David ruffin and eddie kendricks relationship

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david ruffin and eddie kendricks relationship

Mainstays Eddie Kendricks and Paul Williams left; Damon Harris and The two fell in love and were close to marriage but things came to a harsh end David Ruffin would die from a cocaine overdose in following a tour. Interview with David Ruffin and Eddie Kendricks . to defining exactly what they see themselves as in relationship to the business, they're not exactly in accord!. David Ruffin was a Temptation until last Saturday, when he gave in to one It was Eddie Kendricks, he of the smooth high tenor and creamy falsetto for a relationship between a guardian and a child or mental incompetent.

Eli's parents had moved from Alabama to Mississippi, because of the harsh circumstances of living after the American Civil War. Childhood and adolescence[ edit ] Ruffin's father was strict and at times violently abusive.

david ruffin and eddie kendricks relationship

There, they played at the Fifty Grand Ballroom and Casino. Billed as Little David Bush, Ruffin continued to sing at talent shows, worked with horses at a jockey club and eventually became a member of The Dixie Nightingales.

The year-old Ruffin met and came under the guardianship of Eddie Bush and his wife Dorothy Helen, who took the teenager to Detroit, Michiganwhere his brother Jimmy was pursuing a career in music while simultaneously working at the Ford Motor Company.

These songs were recorded at Vega Records and released under the name "Little David Bush", using the last name of his guardian. Ruffin also worked alongside another ambitious singer, Marvin Gayeas an apprentice at Anna Recordsa Chess -distributed label run by Gordy's sister Gwen Gordy Fuqua and his songwriting partner Billy Davis.

David Ruffin and Eddie Kendricks relationship

Other group members included members of The Originals: At one time, The Voice Masters also included another future Temptations member, Melvin Franklinone of numerous people David would claim as a cousin. His older brother Jimmy went on a Motortown Revue tour with the Temptations, and he told David that they needed someone to sing tenor in their group.

David shared his interest in joining the group with Otis Williams who lived very close to Ruffin in Detroit.

david ruffin and eddie kendricks relationship

In JanuaryRuffin became a member of the Temptations after founding member Elbridge "Al" Bryant was fired from the group. Ruffin's first recording session with the group was January 9, Though both David and Jimmy were considered, David was given the edge, thanks to his performance skills. These were displayed when he joined the Temptations on stage during the label's New Year's Eve party in The Temptations After joining the Temptations, the bespectacled Ruffin initially sang backgrounds while the role of lead singer mostly alternated between Eddie Kendricks and Paul Williams.

He did sing a few lead parts, both on stage and in the studio, during his first year with the group, but his leads on these studio tracks would not be released for over a year, as they were not considered good enough to showcase his vocals.

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However, Smokey Robinsonwho produced and co-wrote most of the Temptations' material at this point, saw Ruffin during this period as a "sleeping giant" in the group with a unique voice that was "mellow" yet "gruff. It became the group's first number-one single in The tall, 6'3", Ruffin's passionate and dramatic performances endeared him to the Temptations' audiences and fans.

According to Otis WilliamsRuffin playfully nicknamed "Ruff" by the group was a natural comedian and a hard-working singer when he first joined the group. Ruffin's most notable non-vocal contribution to the Temptations was the masterminding of their trademark four-headed microphone stand. David Ruffin center with the Temptations Byhowever, difficulties with Ruffin became an issue for the group.

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He became addicted to cocaine and began missing rehearsals and performances. This was followed by the album Feelin' Good. A third album, titled Davidwas recorded in —71, but was shelved by Motown and did not see commercial release until His next official release for Motown did not arrive until when David Ruffin was released. It was also Ruffin's only entry into the UK Charts as a solo artistand was a hit there as well, making it into the Top Ten peaking at 10 in early The single sold over one million copies, and was awarded a gold disc by the R.

While his solo career initially showed promise, Ruffin went into decline, reportedly in part because of his cocaine addiction and the lack of support from Motown.

After leaving Motown inRuffin recorded for Warner Bros. He later signed with RCA Recordsaccompanied by former Temptations colleague Eddie Kendricks, who chose to rekindle their friendship when Kendricks himself started experiencing problems with the Temptations. InRuffin and Eddie Kendricks re-joined the Temptations for the recording of their album Reunion and a tour to promote the album. Strategically placed among all the photographs on the walls were several large framed pictures of Dennis and Aretha.

It was like a shrine to Dennis. Dennis was in a marriage that didn't appear to be a match made in heaven, plus his career was definitely in need of the kind of shot in the arm Aretha could give it. Suddenly, Aretha's personal manager arrived and told me "there's a man calling for you in the hallway, he's buck naked, he's soaking wet and he's screaming for you to get him a razor.

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Eddie suddenly informed me, he wanted to perform for Aretha, get paid and get out. She said, "Honey, this is my house. He do what I say or he can get out! After the performance, Aretha left to watch actor Blair Underwood model men's furs upstairs.

Not much later, after doing the payroll in Dennis's suite, there came a knock at the door.

david ruffin and eddie kendricks relationship

It was Aretha's sister, Erma. I left so they could speak. The next morning, as I sat eating breakfast with Eddie, in walked Dennis Edwards followed by Aretha wearing a fabulous mink coat.

david ruffin and eddie kendricks relationship

She nodded her head regally, and said, "Y'all be sure to come up to the house for brunch," and left. The second Dennis sat down Eddie and I both asked him, "What in the world has happened now?