Fille cainglet and lino cayetano relationship trust

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fille cainglet and lino cayetano relationship trust

Director Lino Cayetano and athlete-mom Fille Cainglet can't wait to see their baby girl!. How supportive is lawmaker Lino Cayetano of his volleybelle wife Fille? It's way more than you imagined. Fille Cainglet-Cayetano (m. ). Children, 3. Family, Rene Cayetano (father) Pia S. Cayetano (sister) Alan Peter Cayetano (brother) Rene Carl Cayetano ( brother). Lino Edgardo Schramm Cayetano (born January 4, ) is a Filipino television director and a In the past years, Cayetano was involved in different relationships with Kris.

In Octoberthe school was moved to a new site in the southwest section of Tuguegarao. Two buildings, Loyola and Xavier Halls, were completed in time for occupancy before the second semester of school year The classrooms, laboratories, libraries and students' chapel were situated in the Loyola Hall.

Xavier Hall housed the Jesuits' quarters, students dormitory and study hall. A third building, Bellarmine Hall, was completed shortly after the beginning of the second semester and used for boarders' dining room.

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Inan Administration building was completed. The Ateneo de Tuguegarao had no grade school, and was an all-male school. A college department was added to the High School in June Until it had only a two-year Pre-Law course and a two-year Commerce course. Ingovernment recognition of a four-year Commerce course was obtained. It was a small school, and the collegiate offerings were limited to Pre-Law and Commerce courses.

During the early years, the college student body was almost equally divided into Pre-Law and Commerce students. The courses have been chosen with regard for local circumstances. The Commerce course would prepare the students for local business enterprises, and many of the Pre-Law students went to law schools in Manila. These Pre-Law students were encouraged by the Ateneo to attend a law school under Catholic auspices as they have received a solid foundation on their catholic faith in college.

Approximately fifty percent of the High School graduates go on to college; of these approximately two thirds go to Manila, the rest continue at the Ateneo de Tuguegarao.

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He was succeeded in January by the Rev. Father Pascua is to be reckoned among the "noteworthy features" of the Ateneo de Tuguegarao, for he had been active in the school since the Jesuits first came in UP Diliman, the fourth CU which was established inis the flagship campus, UP, as a whole, is often cited as the Philippines top university. On June 18, the University of the Philippines was established through an act of the First Philippine Legislature.

The University began with the establishment of the Philippine Medical School inwhich started operating ina year ahead of the rest of the U. A few years later, the university opened the College of Law, the Board of Regents approved the decision to look for a larger site, and a hectare lot was acquired by the university in Diliman, Quezon City, then a town in the province of Rizal.

For the first time, an extensive Diliman campus master plan, most colleges and administration offices were temporarily housed in huts and shelters made of sawali and galvanized iron.

Ateneo de Tuguegarao

General commencement exercises were held in Diliman for the first time in In the s, new units and degree programs were established. Another major reform, the General Education Program, was introduced inProgram became a series of core courses prescribed for all students at the undergraduate level. Most of these courses were being taught at the then College of Liberal Arts, President Vicente Sinco saw fit to reorganize the college into a University College, which would offer the core subjects to be taken during the first two years of the undergraduate program 7.

Ateneo Blue Eagles — The collegiate womens varsity basketball team is called the Lady Eagles while the high school varsity basketball team is called the Blue Eaglets. The Ateneo collegiate mens varsity team was not always called the Blue Eagles.

It got the name Blue Eagles when Ateneo adopted the Eagle as its mascot inprior to that, from it was known under different names. Ateneo has fifteen collegiate mens varsity teams participate in fifteen sporting events of the University Athletic Association of the Philippines.

Only the mens varsity team is called the Blue Eagles. The other fourteen mens varsity teams have their own name to help differentiate them. The sports editors of The Guidon, the official student publication, are credited for the choice of these various names. Thru the years, the Ateneo Blue Eagles have achieved excellence in sports, Most Blue Eagles have succeeded in their post collegiate varsity days. They have become senators of the country, civil court judges and their success in life after graduating from college is attributable to their being strictly treated as student-athletes in school and not campus celebrities with privileges.

Twenty five years playing their last game as Blue Eagles. Those who meet the criteria are inducted into the Ateneo Sports Hall of Fame, when Ateneo started to participate in intercollegiate sports inits varsity basketball teams were simply referred to by the school community as the Ateneo Seniors and Ateneo Juniors.

They were later dubbed the Blue and Whites by the press in the early s when Ateneo joined sports leagues. When Ateneo adopted the Eagle as its mascot inthe college and high school varsity teams were given new names. This moniker was given to the Blue Eagles in when the press reporters noticed that the team would pray the Hail Mary during game time-outs. The first womens varsity team was formed in 8. Mactan — Mactan or Maktan is a densely populated island located a few kilometres from Cebu Island in the Philippines.

The island covers some 65 square kilometres and is home to somepeople, along with Olango Island Group, the isles are administered as 1 city and a municipality covering Mactan-Cebu International Airport is located on the island, the island was already a thriving settlement before it was colonized by Spain in the 16th century.

