Byakuya and yoruichi relationship problems

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byakuya and yoruichi relationship problems

Byakuya is another character I grew to love, due entirely to the That having been said, the relationship between Byakuya and Yoruichi seems to be the One of the biggest issues I have with Yoruichi's fandom is how blind. She wouldn't have that particular problem if she'd never been adopted, but I I imagine that he'd still send them, even if Byakuya and Rukia weren't .. to kill someone else is a way of starting a relationship with all parties. Yoruichi winked, "I know you and Byakuya have something going on, "Ok but please don't say anything we could get into a lot of trouble and in Rukongai and our first year of school, Renji and I had a relationship, we.

This was an extremely hard decision, she knew the bonds between the sixth and second divisions were strong and especially the family ties they have. To go against it would definitely cause future problems that were much bigger than this arranged marriage. Soifon had to give in. I will accept this proposal for the sake of keeping good relation between the families.

What do you think of the relationship of byakuya and yoruichi? ?

Consider this the last thing I ever do for this family" Soifon calmed down and back to her cold and responsible self. This means a lot. I'll inform the elders and keep you updated with what you have to do later on. Soifon sighed and just thought to herself, she knew that one day something that would put her in an uneasy situation was bound to happen but who would have thought that she would have to marry the Kuchiki Byakuya. She was never close and she never even wanted to be.

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She always detested him because of his arrogant behavior that was full of pride. They barely spoke and when they did, it was strictly professional. Soifon never wanted to associate herself with the Kuchiki head.

Things were about to change. Meanwhile in the Kuchiki household, Byakuya sat down in front of his elders calmly while they explained the marriage situation to him. He too was not too fond of the idea. Who in the world would think that the captain of the second division would be a suitable candidate for this family? You are making a mockery of the Kuchiki clan" he stated calmly, disagreeing with this ridiculous idea.

The elders were extremely insulted and angry by Byakuya's comment and continued to go on. We of course believed that she was less of a suitable candidate than our current offer. And furthermore to bring in another commoner and adopted her as your own sister? Did that not degrade the name and our position enough? Putting aside the previous and current candidates.

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Do you know what situation we're in right now? We have allowed our family to continue on for a long time without an heir. The Kuchiki clan without an heir is a weak and vulnerable. How long would you allow this to continue on. As the Kuchiki head, you should have been more aware of the situation and done something by now.

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What happen to your promise with your parents? Byakuya was not happy with what was said. It was all true but he did not like to be repeated of his wrongdoings. He was in a difficult situation, he knew that this problem would happen soon but he never expected that the one he was to marry was Soifon. I should be able to choose my own bride. Soifon is most definitely not suitable and I highly doubt she would agree. Soifon is the best candidate we assure you and she has already agreed.

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You know very well about our ties with the second division and the Shihoin family. This is a great opportunity to strengthen our clan and relationship with them. To think that you allowed that stupid cat women to interfere with this, the Kuchiki clan has definitely fallen low.

byakuya and yoruichi relationship problems

Just remember, you can do ask you like now but don't think that I will cooperate easily with everything. He was furious and Yoruichi, especially Soifon for agreeing. Why would he do that? And for some reason this seems very sad. Byakuya would not swear any oaths. And since Byakuya did not go against his clan rules by adopting another peasant into his household, he would not feel morally obligated to swear any mutually exclusive oaths.

Father…Mother…I adopted a puppy today. And that is really all the news I have. Rukia would finish soul reaper school. Rukia was pulled out of soul reaper school early, thanks to Byakuya adopting her. Which was very sad for both of them, and seemed to give Renji some major anger problems. Peasant solidarity, and all of that. So, um, where are you living after graduation, Rukia?

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Or we could rent an apartment together! It would be like a sitcom! Rukia would obtain a seated officer position much more quickly. So with no Byakuya, Rukia would undoubtedly have gotten a seated officer position much more quickly. Over my dead body, Rukia! Why are you looking at me like that? Kaien would affect her for different reasons. Kaien made a huge impression on Rukia because he treated her like a normal subordinate, not like a freakish combination of peasant and noble. I will make you mine, you spiky-haired god.

Did I say that out loud?

byakuya and yoruichi relationship problems

Byakuya would wonder why there was a woman who looked just like his wife.