Bipasha and karan singh grover relationship marketing

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bipasha and karan singh grover relationship marketing

Love story of Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover. After a lot of speculation, the two finally released a statement not only accepting their relationship, but. Before dating Karan, Bipasha was in a relationship with actor Harman Baweja. Bipasha Basu with Karan Singh Grover (Image: Instagram). Bollywood News – Here's what Karan Singh Grover has to say about his divorce and affair Bipasha Basu. For more details visit India TV News.

All these different colours represent something. The third one is a master science. It could be as ancient as it could be.

bipasha and karan singh grover relationship marketing

It could be something new that may come in my head instantly though. I also write songs and sing them as well.

Karan Singh Grover

Needless to say that whenever I am not in front of the cameras I do not miss it…but enjoy my hobbies…painting, singing and lyrics writing. The way this intriguing tale has been presented not in a very serious manner though, will allure the audiences. The small incidents that we go through this life will touch the emotions of one and all.

bipasha and karan singh grover relationship marketing

I too was moved by those incidents and became a part of this film. There is only one God just the same that I had from the beginning of my life. People may call him with different names. I've taken home two friendships from the sets of Alone, Karan and my director Bhushan Patel. Karan, Bhushan and I do a lot of nights outs together.

Luckily, we aren't photographed every time we step out.

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Bhushan's place in my social circle is not talked about. Alone looks like a very sexy film? It's exciting and inviting and enticing. I saw the rough cut of the film without the special effects and it scared the hell out of me. It's an emotionally intense triangular love story among two women and one man. The twist in the tale is that one of the two women is dead. Happy with the results? I must say I got scared seeing myself on screen.

And mind you,there were no special effects. I still got scared. Alone has released along with a bunch of other films. Is that a good strategy?

bipasha and karan singh grover relationship marketing

The buzz about our film is positive. And really, we can't get a clear window in today's day and age. So just believe in your film and go right ahead and release it.

I have understood value for love and home sharing my life with Bipasha, says Karan

By the end ofBipasha and Harman had parted ways. And, after 10 months, their marriage fell apart. After his divorce from Shraddha, Karan and Nicole were alleged to be in a relationship for a while. And on April 9,Karan and Jennifer tied the knot. Another fatal love story As drew to an end, Karan and Jennifer parted ways as well. The decision has been mutually agreed upon and the reasons are too personal to share. What happens between only two people know. Though the two never admitted their relationship publicly before their wedding announcement in Apriltheir alleged closeness always kept them in news.

Reports claimed that Bipasha had planned the trip as a surprise for Karan. Karan and Bipasha certainly share love for one thing — travelling. Their social media feeds have been flooded with photos of them travelling somewhere every now and then.

bipasha and karan singh grover relationship marketing

From Goa to unnamed rain-forests to Maldives, the couple certainly made the best of their time by travelling. What was just to be an enactment of their ad for a condom brand, turned out to be something else. Even though the two kept denying their relationship, when Karan wished Happy Diwali through his Instagram, it was the image that set tongues wagging.