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When Ozma met Dorothy, Oz's greatest heroine, she immediately liked her and they became best friends. Dorothy in Ozma of Oz. Dorothy scolding Billina for fighting the rooster. .. Plans include daily lessons, fun activities, essay topics, test/quiz questions, and more. the times - a relationship exemplified by the illustration below from Dorothy and. Ozma of Oz has ratings and reviews. The relationship between Bill( ina) and Dorothy actually annoyed me as it simply added unnecessary petty.

Some people have read Ozma and Dorothy as essentially a couple in the later L. I read a fanfic recently that had Ozma and Dorothy getting married. Dorothy has been paired off with other characters as well. Pretty much all of the characters had children in the non-canonical Oz Kids series, but I believe the only actual couples hinted at were Dorothy and Zeb Hugson and the Scarecrow and the Patchwork Girl.

The Scarecrow and Scraps are also popular candidates for marriage, although some think his relationship with the Tin Woodman is basically marriage in all but name, especially as portrayed in Tin Woodman.

dorothy and ozma

A story by Aaron Adelman gave him a wife made of gold named Cynthia Cynch, after his girlfriend in the Wizard of Oz stage play. And the animated adaptation of Tin Woodman created a Tin Girl for him. Other characters are more or less hinted in text to have eventually become more than friends.

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In Hungry Tiger and Giant Horse, respectively, Betsy Bobbin and Trot become friendly with princes of around their age, but I tend to doubt Thompson intended this as a hint of budding romance. On the other hand, I got the impression that Handy Mandy was somewhat older, and I could see her hooking up with King Kerry of Keretaria. Bringing stage and screen interpretations into the mix complicates things further, as Baum himself was prone to having characters get together in his plays.

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In fact, an Oz book just doesn't seem really Ozzy unless it has an inconsistency or two. Neill, illustrator of most of the Oz books, was no more consistent in his Oz character design than L.

dorothy and ozma relationship test

Frank Baum, Ruth Plumly Thompson, and Neill himself were in their Oz stories--yet another quality that made Neill a perfect illustrator for the Oz books. A case in point is Ozma, the royal and rightful ruler of the Land of Oz. Let's contrast and compare the many different versions of Ozma. We'll just stick to Neill's depictions of Ozma this time.

Another time we'll look at many of the countless other ways Ozma has been portrayed through the years. And remember, you can click on any of these pictures to view a larger version. If you don't know why this little boy is a picture of Ozma, then you don't know the story. Go read Baum's book, then come join us for the rest of this blog. We'll wait for you. Later in the same book, this Neill illustration of Ozma follows Baum's description "of a young girl, fresh and beautiful as a May morning" with "tresses of ruddy gold.

They won't last long. In the very next Oz book, Ozma of OzOzma's hair has become dark, as you can see here in one of the most iconic illustrations Neill drew of the character. Commentators have tried to explain Ozma's sudden change of hair color as Neill contrasting Ozma with his version of Dorothy, who's blond.

But since this book is the first time Neill drew Dorothy, he could have given little Miss Gale any hair color he wanted. So that explanation doesn't hold much water. Here's another of Neill's iconic images of Ozma from Ozma of Oz.

Ozma crossing the Deadly Desert is Dorothy's first glimpse of the girl who would soon become her BFF - that's Best Friend Forever for those of you behind the times - a relationship exemplified by the illustration below from Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz By The Road to Oz their relationship is pretty warm.

How old is Ozma?

dorothy and ozma relationship test

No one can really say, least of all Neill. He drew her sometimes as a child, sometimes as an adult, and sometimes in between - often in the same book. In The Road to Oz Ozma looks decidedly more mature than we've seen her in previous books. Ozma's a bit small in this illustration of her birthday banquet from The Road to Oz. But it's too nice an illustration not to share. This is another of those iconic illustrations that defines the character as much as Baum's text ever did.

The Land of Oz had a telephone system early on, obvious in this illustration from Emerald City. Ozma's more mature again here. There's a reason for that. Neill was never one to throw away an illustration that didn't work for one assignment if he could use it elsewhere. Many illustrations for the Oz books show evidence of being originally intended for other uses, including this one.