Football player and soccer relationship

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football player and soccer relationship

Aim of this study was to determine the relationship between functional capacities and skills performance among young soccer player. The research was. Zach Ertz is a Super Bowl-winning tight end. Julie Ertz is a World Cup-winning soccer star. Together, they're the latest It Couple of Philly sports. Because soccer players often fall in love with other soccer players, here is another couple in which the man doesn't actually play real football.

Just a few months after they became a couple, Zach was selected in the second round of the draft by then-still-GM Howie Roseman and the Chipster, who had visions of three-tight-end sets like the ones the Patriots used. With that, a long-distance relationship began. Julie was the third overall pick in the NWSL draft the next January, and off they went, on the same track to sports stardom but more often than not riding separately. I wish my husband spent most of the year in a different city. But just as winning championships demands hard work, so does maintaining a relationship between two elite athletes.

The F3 Method starts with friendship — again, before you ralph, please bear with me. One might think two All-Star jocks would drive each other crazy. You call that a burpee? Sure you want to eat those cheese curls? How did you miss that empty net? Who taught you how to run routes? Not so, they both say. And I think she feels the same way about football. The Americans won the golden trophy, and Julie was named a tournament all-star. Julie broke down in joyous tears as her teammates hugged and high-fived, and a video of the spontaneous celebration went viral.

football player and soccer relationship

Yes, he teared up, too. Julie went to a Jesuit college, where she began to explore religion more closely. She encouraged Zach to do the same. Ertz says he eventually realized that the players who seemed most at peace regardless of the scoreboard were all believers, and that epiphany, along with Julie, led him to reexamine his own spirituality. He kind of ran with it.

Soccer Star Julie Johnston Marries NFL Player Zach Ertz: 'What an Amazing Day'

Belief, they both tell me, is essential for a couple that communicates through smartphones for most of the year. I was able to see the big picture; I had a more positive thought process. My mind just switched — how I viewed the player I wanted to be on and off the field.

football player and soccer relationship

Recovery between the tests in each subject was in a 1: After that all subjects had one day rest period. Functional capacities Sprint test protocol: The fastest sprint assessed with the sevensprint protocol [ 16 ] was the measure of running speed. The test consists of seven separate sprints each section is Verbal feedback is given to each respondent for 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 seconds of recovery.

This system was positioned on the opposite side of the test field at start and finish line Figure 1.

Julie Johnston Marries Zach Ertz |

Photoelectric cell was conected with PC and software for digital measure. Diagram of sprint test protocol Repeated sprint test: Each subject performed twelve repetitions maximum sprint section of 20 meters. Pause between each sprint is 20 seconds, during which time the participants jog or walk to the starting line. This test was chosen because it is the best way to simulate conditions that occur during a soccer match [ 1718 ].

Verbal feedback is given to each participant for 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 seconds of recovery. This system was positioned on the opposite side of the test field at start and finish line. This test is used to assess anaerobic capacity because the anaerobic capacity is the first determinant of performance in maximal all-out efforts eliciting exhaustion between 30 and 60 s [19]. The test is performed on open track length of m and the time is recorded manually.

Each participant was told to run the section as fast as possible. Soccer specific endurance tests: The track for the performance was proposed for the first time by Hoff, Wisloff, Engen, Kemi, Helgerud [ 14 ] for training purposes. Recent studies [ 14 ] have shown that the Hoff test possesses criterion validity and sensitivity to aerobic fitness development in youth soccer players.

His work has shown that this program can be used as a part of regular training to improve fitness. As proposed by Hoff, Wisloff, Engen, Kemi, Helgerud [ 14 ] the player moved a soccer ball through the track by dribbling.

football player and soccer relationship

They then move around the next set of cones. Between point A and B the players turn and dribble backwards while controlling the ball.

The purpose of the test was to cover the maximum distance during a 10 minute period. Depending on the exact layout of the course, the total distance covered is about m. Five subjects were tested at a time.

Four days before the first Hoff test, the subjects performed a pre-test in order to get used to the testing pace so as to obtain maximum performance during the experiment.

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Hoff test m multi-stage shuttle run test: The m shuttle run test is a field test that predicts aerobic fitness VO2max and has been shown to be a reliable and valid indicator of aerobic power in various populations [ 20 ]. This test was conducted as previously described by Davis, Brewer, Atkin [20]. The main reason for the use of this test for the evaluation of aerobic fitness in the present study, and for its great popularity among soccer coaches, is that the back and forward runs performed in the test mimic the movement pattern of soccer.

Tempo running is progressively increasing every minute. The total distance covered is being marked for each player and represents the end result of the test. The objective of the test was to perform as many shuttles as possible; the score corresponded to the total meters covered until the athlete was no longer able to maintain the required speed.

Soccer skills Ten soccer experts assessed the importance of tactical techniques that define the structure of soccer.

America's ultimate sports couple: Eagles tight end Zach Ertz and soccer star wife Julie

A soccer coach, an expert advisor, a top player or a college professor teaching soccer at the Faculty of Kinesiology, a coach of a soccer team competing in the European Football Club championships, a coach or a member of expert staff of the national soccer team participating in the European Championships or World Cups, a footballer from a team competing in the European Football Club championships or a member of the national team participating in the European Championship or World Cup were regarded experts in the research study.

Relying on their own experience and using the assessment system with values ranging from 0 to 5 the experts graded the impact of tactical techniques on the properties attributes of soccer, attack and defense.

Competitive match 11 vs. Match air temperature and relative humidity were We were filmed the match and then analyzed every tactical and technical elementsfor each player. Variables to assess the real quality of players in the transition phase of attack and in the positioning attack: Variables to assess the real quality of players in the transition phase of defense and positioning defense: The level of pressure in the defense, assist in defense, take possession of the ball, success during breaks in defense, success in the defense transition, ability to play in multiple positions in defense, preventing shots, success in offside traps.

Prior to the factor analysis, the normality of the distribution of variables was examined by the Kolmogorov-Smirnov test. The condensed expert assessment results were expressed as the arithmetic mean.

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To determine the relation between functional capabilities and players performance multiple regression analyzes was applied. In addition, we have applied factor analysis with varimax rotation to determine the latent structure of the applied structure of instruments quality players in attack and defense.

Latent structure for the set of variables was separately determined for players in attack, and especially for the defense.

football player and soccer relationship