City of bones clary and jace relationship

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city of bones clary and jace relationship

In book two, City of Ashes, is when the shit hits the fan! Jace has no trouble telling Clary that he wants a relationship with her, but not as her. One of the most complicated relationships in literature, Jace and Clary are each Silent Brothers, he is asked to spend a night at the cellars in the City of Bones. The first one focuses on Clary and Jace's relationship after Valentine admits It doesn't look like the Silent City. But -- Jace can't keep the secret any longer!.

It's possible that Valentine manipulated him into doing this. We do not trust that guy.

The Mortal Instruments - City of Bones: Jace and Clary's Relationship Showing of 20

Girl, we reacted the same way. Does she look happy or sad? That is some really weird news to get. Jace sees how happy Clary is with Simon and he doesn't want to screw things up between them.

We honestly don't know who we would choose if we were Clary!

city of bones clary and jace relationship

And what about Izzy and Raphael? She ended things with him at the end of Season 2A And from this moment in the trailer, it looks like he is still interested. Maybe they'll realize their relationship was based on more than addiction? Still secretly routing for Raphabelle over here!

The Mortal Instruments and why I’m glad I read the spoilers

Then there's Luke, just hanging out in some dark room So many questions, so little time. Why does he have a weapon? He can literally transform into a Werewolf with claws for hands! Why would he need a knife?

Who is he fighting? The most important thing is that the team is all back together!

And Valentine has been captured! He starts avoiding her and is almost completely closed off, leaving Clary confused and hurt. He, himself, spends time with Simon who notices that Jace is physically showing signs of deep distress. When the cause of the dreams come to light via the Silent Brothers, he is asked to spend a night at the cellars in the City of Bones. While Clary goes away to meet the Shadowhunter team that had arrived at the scene, Jonathan Morgenstern, who was risen by Lilith as a balance to the rebirth of Jace, forces Jace into another kind of possession where they become one.

Jace and Jonathan go missing, and Clary is left at the New York Institute with her friends and family trying to find him. Jace, who can still not stay away from her, comes to Clary in the middle of the night one day and asks her to accompany him. Afterwards, when Clary puts her weight behind it, Jordan Kyle helps Jace deal with his simmering rage that encourages the heavenly fire to get out of control.

jace and clary network

When Jonathan, going as Sebastian, starts attacking Institutes all over the world, the Shadowhunters withdraw inside Idris. Jace and Clary stay by each other, helping each other in this tough time because they both know they understand Sebastian better than the Clave.

At last they decide to visit hell along with the Lightwoods and Simon, where Sebastian is hiding, knowing that the Clave cannot defeat him, and they need to rescue Magnus, Jocelyn, Luke and Raphael. She reiterates to him that she would never wish for another life because this one brought her to Jace. She helps Jace with the heavenly fire, once he loses control of it and purges him of it, enclosing the fire in her shortsword.

city of bones clary and jace relationship

They keep it a secret, and that secret is what helps them to defeat Sebastian at the end. It was, as Simon had thought to himself, a perfect team work.

Jace and Clary grew from bickering at each other to being two perfectly matching puzzle pieces.

city of bones clary and jace relationship

They return to Idris after defeating Sebastian and Jace decides to take up the name Herondale. He teases her by calling her Clary Herondale once, and their story closes with Clary and Jace sitting near the Mortal Mirror, watching the night sky with all of their friends. ByClary seems to be officially known as a Fairchild.