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Dec 19, Quizzes and Games History Cut4Cast Corte4. After Phillies-Dodgers trade, Rollins-Amaro duo will live on in Law and Order: SVU a hot-tempered, bilingual detective from Warrants and Narcotics named Nick Amaro. began a romantic relationship after Rollins -- a recovering gambling addict -- relapsed. Nick Amaro Nicolas Amaro is a fictional character on the NBC police procedural drama Law Benson ends up working the case with Detective Amanda Rollins ( Kelli Giddish).[13] he take a paternity test because the woman is claiming he has a son from the relationship. .. Revolvy's Greatest TV Shows Quiz: # -. May 22, “SVU” has always been about the detectives' stories — you hear Benson, Amaro, and Rollins were all on the brink of losing their Amaro was nothing more than a carbon copy of Elliot, with his similar anger management and marriage troubles. . Almost Nobody Aces This s Car Quiz - Can You?.

Christie's Traffic Jam" parody -- pointing out some flaws in real life New Jersey politics, the possibility exists that this episode of Law and Order: SVU may have more truth to it than we'd probably all like to think. The victim The episode starts with two guys walking down an abandoned street, just chewing the fat, until they notice a girl slumped over along the side of the road.

The Major Problem With 'Law & Order: SVU' This Season

She manages to feebly mumble "Help", and initially it appears as though the guys are actually going to help her, but instead one of the guys whispers something about her "nice body" and starts to expose himself. Luckily, a kid wearing custodial attire, sees the guys by the girl and sprints over to try and help her. Just as he does this, NYPD conveniently appear out of nowhere. They're either really good at their jobs or really terrible.

Amaro is still on desk duty, but he wants everyone to know he's not happy about it Before the detectives even get the call, Liv wakes up in the middle of the night to find Amaro grabbing some of his stuff. If you missed last week and have been weirdly shipping -- yeah, I said "shipping" in an SVU recap -- Bemaro or Amson I just made those up -- no, that's not why he's here.

After Amaro shot a kid last week, he had to stay with Liv for a little while. Anyway, Amaro starts babbling about how he's still on desk duty.

Liv suggests that he see someone, but of course, Amaro stubbornly insists that he sees his priest, which is enough. His current goal is to win back his wife, Maria.

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Their conversation is cut short when Liv receives a text notifying her of the case. We check in with the victim The victim says her name is Erin Fogarty. Her clothes were torn and there were signs of assault. The girl is cagey, refusing to talk to police, but she did already do the rape kit. After explaining he was just doing his community service, the custodian kid says that other guy, Tommy, was standing over the girl with his pants down and "thing" out.

After analyzing the rape kit, they find that he may be telling the truth because Tommy's DNA is on her, but Tommy's friend and the community service kid's are not. Eventually, Tommy admits his intention of "seagulling" her, but the rape kit also proves he was not the one who raped her. The victim goes missing The hospital seems to have lost Erin Fogarty.

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The information she left at the hospital leads the detectives to an ice skating rink where they meet the real Erin Fogarty. After seeing a picture of the girl, Erin identifies her as her sister's friend from Maine, Claire Wilson, to whom she gave her old ID when she first moved here so she could get into the bars.

She tells the detectives they might find her at the "steak house" Which is actually a stripclub Perry, the club owner, says he knows the girl although he knows her by Claire who worked as a waitress.

Overall, he's very dismissive. Even after the detectives tell him they have proof she was raped, he still says, "Yeah yeah yeah did she say that? After getting her address from Perry, the detectives find Claire at her apartment.

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As she opens the door, she practically collapses into their arms. Clearly, something is wrong. The victim returns to the hospital Feeling a bit better after getting her stomach pumped, Claire admits to taking sleeping pills claiming she "just wanted to sleep.

In the second half of the season alone, all three major characters experience their largest downfalls yet and each are brought to their absolute lowest. Benson, Amaro, and Rollins were all on the brink of losing their badges this season, with two of them getting investigated by Internal Affairs IAB within the span of four episodes.

In the past, IAB's investigations of the squad have been rare but serious occurrences. This season both Benson and Amaro's cases were amplified and then immediately swept away and forgotten by episodes' end. Beyond this, many of this season's storylines felt tenuous and hollow. Amaro was nothing more than a carbon copy of Elliot, with his similar anger management and marriage troubles.

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As if that drama weren't enough to incite viewers, this season added an even more unexplained and impractical side story of Amaro and Rollins' affair, which was never alluded to before nor resolved after. Season 15 overall was filled with dramatized, haphazard vignettes revolving solely around the detectives' personal lives. In retrospect, those episodes stand out far more than any of the criminal cases, many of which are hardly memorable.

I felt like most of the writers did know, so I was the one in the relationship and yet I didn't even know it. It was a highlight of the season certainly in terms of what went on in that read-through. SVU's Mariska Hargitay and more of this season's MVPs Will the viewers be able to figure out how long this has been going on or get more information about their relationship in the last two episodes of the season? I think that there are breadcrumbs.

Anyone who is interested will be able to pick up those breadcrumbs, but I think that is our writers' way of rewarding the fans who watch the show week in and week out and know what these characters have been going through, to give them some kind of a compass for what is happening behind the scenes. There are potentially huge consequences for colleagues who sleep together. Will we see any of those consequences play out over the rest of the season?

Will anyone in the squad find out? I'll put it this way: It's not a regular run-of-the-mill, 9-to-5 job. It is a squad room full of inquisitive, instinctual detectives who have a nose for things being off. So what is happening behind the scenes may begin to pique certain characters' interests. But at the same time, you're dealing with a former undercover cop and a cop who's been undercover before in Amaro and Rollins, so they're pretty good at hiding as well.

I think that is one of the things that I'm looking forward to in the coming episodes; to really find out whether it is ever revealed. I don't know whether it's ever revealed, but I do know that we have very smart detectives all around us. The smallest slip-up could blow the whole roof off of it. Warren Leight has said that the season finale is a big episode for your character. What can you tease about what Amaro will be going through? In the finale, Amaro stands to lose not only his family, but his career.

And it could happen that quickly and that easily, and it's only his current friends and perhaps some very close friends from the past who he has to rely on to get him out of the situation. So will Laura Benanti return for that episode? Laura Benanti will be in the episode prior, in the penultimate episode. What can you say about Maria and Amaro's dynamic? He's positive and he feels that he is going to be able to bring his family back under the same roof ultimately.

He's resolved to make that happen.