Billy beane and paul depodesta relationship

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billy beane and paul depodesta relationship

Brad Pitt as Billy Beane and Jonah Hill as Paul DePodesta's counterpart in The β terms called regression coefficients refer to the relationship. Owner Jimmy Haslam has brought in Paul DePodesta, a baseball Former Billy Beane assistant inspired Jonah Hill's character in movie. There's a scene in “Moneyball” in which outfielder David Justice, freshly arrived from the stately New York Yankees, pounds a locker room.

We track the six-year journey of the screenplay. Add to that the fact that baseball films are generally duds at the box office, with little if any international appeal, and you had a Hollywood heat index that was tepid at best.

billy beane and paul depodesta relationship

The rules for such films are a lot more slippery than those for the books that inspired them. Of course, directors, actors, and studio execs want a good relationship with the subjects of the stories they dramatize, if only to avoid libel and to honor any contracts with the subjects—and also so they can rely on them to promote the movie once it comes out.

We want movies to seduce us, to make us fall in love with the characters and their stories. Starting inthe evolution of the screenplay proceeded in typical Hollywood fashion: One writer after another was brought in to either polish or rewrite it entirely. In the movie business, writers tend to be treated the way the Pony Express treated horses: Ride them until they drop, and then get another, who might make the movie funnier, sexier, more exciting, or just plain better.

Putting Data to Work: Lessons from "Moneyball" (Paul DePodesta)

Leaking scripts is common in Hollywood, but none of these was slipped to me. This is not the type of question Hollywood decision-makers tend to ask.

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Chervin belongs to a literary species unique to Hollywood. In the spirit of full disclosure: I went to school with Chervin at UC Berkeley.

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A talented writer, he has made a good living penning numerous scripts over the course of two decades, and his particular knack for developing and pitching material was exactly what was needed to get Moneyball rolling. Yet the movie will be his first actual credit. Beane rebuilding his relationship with his estranged teenage daughter, which would function as a personal-life mirror of his move from failure to redemption in his professional life.

Chervin admitted he made it up and explained to me his deeper purpose: Other writers were brought in, director David Frankel of The Devil Wears Prada fame was attached, and Chervin was brought back for yet another draft. At this point he made perhaps his most valuable contribution to the project: What he wrote was good enough to interest Brad Pitt in playing Billy Beane.

Article Continued Below True: Beane did hire a former Cleveland Indians employee who had graduated cum laude with an economics degree from Harvard.

In reality, he was Paul DePodesta, a self-assured former college athlete.

Linear Regression: Moneyball — Part 1 – Towards Data Science

In the movie, DePodesta is re-imagined for legal reasons as Peter Brand, played by Jonah Hill as a jittery misfit with an economics degree from Yale.

Beane was heavily influenced by baseball writer Bill James, whose evocative analysis helped fans see baseball in a whole new light, despite being met with resistance by the baseball establishment. While the movie suggests he was a new acquisition to replace his brother, Jason, Jeremy Giambi already was with the team. Beane and Washington did not show up unannounced on his doorstep to make their pitch. Drawing from these conclusions, Beane realized that players who scored high on these overlooked statistics were probably undervalued by the bidding market.

The legend of Billy Beane

Despite pushback from baseball scouts, Beane pulled the trigger on his radical new strategy for acquiring players. Beane bet big time on analytics and his efforts paid off.

billy beane and paul depodesta relationship

The team became the first team in over years of American League baseball to win 20 consecutive games. The Billy Beane story is one of the best-known data analytics case studies. Since the stodgy MLB machine woke up to the power of statistics, the science of player evaluation and recruiting has changed drastically.