Eleven and clara relationship problems

eleven and clara relationship problems

But the oblique references to Clara's blurred-lines relationship with Jane Austen have for me been one of the most compelling facets of the. Even if the original Clara—whom the Eleventh Doctor rescued from his own The next problem is actually a bigger one: As I and many others have on to define Clara's relationship with the Eleventh Doctor is good-ol' UST. She was an anal school teacher who later has an addiction problem not But her relationship with Doctor is one of my favorites, it directly I found very few characters endearing throughout the end of Eleven's run, the.

Capaldi specifically asked for NONE of this sorta stuff! Maybe he did as 11, but as 12?

Is the Doctor in love with Clara in ‘Doctor Who’?

Remember, 50 odd years ago, he left his granddaughter — his own flesh and blood — on an alien planet with the man she loved, and never looked back. Clara and the Doctor, last I checked, were different genders. Have you not SEEN the last episode?

See, the problem is, people see what they expect to see. Matt Semmler I truly believe that the Doctor loves Clara.

Eleventh Doctor & Clara - the thousand year love story.

As he would say, a granddaughter. Having recently rewatched a pile of Hartnell episodes, I feel that Capaldi is channeling the original Doctor in the way he acts. I think especially the way he acts towards his female companions. One was super protective possessive?

Whis Yep this is exactly how I feel!

Doctor Who: six questions that need to be answered before Clara leaves

The age gap would make him look like a silly old fool. Dee Totally agree that the Doctor still loves Clara, even though he also appears to be trying to let go of her, and she of him. This just what the show is illustrating to me. I think, though, that this makes sense in the context of where the relationship was between Eleven and Clara. They are both the first in their cycle and both Father like figures looking over their companion.

The Doctor feels betrayed too I think.

'Doctor Who': How do you solve a problem like Clara?

Straight after what 11 and Clara had, she moves onto Danny. Imagine how that must feel. While Clara spends weeks getting over the Doctor, I bet the Doctor just skips time to the next episode just to see her again.

You know how The Doctor is always writing those calculations? Kaz Titan I think I would have liked Martha at least a tiny bit if not for that damn unrequited love thing. Ken Swenson Actually rather easy…. Ken Swenson and at the end of this series…. Was the same difference between Rose and Martha. Rose knew nothing until she knew everything, where as Martha knew a lot to begin with.

Hate it when they write some useless person into a role and at some point they do something completely out of character to make them appear clever. Then she is saved as an afterthought. Oh, wait, The war Doctor!

Sandwiched between that how can we care about the resolution of Claras arc? Things go well in the Day of the Doctor, but the Clara character is over looked by all the hoopla of returning characters. The changing the Doctors mind scene is beautiful though. It was just lost in all the other stuff.

eleven and clara relationship problems

Clara character was doing great in the Time of the Doctor. But then we have another emotional goodbye and that is lost.

eleven and clara relationship problems

We have been told over and over that she is not impportant by the show itself. Because of the 50th celebration, the Clara character is simply thrown under the bus so to speak. I hope with her own Doctor, and no more bring backs, we can begin to identify with her. Kaz Titan Amy just defined the Doctor too much.

But no real, natural development of their relationship. She felt more like a deus-ex-machina for the Doctor and that is why maybe she seems kind of a blurry charactrer, although she is pretty much great. I find it hilarious bit inevitable that she fancies The Doctor: I cannot overstate how much this makes or breaks the show for me! Einez Crespo I disagree with you because Clara does have responsibilities which she cannot ignore first being a nanny and now a teacher.

She has a life independent of The Doctor which he respects. Remember it was The Doctor who invited her and did not seem to mind having to pick her up on Wednesdays even after her mystery was solved. He seems to be ok with the arrangement. I have no problem with her independence or her outside life being part of the story. I just wish if they are going to do that, that they do it more like Angels Take Manhattan where the story line picks up after he already picked them up and they are together doing something, not with him dropping in to pick her up.

They have a time machine. Inverkeithing I think Clara is a great character and an excellent companion. She HAS been there and done that, she just enjoys the ride. I really like her, and have been disappointed with the comments and criticisms I have heard about her. I hope she sticks around for a good while yet. Rose had a brilliant story, Martha and Donna both had amazing character development. I like both Amy and Rory and have loved Clara since Asylum. However i do feel bad for Jenna Coleman and Matt Smith for having to be in series 7.

I love them both and their characters its just I felt myself starting to hate the show because every week another properly terrible episode. The 50th is the only episode i have properly enjoyed, and honestly i feel that the time of the doctor was very poor. Not a good send off for Matt at all. I know he did not write that one but he did actually read the script then agree to have it made.

Series 7 is by far the worst season of new who. The man had energy and character coming out of his ears, and they gave him nothing but unresolved slop to work with. I feel like that was just so stupid — why does every female companion need to be romantically attracted to the doctor? Kaz Titan The Doctor and River was just as random as hell. So we should expect other romances to be random too.

They come they intervene, they die or are turned into a psychotic Dalek and so on. But then… that just got resolved.

eleven and clara relationship problems

The best scene with her thusfar was in Day of the Doctor, where she acted like the voice of reason right before the Doctors were about to push the big red button. Now that that burden is lifted, maybe Clara can help him reconnect with his people? For a companion to work, for me that is, they need to have qualities that seem believable.

While she is sunny, adorable, and brave I feel that is about the end of her character. For example when Rose was a bit selfish I could relate to that, being that young.

When Martha was trying so hard to get the doctors attention I could understand that feeling of rejection. Amy with trying to hold on to her childhood while being scared to move forward, I get that. And Rory chasing after the one he loved; scared of loosing her to another.

Yah, she might go on a fun adventure but how do I relate to that. Something new is always better. Amy was the companion for Matt Smiths Doctor, Clara is seen as the replacement and to many people hate change.

I do love the look of the Peters Doctor with Clara. Then again I am biased when it comes to Doctor Who as I am one of those fans who embraces the change each and every one of them because the change is the true magic of Doctor Who.

RoastNewt I was one of the many who accused her of lacking character during the run of series 7, but re-watching her episodes has caused me to re-evaluate her. Bruna I think you really managed to put into words what her character seems to be lacking. Why do people have such a problem with Clara having healthy boundaries around her travel?

eleven and clara relationship problems

Also, do you want her to have more interaction with her family or do you want her to sail away in the TARDIS and never return to her normal life? So, because you are lukewarm—neither hot nor cold—I am about to spit you out of my mouth. JedP Jack I agree with you wholeheartedly!