Edward kenway and connor relationship problems

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edward kenway and connor relationship problems

Assassin's Creed: 9 Most Powerful (And 6 Completely Worthless) Assassins, While Altair eventually defeated Al Mualim, he almost ran directly into a similar problem. Aveline is the protégée of Assassin Creed 3 hero, Connor Kenway, She used that relationship to infiltrate their ranks and kill all the. I liked his tense but respectful relationship with Achilles, I liked how his I've yet to be remotely impressed by a single Assassin's Creed character thus far. . ACIV fixed some of those issues: Edward was a lot more interesting. Assassin's Creed: The 10 Most Powerful Assassins (And 10 That Are Worthless And Weak) . 14 Worst: Connor Kenway While a lot of fans had given up on the game due to it's launch day release problems, Assassin's Creed: Unity is . Developing a professional and personal relationship with Henry.

He hid the Shroud in a box made by the First Civilization in the Tower of London and the key to the box in a secret room in St.

edward kenway and connor relationship problems

At his eighth birthday, Edward began to train his son as an Assassin. In parallel, Edward searched for the Grand Temple that Roberts evoked in his last moment, where a woman waited.

Thereby he began to courtise Jennifer to access to the journal. He also lured Haytham to know the location of the journal.

Jennifer revealed the true allegiance of Birch to her father, so Edward expelled the Templar from his mansion. They burned it, kidnapped Jennifer, killed Edward and took his journal.

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Afterwards, Tessa refused to see again her son, who killed one of Birch's men in front of her eyes to protect her, and decided to reconstructe the Kenway Mansion. Then as nobody knew his implication in mansion's attack, Birch took Haytham under his wing to make him a Templar, promising to find Jennifer.

With years, Haytham became a deadly agent for the Templars. Giving it back to Birch, the Grand Master informed Haytham the death of his mother.

Haytham Kenway

Later Haytham continued the search of the men who burned his family mansion, going to Germany to find Jack Digweeda servant of Edward who was accused of the attack.

Haytham and Birch found Digweed had been tortured by the men who attacked the mansion. Haytham pursued one of them and Birch killed Digweed to make sure Haytham didn't find out the truth. Mortally wounding his target, Haytham learned that his father was an Assassin and he was killed for something.

edward kenway and connor relationship problems

On the body, Haytham found a document which proved the man served the Templar and general Edward Braddock. Fighting the Assassin Miko, Haytham lost his family sword but gained Miko's hidden blade. Birch sent Haytham to the Colonies to find the Grand Temple.

Lee also told Haytham that Braddock died from his wounds. After they rescued her, they fled the palace but Holden was captured. Haytham saved Holden in Egyptat the Abou Gerbe monastery on Mount Ghebel Eter, where he forcefully underwent a operation to become an eunuch. Haytham eventually burned the monastery.

Afterwards, Jennifer revealed the truth about Edward's death. Then the siblings and Holden attacked Birch's chateau in Troyes and killed Birch.

edward kenway and connor relationship problems

After that, Haytham and Jennifer decided to remain in contact, Jennifer settled into the Kenway Mansion while Haytham returned to America. InHaytham crippled the Assassin Mentor Achilles Davenport to be sure he would never return on the field. His mother died in the flames.

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The action of the two factions led to a more violent conflict. During the execution Haytham decided to save his son by cutting the roap, which led to the assassination of the Templar Thomas Hickey. Realsiing that, for now, their goals were aligned, the two formed a truce and pursued Church together. After assassinating Church, the father and son discovered that the British would attack from New York.

edward kenway and connor relationship problems

At Valley ForgeHaytham exposed to his son the truth around his mother's death, and Washington's role in it. Knowing his son would come for Lee, Haytham gave the Grand Temple Key to him and decided to engage his son and give Lee time to execute their plan.

She also gave to the young Templar a Templar pendant, a gift she received from Haytham. Edward nearly destroyed the Caribbean Assassins by giving their headquarters location to the Templars. But when he joined the Assassins, he strengthened their position by killing the Grand Master Torres, which would end the Templar influence in the region for decades. It was only discovered three centuries later. His actions led to the discovery of the Pieces of Eden, powerful weapons and artifacts left behind by an ancient society of powerful beings.

