Danna garcia and mario cimarro relationship problems

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danna garcia and mario cimarro relationship problems

Find Danna Garcia - Telenovela Pasión De Gavilanes 5 DVD Region 2 Danna Garcia, Michael Brown, Mario Cimarro Spanisch Ton One of Telemundo's best telenovela/ Love It. The only problem is the last dvd had no english subtitles. Careers · Blog · About Amazon · Press Center · Investor Relations · Amazon Devices. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. Klauss then starred alongside Michel Brown, Danna García, Paola Rey, Mario Cimarro and Juan In mid , she began a relationship with the entrepreneur, Daniel Garay. Danna García, Mario Cimarro and Michel Brown; Quinceañera () – México. Adela Noriega, Thalía and Ernesto Laguardia; Café con aroma.

His brothers attempt to pull him back.

Pasión de amor (Philippine telenovela)

The tension is mounting. It is love at first site. They both stand motionless, gazing at each other, until finally Gabriela, not noticing the instant connection, orders her daughter into the house. A very memorable scene. She tries to control her feelings. How could she, a rich society girl, a married woman, let herself fall for a lowly construction worker? She finds herself standing on her balcony watching Juan work.

danna garcia and mario cimarro relationship problems

When he catches her eye, she looks away. Juan cannot fight his attraction to Norma, either. How could this happen? If he fell for her, their revenge plans would be foiled! Worse yet, what if she discovered why they were really there in the first place?

But love and lust take over, and soon they have their first kiss. Still Norma is conflicted. In fact, she slaps him! When she sees how he reacts, however, she softens. Soon they are stealing kisses around corners and walls, and finally a hotel room. The above photo shows Juan and Norma after the housekeeper stumbled upon them. They stopped immediately and Norma ran off, terrified of being caught. This was not part of the plan! But by this time it was too late. Everybody was falling for each other.

Are you hooked yet? If not, keep watching. The youngest sister elopes with one of the brothers, and Norma becomes pregnant by Juan and moves in with a friend, planning to marry Juan after she divorces Fernando. This of course frightens the girls because how can they be sure the boys are who they say they are? What if they are killers? What if they never loved them in the first place? What if they are only after their money?

How could they be so dishonest? Can they ever forgive them??? There are other characters and interconnected storylines as well, like the sleazy bar owner and his scantily-clad singer who also loves one of the brothers.

Escenas de Mario Cimarro en la telenovela Sentimientos Ajenos - 11

There is also the evil Dinora who has the hots for Juan and will do anything to get him, including lying, kidnapping and murder. Not to mention the crazy old lady who dies and leaves one of the brothers her fortune so that they all become multi-millionaires. And what about the evil maid and butler? Where do they get off being so mean?? Oh my gosh the suspense is killing me!!! Oh wait, I already know what happens. I also love the interaction between Norma and her sisters.

The original show ran close to hours but the DVD has only 13 chapters. They leave out so much good stuff! Take the clip below from early in the series, for instance, where Norma wanted to cool it with Juan until she figured out what to do about Fernando; none of it was included in the DVD. The plot is interesting and surprising with a lots of action and suspense. In most telenovelas characters are either perfect or very,very bad.

In "Pasion de Gavilanes" there are no such implausible heroes. Each character has both good and bad qualities -there are no ideal persons or monsters. Each of the characters develops and changes throughout the episodes.

Caray, Caray!: Pasión de Gavilanes discussions

There is a CD with the songs available on Amazon. Impressive performance by Lorena Meritano as well-she plays the cruel Dinorah with a style.

danna garcia and mario cimarro relationship problems

So, "Pasion de Gavilanes" is passionate and erotic in a way-but it is also very romantic and touching as love itself Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. If you like the story line ninasua 11 February If you like the comment that Venus said about this show. You can watch it again. You can watch Pasion DE Gavilanes at 1: This show is great and you should watch it even is you don't speak Spanish fluently.

I love this story very much. And I hope you all will like it because it has touched my heart and I know it is going to touch yours. This story is about three brothers who lost their beloved sister when was treat badly my her lover's family. They become angry and seek revenge.

However, they did not find it but they found love. This soap opera is a remake of a soap opera called Las Aguas mansas. I have not watched that soap but hopefully it is as good as this soap.

The background setup is beautiful and so are the characters