting Lord Scarman Geoffrey Palmerwhich resulted in Chris Marshall Lancaster having to pose as a pest jailed for indecent exposure. Scarman later decided to sit in a cell to understand the prison experience while the jails were full of crass gay stereotypesbefore being on the receiving end of a Gene rant clearly directed at every liberal politician watching the show and arguing for the return of old-fashioned policing.

So where does episode 8 leave us?

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Her younger self will be adopted by Evan. Shaz Montserrat Lombard made a full recovery. But Alex is still stuck inside her imagination, despite solving the mind-game she had set herself here. Along with this, Shaz, Ray and Chris all have visions of stars, as if looking up at the sky, and hear strange voices as described by Chris as Nelson Tony Marshallthe publican from Life on Mars, asking him what he would like to drink.

Finale[ edit ] During the last episode, Hunt is revealed to be part of a supernatural world, a form of limbopopulated by dead police officers.

His role has been described as an "angel", helping the souls in a place between "earth and heaven" to get where they wanted to be. His role is to take them "to the pub" - moving on to a "heaven" beyond. It is later revealed that Hunt had done this for many officers before, including Sam Tyler and Annie Cartwright.

Shaz Granger was stabbed sometime around while trying to stop a car being broken into, Chris Skelton was shot dead during a firearms incident in and Ray Carling had hanged himself in because he felt he had let his family down after having failed basic training to join the army.

Later in the final episode it is also revealed Ray had killed a young man and his DCI had covered it up.

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The guilt overwhelmed him, leading to his suicide. Because of the period of time each had spent in limbo they had all forgotten their previous lives, something which had also happened to Hunt. The uniformed police officer haunting Drake is revealed to be Hunt, killed as a young constable after a week in the police by an armed man on Coronation Day in His body is buried where Drake expects to find Tyler's body, but instead she finds Hunt's original warrant card.

According to a news broadcast Drake sees after waking from her gunshot wound operation inHunt's undiscovered grave was recently found by a group of travellers. Hunt characterizes his younger self as "skinny," headstrong and full of male bravado; he confesses that he'd completely forgotten about his past. Keats, confronting Hunt along with the rest of his team, destroys his office to reveal the universe outside and accuses Hunt of manufacturing his own fantasy world, in which he'd entrapped the souls of Shaz, Chris, Ray and Alex.

Keats then convinces everyone else except Alex to accept a "transfer" to his own department - implied to be Hell with Keats being the Devil - but with Alex's help Hunt persuades them to return.

Alex Drake (Ashes to Ashes)

Ray, Chris and Shaz enter, but Keats appears and tries to persuade Alex to come with him. This attempt fails when Alex realizes, observing Keats' wristwatch frozen at Hunt is able to persuade Alex to accept her death and enter the pub, but not before they share a kiss. In the closing moments, the series comes full circle back to Life on Mars as another officer from the future appears wondering, like Alex and Sam, who has changed his office, and wondering where his iPhone is, and Gene Hunt ventures out to greet him in his usual fashion - using exactly the same words he used to greet Sam Tyler in his first ever scene in Life on Mars.

Characterisation[ edit ] Personality and appearance[ edit ] The character of Gene Hunt is politically incorrecthaving been described as an old school copper. It is said that the character thinks of himself as the sheriff in the western movie High Noon. Philip Glenisterthe actor who plays Hunt has described his character as "intuitive" and "instinctive". This version of Hunt is portrayed by Mason Kayne.

During Life on Mars, Hunt often wore a beige camel coat with a white shirt and tie, grey suit and trousers with white slip on shoes, typical of the period. His top shirt button is always undone and his tie always hangs halfway down his chest in an untidy, disheveled fashion. In Ashes to Ashes, he is often seen wearing a black suit, striped tie, Crombie coat and snakeskin boots.

gene hunt and alex drake relationship

Such as, Hunt has been described as "not being scared of throwing a few punches to get a result", whereas both Tyler and Alex Drake are present day detectives who value forensic evidence and thorough investigative techniques rather than corruption and violence.

John Simmthe actor who plays Sam Tyler, has stated that both his character and Hunt have a grudging respect for the other's approach to policing.

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As well as Hunt seeing much of his younger self in Tyler [11] However, Hunt and Tyler's relationship eventually improves after Tyler returns to the present day only to kill himself so that he can return to save Hunt and the team, however Hunt does not know this.

However, by the second series Hunt and Drake's relationship developed in a positive way. Both characters now respect each other and argue less along with sharing a distinct sexual tension with each other. By the third series of Ashes to Ashes, Hunt and Alex's relationship becomes strained when DCI Jim Keats begins to plant seeds of doubt in Alex's mind about the nature of Sam Tyler's death, however Alex's faith and love for Gene makes her unwilling to believe that he would murder Tyler.

At the end of the third series, Alex and Gene share a kiss.