Edison and henry ford relationship

Henry Ford leaves Edison to start automobile company - HISTORY

edison and henry ford relationship

Mar 1, Their world-changing accomplishments are well known, but the genuine friendship of Thomas Edison and Henry Ford makes for a delightful. Sep 10, Not only did these two brilliant inventors collaborate on many projects together, but they were also the best of friends. Thomas and Henry were. The two inventors remained friends their whole lives.

Thomas Edison had the patent for the incandescent bulb and the phonograph and Henry Ford was responsible for the Model T and the beginning of the assembly line…that was the extent of my knowledge of these two American icons.

Edison and Ford Winter Estates - Wikipedia

By the time I left the Winter Estates, I had a new respect and admiration for these 20th century innovators. The biggest surprise was learning about the relationship between Ford, Edison and Harvey Firestone, the man responsible for our modern tires. It was at the EBRC laboratory that Edison conducted his research for a suitable natural rubber source from a plant that could be grown in the U.

edison and henry ford relationship

The original plant is preserved in the office section of the laboratory. Tamra Bolton You can see a photograph of Edison with the famed goldenrod on a desk in his office, next to the laboratory.

edison and henry ford relationship

Tamra Bolton Edison and his wife, Mina planted many of the plants and trees you see on the estates today. Some of the most photographed trees are the royal palms lining the streets from the estates to downtown Ft. Edison and his wife were instrumental in the planning and planting of the palm-lined avenues in Ft.

The three friends often gave gifts to one another, some simple, others more extravagant. Henry Ford gave Edison a birthday gift of a new Model T and tried to talk his friend into a new model every year after that, but Edison stubbornly refused, only accepting more modern updates to the original car.

Edison and Ford: A Lasting Friendship - The Henry Ford

The first phonographs lacked volume control, so some enterprising person discovered that if you rolled up a sock and stuffed it into the sound tube, it would sufficiently muffle the sound and make it more pleasant. Between andFord and Edison toured the eastern U.

The BFFs were joined by other famous figures, tire-maker Harvey Firestone and essayist John Burroughs, and branded themselves "the Vagabonds" for their cross-country adventures.

Vacay neighbors, at least.

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That year, Ford purchased an estate next to Edison's winter home in Fort Myers, Florida that Edison had purchased in on his first trip to the Sunshine State. Because, apparently, the two couldn't get enough of their adorable kinship.

edison and henry ford relationship

Ford's estate, "The Mangoes," sat adjacent to Edison's "Seminole Lodge," and remains there today for visitors to enjoy. Even now, the estates remain one of the most popular historical attractions in Southwest Florida. The Moonlight garden was designed by Ellen Biddle Shipman. He partnered with Harvey Firestone and his good friend Henry Ford to try to find a rubber tree or plant that could grow quickly in the United States and provide a domestic supply of rubber.

Inthe Edison Botanic Research Corporation laboratory was constructed.

edison and henry ford relationship

It was in Fort Myers, Florida that Mr. Edison would do the majority of his research and planting of his exotic plants and trees. After testing over 17, plant samples, Edison eventually discovered a source in the plant Goldenrod Solidago leavenworthii.

edison and henry ford relationship

Thomas Edison died in and the rubber project was transferred to the United States Department of Agriculture five years later.