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How did son of Jerry Lawler Brian Christopher die? Dead at 46

Jul 30, This article includes details on which former World Champion Christopher regularly travelled with, what his relationship was like with Scotty and. Jul 29, Christopher, whose real name is Brian Lawler, had a sometimes rocky relationship with his father Jerry Lawler. The elder Lawler was one of the. Jul 30, Former professional wrestler Brian Christopher Lawler, the son of WWE legend Jerry “The King” Lawler, has died after attempting to hang.

Often a running joke was that someone usually a commentator would mention their relationship, which led to both of them adamantly denying that they were related.

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Their tag team was renamed Too Cooland they were later joined by Rikishi. The trio's run ended in late when Rikishi was revealed as the man behind the wheel of the car that hit Stone Cold Steve Austin at Survivor Series. Shortly after, Rikishi turned on his teammates.

While Scotty was sidelined in with a broken ankle, Lawler formed a short-lived tag team with Steve Blackman and was later released from the company for illegally conveying drugs across the Canada—United States border. In AprilLawler wrestled in a fatal-four-way match for the championship at a house show but lost to Nathan JonesScott Steiner and Jarrett. They were involved in a rivalry with Dusty Rhodes and harassed him with a replica of the NWA World Title belt that he wore when he was champion.

He only appeared in four matches: Prior to his release, Lawler was scheduled to take part in a Battle Royal for the number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship, but he was replaced by Maven.

Former-WWE Star Brian 'Grandmaster Sexay' Christopher Has Died

Christopher usually worked with his teammates Rikishi and Scotty 2 Hotty, making several reunions of Too Cool. She also held the Intercontinental Championship on two occasions. She used this technique in as well to defeat Eve and win the Divas Championship. She is half Mexican and half Italian and starred in an E!

They recently completed a tour in US and UK to visit expos, conventions and exhibitions to meet their fans. She graduated with a degree in criminal justice and was forced to take time off to fix her mandible after a match with WWE Diva Victoria. This Diva has fiery red hair, is from Dublin, Ireland, and trained in wrestling at the age of This Diva hails from Florida, starred on the E!

Question 12 This former Diva was a backstage interviewer for SmackDown.

10 Things You Didn't Know About Brian Christopher

Question 13 This Diva was an avid video gamer who made a debut on SmackDown in Inshe took a break from wrestling to be with her seven-year old daughter. Get Me Out of Here! At the point that she joined WWE, the opportunities for female wrestlers were regressive and quite different from what exists today. This Diva was dating Alex Rodriguez, the Yankees player, from to and is currently promoting a fitness brand.

She is of Lithuanian origin. She also competed with Alicia Fox in SmackDown. She was a three-time Knockout Champion and even a competitor on the Amazing Race. She previously worked on Impact Wrestling in and announced her exit when she was around five months pregnant. Post the announcements of the results, this Diva confronted the winner and participated in 'Taboo Tuesday'. The title was later lost to Beth Phoenix at 'No Mercy'.

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She was a part of WWE until Question 20 She is the daughter of a time World Champion. She held the title four times after this, had 16 pay-per-views and became one of the first women to event a pay-per-view where she wrestled WWE Diva Sasha Banks. She was friends with Michelle McCool on the show who helped her work on individual matches. This Diva was a ring announcer until and recently delivered quadruplets in January The year-old WWE Diva tweeted that her surgery went well and she delivered three boys and one girl in a high-risk pregnancy after documenting her journey through the pregnancy for her fans.