While Bayek helped found the Assassins, Altair helped create the Creed that kept the Brotherhood strong for centuries. However he is soon captured and used by Abstergo Industries to unlock his hidden genetic memories of his ancestors, and he realizes his parents were right about the Assassin's war with the Templars.

For five games in total we see the world through his eyes, and he gains some of his ancestors skills in real life. He ends up saving the world from a coming natural disaster that would have destroyed the planet, sacrificing his life in the process.

However he ranks low on the list because he didn't really do a lot of action based missions on his part. Instead he was relegated to sitting in a chair and living his ancestor's memories. If only his last mission had been more action packed.

A former slave, Adewale escaped slavery during a pirate raid on his master's plantation, joining the pirate life and becoming the first mate of Edward Kenway. However he wasn't happy with a life of crime, and so he turned to the Assassins for a life of purpose and honor. He lived a long life working as an Assassin, eventually becoming an Assassin Master himself.

He dedicated himself wholeheartedly to the cause, and ended up becoming one of the order's most deadly and honorable members. However his life ended tragically at the hands of Shay Cormac, after he had relocated to the American Assassin order.

Adewale's fate is tragic to say the least, but the legacy and work he did while an assassin proved to be the driving force that helped the assassin's after him to survive and live up to his legacy. Shay Cormac via Twinfinite If it wasn't for his incredible fighting skills, this next assassin would have been on the bottom of the list.

Shay Cormac was an assassin who became disillusioned with the American Assassins and joined the Templars, using his skills as an assassin to betray and kill his former allies.

He ended up becoming known as an assassin's assassin, killing several assassin members, including one beloved character. It's despicable and cruel, but he's turn from the assassins shows a grim reminder that not all assassin's are heroes. Their actions have consequences that can lead to innocent deaths, and so they are not all heroes.

He became so disillusioned with the order because of a mission he was sent on to retrieve a Piece of Eden. In his mind, the assassin's were just as guilty as the Templars. Who doesn't love pirate stories?


Exploring the true nature of pirate's and the lawless waters of the Caribbean made Black Flag a truly rich and diverse game. However the game would never have become the iconic game it was if it hadn't been for the game's lead, Edward.

One of the coolest assassins around, Edward Kenway was a former privateer turned full time pirate, who was obsessed with gaining riches and fame to prove to his former wife his importance and success in life. Edward eventually found himself amidst the war between the Assassins and Templars, eventually realizing his mistakes and crimes as a pirate and turning to becoming one of the most powerful and coolest assassins in the order's history to atone for his past. Shao Jun via Pure Xbox An incredibly cool and amazing assassin, Shao Jun first started out training under the elderly Ezio Auditore, learning his skills before returning to China to establish her own order.

edward kenway and connor relationship problems

Taking her skills, she fought a Templar aligned group known as Eight Tigers. What's shocking about this though is that Shao Jun is the final character in the 2-D side scroller Assassin's Creed: Ancient China is such a rich cultural and historical period of time, and it deserves to have a full fledged game with open world exploration. The plot surrounding the book and the mission to stop the Eight Tigers is really engaging, and so it would have been nice to get an open world aspect to her journey.

Other than that the game was really well made and in it we received an incredibly powerful and cool assassin that will hopefully get more stories in the future. The second half of the Frye twins, one would argue she is the better half. With an equally deadly skill as an assassin but a much calmer and critical thinking mind, Evie uses her skills to not only destroy the Templars but unlock the mysteries surrounding the Pieces of Eden. She helps end the Templar threat and goes on to help establish several Assassin Outposts around the world.

Developing a professional and personal relationship with Henry Green, she works to live up to her father's legacy, and hopes to understand the work of their ancestors. She also becomes even more cool when in a future DLC she faces Jack the Ripper head on, eventually facing off in a deadly final battle that seals the fate of the famed murderer once and for all.

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Her unique heritage and place in society gives her unique skills that other assassins hadn't been given up until that point. She could infiltrate high society parties dressed as a noblewoman, or she could dress as a slave and go unnoticed by local authorities.

Her beauty, charm and skills made her a formidable assassin.