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Bythe Catholic Augustinian friars established the town of Opon, carlos P. Garcia on June 17, Zosa, the representative of the Sixth District of Cebu, apart from the airport, today the island is known for its industrial factories, which are some of the most successful industrial ventures in the Philippines.


Many of them are located at the Mactan Export Processing Zone, also important to the island is its high-class tourism industry and the production of furniture, as well as guitars, ukuleles and other musical instruments.

Being one of the major tourist Islands of Cebu, Mactan Island boasts of a collection of tourist spots. Being a coral island, Mactan offers some of the best diving, snorkeling, island hopping, jet ski, sailing, the only aquarium attraction in the Visayas is also located on the island.

Cebu — Cebu is a 1st provincial income class island province of the Philippines located in the Central Visayas region, and consisting of the main island itself and surrounding islands and islets. Its capital is Cebu City, the oldest city and first capital of the Philippines, Cebu City forms part of the Cebu Metropolitan Area together with four neighboring cities and eight other local government units.

fille cainglet and lino cayetano relationship trust

Mactan-Cebu International Airport, located in Mactan Island, is the second busiest airport in the Philippines, Cebu is one of the most developed provinces in the Philippines, with Cebu City as the main center of commerce, trade, education and industry in the Visayas.

In a decade it has transformed into a hub for shipping, furniture-making, tourism, business processing services. The name Cebu came from the old Cebuano word sibu or sibo and it was originally applied to the harbors of the town of Sugbu, the ancient name for Cebu City.

fille cainglet and lino cayetano relationship trust

Alternate renditions of the name by traders between the 13th to 16th centuries include Sebu, Sibuy, Zubu, or Zebu, among others, Sugbu, in turn, was derived from the Old Cebuano term for scorched earth or great fire.

The Rajahnate of Cebu was a native kingdom which existed in Cebu prior to the arrival of the Spaniards. It was founded by Sri Lumay otherwise known as Rajamuda Lumaya and he was sent by the Maharajah to establish a base for expeditionary forces to subdue the local kingdoms, but he rebelled and established his own independent Rajahnate instead.

The arrival of Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan in established a period of Spanish exploration and colonization, losing favor for his plan of reaching the Spice Islands from king Manuel I of Portugal, by sailing west from Europe, Magellan offered his services to king Charles I of Spain.

fille cainglet and lino cayetano relationship trust

On 14 April Magellan erected a wooden cross on the shores of Cebu. Afterwards, about islanders were baptized, Magellan soon heard of datu Lapu-Lapu, a native king in nearby Mactan Island, a rival of the Rajahs of Cebu. It was thought that Humabon and Lapu—Lapu had been fighting for control of the trade in the area. On 27 April the Battle of Mactan occurred where the Spaniards were defeated, according to Italian historian and chronicler, Antonio Pigafetta, Magellans body was never recovered despite efforts to trade for it with spice and jewels.

The region is the center of culture, economy, education, NCR is one of the 12 defined metropolitan areas in the Philippines according to the National Economic and Development Authority. Designated as a global city, NCR exerts a significant impact on commerce, finance, media, art, fashion, research, technology, education.

It is the home to all the consulates and embassies in the Philippines and its economic power makes the region the countrys premier center for finance and commerce. NCR accounts for The Province of Manila, the progenitor to the present-day Metro Manila, is one of the eight provinces that revolted against the Spanish colonial rule in the Philippines.

The province was honored as one of the sun rays in the Flag of the Philippines, a historical province known as Manila encompasses the former pre-Hispanic kingdoms of Tondo and Maynila. It became the capital of the colonial Philippines, with Manila serving as the center of colonial power, init included the City of Manila and 23 other municipalities. Mariquina also served as the capital fromjust as when the sovereignty of the Philippines was transferred to the United States, the province was dissolved and most of it was incorporated to the newly created province of Rizal in Since the Spanish colonial period, Manila was considered as one of the global cities.

Pasig serves as its provincial capital, inPresident Quezon established Quezon City with a goal to replace Manila as the capital city of the country. A masterplan for Quezon City was completed, the establishment of Quezon City meant demise of the grand Burnham Plan of Manila, with funds being diverted for the establishment of the new capital. World War II further resulted in the loss most of the developments in the Burnham Plan, but more importantly, later on, Quezon City eventually declared as the national capital from The tile was re-designated back to Manila through Presidential Decree No.

During the war, President Manuel L. Jorge Vargas was appointed as its mayor, Mayors in the cities and municipalities included in the City of Greater Manila served as vice mayors in their town. This was in order to ensure Vargas, who was Quezons principal lieutenant for administrative matters, the City of Greater Manila was abolished by the Japanese with the formation of the Philippine Executive Commission to govern the occupied regions of the country.

His youngest brother, Lino is a film and television director and former congressman of Taguig, after the elections, at the start of the 16th Congress, Cayetano was elected as the new Senate Majority Floor Leader and was likewise appointed to chair the Senate Committee on Rules.

In a press event held in Davao City, Senator Cayetano, Cayetano, did not mention who will be his Presidential runningmate. On November 21, it was official that Rodrigo Duterte will be his running mate for the Presidential Elections. It is located near the headquarters of the Philippine Air Force.