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"This effort deepens our working relationship with Disney and is an excellent complement to Hanesbrands and Champion's long-term marketing alliance with LUCAS GRABEEL, CORBIN BLEU and MONIQUE COLEMAN) hit senior year. Lucas Grabeel, Corbin Bleu, Monique Coleman, Vanessa Hudgens, Zac Zac Efron, 28, is recently back on the market after splitting from his. The film promotion is part of a multi-million dollar marketing program Sara Lee point-of-sale materials, public relations, an online presence, movie Year” stars: Corbin Bleu, who plays Chad Danforth; Monique Coleman.

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‘High School Musical’ Stars Relationship Roundup

For more information about Champion for men and women visit www. Champion is a brand of Hanesbrands Inc. About Disney's "High School Musical 3: Amidst a basketball championship, prom and a big spring musical featuring all of the Wildcats, Troy and Gabriella vow to make every moment last as their lifelong college dreams put the future of their relationship in question. They find that they have a connection and decide to exchange numbers before going their separate ways.

On the first day back at school after Christmas break, Troy sees Gabriella in his classroom and she explains that she just moved to Albuquerque, New Mexicoand transferred to East High School over the break. Troy then shows Gabriella around the school. Wanting to eliminate competition, Sharpay investigates the new girl and has the scholastic decathlon captain and Chem Club president, Taylor McKessie Monique Colemanfind out about Gabriella's past academic achievements, which results in her and Gabriella becoming great friends.

During basketball practice, Troy has trouble focusing because his thoughts are on Gabriella and the idea that he might enjoy singing in addition to basketball "Get'cha Head in the Game". When Gabriella finally gains the confidence to step forward once the auditions are unofficially "over", Troy offers to sing with her, but drama teacher Ms. Darbus Alyson Reed tells them that they are too late and leaves. Kelsi Nielsen Olesya Rulinthe musical's composertrips and drops her music all over the stage.

Ms Darbus overhears them and gives them a callback audition. When the callback list is posted, Sharpay discovers that she has competition for the lead in the musical, and the rest of the Wildcats are shocked that Troy has auditioned.

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Since Gabriella has agreed to join the scholastic decathlon team, both Taylor and Chad want their teammates to focus on their upcoming competitions rather than the musical. In the locker room, Troy is tricked by his teammates into saying that Gabriella is not important while she watches through a video conference that the scholastic decathlon team had set up through a hidden webcam in cahoots with the basketballers.

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Gabriella gets extremely upset by his betrayal "When There Was Me and You" and decides not to audition for the musical. Troy is left confused as to why Gabriella did not want to audition anymore and is unable to concentrate on the game. Gabriella is also seen to be in low spirits. Realizing their mistake, Chad and the basketball team tell Troy what happened and offer to support him in callbacks. Troy goes to Gabriella's house and they reconcile.

After overhearing Gabriella and Troy practicing, Sharpay has Ms Darbus change the callback time to coincide with both the basketball championship and the scholastic decathlon to interfere with Gabriella and Troy's participation. Kelsi overhears the conversation and the basketball team and the decathlon team work together to come up with a plan. On the day of the competitions, Taylor and Gabriella use the school's computers to delay the championship game by messing with the power in the gym and causing a chemical reaction that forces an evacuation during the decathlon.

Troy and Gabriella rush to the auditorium while Sharpay and Ryan finish performing their callback song "Bop to the Top"confident that their plan worked. Sharpay Evans was always jealous of Troy and Gabriella's relationship.

Disney Channel Sharpay loved attention, and didn't appreciate people who were also gifted performers. Ashley Tisdale is now an actress, singer, beauty founder, and executive producer. She tied the knot with musician Christopher French in and branched into beauty with the creation of Illuminate Cosmetics in Lucas Grabeel played Sharpay's brother, Ryan Evans.

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Ryan Evans has a great sense of style. Disney Channel He was constantly forced to participate in schemes with his fraternal sister. But Chad gained a newfound sense of respect for Ryan after they danced to a baseball-themed routine in the sequel.