Blood brothers mr and mrs lyons relationship quotes

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blood brothers mr and mrs lyons relationship quotes

Start studying Blood Brothers: Mrs Lyons Key Quotes. By repeating that Edward is her son, she is reassuring this in her mind - she is irrationally scared that. Revise and learn about the characters in Willy Russell's Blood Brothers. As Edward grows up, Mrs Lyons is overprotective and jealous. She gives her son very. productions, Blood Brothers has not been altered by the adaptation process, as it was written as a musical by Russell. We also witness the turbulent relationship of Mrs Johnstone and Mrs Lyons, and here . friendship? Quotations: Edward.

After she has taken the child and Mr Lyons has returned home - believing Edward to be his son, she fires Mrs Johnstone as she is scared about her becoming close to the baby. As Edward grows up, Mrs Lyons is overprotective and jealous. She gives her son very little freedom and becomes paranoid when she learns that he is spending time with his biological family.

This actually leads to Edward becoming more distant from her, as he finds her suffocating.

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Finally, Mrs Lyons is the person who reveals to Mickey that Edward and Linda are involved in a romance, pointing them out to him. Lonely How is Mrs Lyons like this? Mrs Lyons quickly reveals to Mrs Johnstone that she is unhappy and isolated due to her husband being absent and them being unable to have children.

Evidence It's a pretty house, isn't it? It's a pity it's so big. I'm finding it rather large at present. We bought such a large house for the - for the children - we thought children would come along. Analysis Mrs Lyons tells Mrs Johnstone this very soon after they meet, suggesting that she is in need of someone to talk to.

When Edward makes mistakes the consequences are never as serious — think about the scene with the Policeman. This is shown in the scene when Edward comes back from University — how? How do we feel about Edward at this point? Does this make us sympathise with him or Mickey?

Where else is her protectiveness shown? She is always shown as the one in control of the relationship with Mickey, the confident one.

Her ability with the air pistol could represent this.


How does Linda react towards Mickey going to prison and his medication? Do we sympathise with her or not? How do you feel about what she does? How do you think the writer wants us to feel? Look at the opening song or the song he sings when the children age from 14 to He is sometimes seen as a devil like character, tempting the characters in the play or pushing them into doing the wrong things — can you think of examples of this?

blood brothers mr and mrs lyons relationship quotes

Does the way he plays some of the other roles support this? He definitely highlights key moments, ideas and themes in the play.

blood brothers mr and mrs lyons relationship quotes

Look at two or three key moments such as the pact between Mrs L and Mrs J or the moment Edward and Mickey become blood brothers and look at how his words might affect the audience. How would you suggest the lines of the narrator be played? How is it present in each of the following: How does the violence increase throughout the play?

What does the play suggest about inequality and violence?

blood brothers mr and mrs lyons relationship quotes

How far do the lives of Mickey and Edward show this? Try to find three examples.

Blood Brothers key quotations

We can also compare the lives of Mrs Lyons and Mrs Johnstone. Think about similarities and differences between their lives. Does the class they belong to effect their choices and the things that happen to them?

blood brothers mr and mrs lyons relationship quotes

What stereotypes of women are shown in the play? Think about how she is shown to be strong.