Black widow and hulk relationship

Hulk and Black Widow's bizarre relationship

black widow and hulk relationship

The newest Marvel film, The Avengers: Age of Ultron, is throwing fans a serious curveball with the Hulk and Black Widow relationship. There have been many inter-teammate relationships all throughout the Marvel comics, but Black Widow/Natasha Romanoff and Hulk/Bruce Banner never. The MCU's Black Widow and Hulk relationship is worse than forced - it's dangerous and disrespectful to women. With 's Avengers: Age of Ultron, writer/director Joss Whedon surprised fans by pairing Natasha Romanoff, a.k.a. the Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) with.

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The Avengers: 15 Crazy Secrets About Black Widow And The Hulk’s Relationship

On the other hand, in the newer Avengers Assemble cartoon, the two share a trusting relationship. The two work together when the other Avengers are exposed to Gamma Radiation and Hulk out.

By the episode's end, Hulk entrusts the device to Black Widow. In other episodes they share time together, with Hulk asking about Black Widow's past.

black widow and hulk relationship

While not the romance of the MCU, it is interesting to see another take on the heroes who share troubled histories. The relationship caused a big stir among fans, with Joe Russo recently saying "I know it seems to be a generally unpopular choice. You know, you can't win them all. In her previous outings, like Captain America: The Winter Solider, Widow's fighting and espionage skills were front and center.

While she did a fair bit of those in Age of Ultron, some writers were concerned about the romanticized role Widow plays in managing The Hulk's anger. Others focused on the somewhat stereotypical backstory of frustrated maternal instincts.

Most agreed, though, that the film didn't develop the reasons for their love in enough detail. The relationship was also seen in a broader context of controversy about female superheroes at the time. Jeremy Renner and Chris Evans made some very off-color comments about Black Widow's romantic connections during the press tour and, at the same time, news broke of a leaked email conversation that was critical of female-led superhero films between Sony's Michael Lynton and Marvel Entertainment Chief Executive Ike Perlmutter.

Bizarre things about Hulk and Black Widow's relationship

Scarlett Johansson came on the show to create a trailer for a parody Black Widow movie. This was no average superhero flick, though, as their trailer was for a stereotypical rom-com. It even included a little dig at Widow's short-lived and misguided job in the comics as a fashion designer. While their typical romcom meet-cute played Romanoff against the robotic villain Ultron, the closing moments of the sketch bring Johansson's Black Widow together with a comically created Hulk.

The sketch is not only funny, but it highlights the importance of solid female-led superhero offerings. The MCU isn't only popular with guys and the huge successes of Wonder Woman and Black Panther have show that diverse movies are doing incredibly well in the superhero genre. Rumours still fly about a real Black Widow solo movie, which apparently has been interviewing for a female director. With Red Sparrow, a movie about a Russian spy played by Jennifer Lawrence, fans of Black Widow are still hoping we'll see Johansson take her own spy out in a solo adventure.

Getting "physical" with Ross, he soon learns, doesn't seem to be an option while he's sharing time and space with the Other Guy. Now, it's possible that's changed.

black widow and hulk relationship

But that control is far from perfect. Considering all that, how could Black Widow or Banner consider risking it? While his wife and kids were there!

That could, at the very least, get her kicked off Hawkeye's holiday card mailing list. Banner is a liability Black Widow is a professional assassin, an expert at hiding in plain sight.

Dissecting the Black Widow/Hulk relationship in 'Age of Ultron'

If you were on the run, if you needed to get off the grid, Natasha Romanoff would be a good friend to have. For their dreamed-of love affair to work, they would have to hide themselves and remain hidden, while remaining ready to drop everything and run at any given moment. Could Black Widow live that way? But how could she live that way with Bruce Banner?

They would need to keep a low profile. They would need to go unnoticed and keep cool heads. How could a guy who changes into a giant green monster whenever he gets too upset keep a low profile?

Dissecting the Black Widow/Hulk relationship in 'Age of Ultron' |

How could he go unnoticed? How could Bruce Banner ever be anything to Natasha Romanoff but a cinder block chained to her ankle? What did Nick see? At the end of Avengers: His answer is a little vague, but he implies that he saw the potential. He tells her, "You never know.

You hope for the best. More important than what he saw is the question of why he would act on it. How would Fury benefit from Banner and Romanoff getting romantically entangled? Did he think it would help keep Banner in the fold; that without Romanoff to anchor him, Banner's departure from the Avengers was inevitable?

Did he hope for Romanoff to be a failsafe — an easy way to take out Banner if he needed to?


We may never know. But we do know he did it for a reason. Nick Fury is calculating, and the idea of manipulating both a master assassin and a man who occasionally turns into a green monster is inherently dangerous.

He wouldn't do it if he didn't think it was important, or because he thought playing matchmaker was fun. The Hulk's departure at the end of Age of Ultron wasn't exactly a mystery, though the question of why he did it was never precisely answered either. There were plenty of reasons for him to go. Whatever his reason was, at the time it seemed unselfish.