Balsa and chagum relationship

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balsa and chagum relationship

Balsa had never had a family, and Chagum lived in certain formal standards that This results in an awkward start to their relationship. The first. He and Chagum have a close relationship, spending time together in the which almost jeopardizes Balsa's efforts to learn how to save Chagum and the Water. More then a year has passed since Chagum and Balsa said farewell, to explore their relationship further and I didn't want to wait ten years for.

balsa and chagum relationship

T - French - Family - Chapters: The Mikado decides to recruit another warrior to add to his secret elite warriors. Who is this new warrior. T - English - Adventure - Chapters: Balsa and Tanda created a major event in the past, one night, that has affected and changed the whole course of the story.

How characters would react if this child was also present in the storyline?

balsa and chagum relationship

K - Spanish - Angst - Chapters: Then a familiar wail broke the silence, and both parents looked towards the bedroom. Except this time it's you who's waiting.

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Balsa starts to realize why it's tearing her up inside. Rated T to be safe. One-Shot under the perspective of two characters that we particularly like.

Tanda X Balsa, Oc. Both versions, English Ch. Also Karuna's seven year old younger sister. One-Shot about the deep link and the love she feels with her only one niece, Balsa. K - English - Fantasy - Chapters: Chagum had a new baby sister, his family only a month after the birth of Chagum's sister his entire family except for him and his sister was assassinated. An important element to their relationship is that Chagum has seen Balsa in a weak place.

In the first couple episodes, Balsa has to fight some dangerous men to protect Balsa. She gets heavily wounded and it comes down to Chagum to save her.

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This is where they turn into partners creating a stronger sense of family. Balsa will protect Chagum if Chagum can protect Balsa from death.

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This prevents Chagum from idolizing Balsa as some sort of immortal goddess. He sees that even powerful people can suffer and their little family becomes more realistic. Somehow, like in all anime Balsa finds the strength within herself to protect Chagum in the end.

Although he knew that Balsa was strong and powerful, Chagum had no guarantee that Balsa would win every fight. He had to put his trust in someone human who could easily fail him. Even if the odds are high, he has no guarantee. There is someone however who does promise to protect us and who will never fail. We try and work in our own strength, mentally, physically, and emotionally, but we will always fail.

balsa and chagum relationship

Our own power cannot bring ourselves fulfillment. However God tells us that we can and should lean on him. The Lord is our real father.

balsa and chagum relationship

When it comes to the creator of the universe, you are guaranteed that he will always overcome evil. This gives out human minds unbelievable peace.