Clark kent and lois lane relationship problems

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clark kent and lois lane relationship problems

For most of their history, Superman and Lois Lane's romance was built right thing and more about resolving his relationship with Lois Lane. Woman begin a romantic relationship in the new issue of Justice League, The The contention that Lois is "still around, but the two have never dated, Tags: dc comics, superman, justice league, lois lane, jim lee, wonder. Warning: SPOILERS through The Man of Steel #2. The second issue of the Superman mini-series The Man of Steel reveals that Lois Lane has.

That romance is established in the pages of Action Comics 1. In the same way Superman always does the right thing and Deadpool always makes the dirtiest joke, this dynamic is fundamental. When it shows up in the most iconic romance in the history of comics, though, I take notice.

The nature of the problem has less to do with love and more to do with how a relationship defines certain characters. There comes a point, though, where it stops being romantic and starts being destructive. Superman kept his identity from her to protect her many years, which created plenty of tension and made for some great moments. I remember that moment. It was an amazing milestone for both romance and comics lore. Towards the end, though, what he does becomes less about doing the right thing and more about resolving his relationship with Lois Lane.

In this story, Superman is tricked into killing both Lois and his unborn child by the Joker. It fundementally breaks Superman.

clark kent and lois lane relationship problems

While it makes for a powerful story, the particulars of that transformation are profound and not in a good way. If she dies, then Superman ceases to be that iconic hero who stands for truth and justice.

Unlike Superman, Lois is human. Under this dynamic, Superman will eventually lose sight of his ideals. This is a hero whose entire appeal is built around him having god-like power, but still doing the right thing.

  • Lois Lane is far more than 'just' Superman's girlfriend
  • Superman and Lois Lane

When the right thing is only ever in the context of saving his girlfriend, then that undercuts both the ideals and the romance itself. It might not be the right thing but its what, inevitably, occurs.

clark kent and lois lane relationship problems

Superman, on the other hand, is a character who is intended to be cherry and optimistic. This means that his relationship with Lois has been really explored and delved into from every angle. Superman in domestic bliss with Lois Lane is his natural state. Lois and Superman, however, have never really turned their back on one another. However, both versions of those characters were quickly exorcised from DC canon.

In current continuity the whole incident, thankfully, never occurred.

Throughout his various adaptations, Batman has received several love interests. With Superman however, his endgame love interest is always Lois Lane.

clark kent and lois lane relationship problems

Batman often can't do what Catwoman wants or needs. Superman, on the other hand, will do whatever Lois wants him to do. It's level of devotion that only mere mortals can imagine. However, most things about Superman are unbelievable.

The Emerging Problem Of Superman And Lois Lane | Jack Fisher's Official Publishing Blog

So his love life should be just as ideal. Catwoman is the classic femme fatale and Batman is the hero caught in her grasp.

clark kent and lois lane relationship problems

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clark kent and lois lane relationship problems

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