Aoshi and misao relationship test

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aoshi and misao relationship test

In one of the final shorts, Aoshi and Misao are not stated as a couple, but I really wanna know what their relationship is during Yahiko no. The chapters of the Rurouni Kenshin were written and illustrated by Nobuhiro Watsuki. The first .. Misao in her turn is upset to discover that all her friends are dead and Aoshi has had . "Put to the Test (Boy)" (闘う少年, "Tatakau Shōnen"); Act .. showing how he met Tomoe, and both started a romantic relationship . Otaku · Dibujo · Misao x Aoshi Kenshin Anime, Rurouni Kenshin, Samurai, Fangirl, Otaku, Dibujo. Visit .. Love how this picture incapsulates the whole relationship between Kenshin and Seijuro Hiko .. Nơi Trả Test Lọc Mem - Friendly Team.

My way to repent the sins is to let go of the happiness.

Shinomori Aoshi

However tempting it may seem. Aoshi-sama," An illusion of Misao's voice carried to his eyes. He ignored the soft calling and continued his seeking of peace when a whiff of Misao's cherry blossom scent and the incessant tapping of a delicate finger on his shoulder made him realized that the girl with big ocean blue eyes were of no image conjured by his mind.

The younger girl beamed a cheerful smile and sat in front of him.

aoshi and misao relationship test

I have brought your bento along," Misao set out the packed lunch in a more presentable array. A delicious smell filled the dull meditating room.

aoshi and misao relationship test

Eying at the different variety of side dishes and appetizers available, the usually quiet man's left eyebrow raised in an unspoken question. Misao blushed at the great amount of dishes laid out. Go on, try it. I am sure you will like it. Misao sat and observed her previous guardian to take a small morsel of every dish accompanied with a few mouthful of rice.

The rice was soon finished and Aoshi nodded in approval. A gleam lit up the sea blue eyes as Misao clasped her hands together. The unexpected compliment gave the onmitsu onna no ko a brand new hope of her Aoshi-sama's recovery.

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Silently, she prayed to the Kami-sama above that he would return to the person she adored before he left with Haanya-kun dachi.

The silence returned but there is an air of quiet acceptance when Misao drew up her legs to close her eyes and enjoy the peace offered. Candles flickled as she watched the ex-okashiira returned to his meditation.

aoshi and misao relationship test

Time slipped by and the ancient bell outside the shrine rang. The signal that the session had come to an end was enough to see Misao jumped up. Let's go home together. Am I truly back yet? Heavy downpour greeted upon them and a strong gust of wind, was discouraging to any travellers that night. The door was once again slid shut to block out any further raindrops blown into the temple. Misao nervously wrung her small hands. However, the person in question turned to seek out one elderly monk and spoke in low volume.

The old man nodded occasionally and glanced her way once or twice. Obviously the kind-hearted host arranged temporary accommodation when beckoned both of them to show them a unused room. Misao watched in great puzzlement as the monk shook out dust from two futons and bedding. A few more words were exchanged when the old man and Aoshi both bowed politely before the former took his leave.

Misao finally got a clue when Aoshi spoke softly, "We'll be resting here for tonight. She thanked the heavens for such a rare opportunity. To further clarify, Misao timidly asked, "Wouldn't it be improper? Well, me friend and I wondered about this guy a great deal. So ensued these little interview attempts to figure out that question: Just who is this Fuji? Hope I survive the attempts What would you do?

aoshi and misao relationship test

Find out how Kaoru reacted in this situation. I know it has been a long time The angst level has dropped as I'm feeling rather cheerful recently. Do read and review!!!

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Misao stars as a bumbling defective Kenshin was never the Battousai, his name is Shinta. Kaoru and Shinta are getting married but something happens that sets Kaoru off on a journey, 10 years later she meets the Battousai. Kenshin is a rancher seeking a wife. When she responded to his ad, Kenshin had no idea that he could lose his heart to a mail order bride! He meets up an old friend to hear some startling news. How much can ten years really change things?

Kenshin and Sano are sent to a modern day tokyo. There, they encounter the villian Desdemona who is seeking revenge against kenshin.

aoshi and misao relationship test

However there is also the Chimera a Creaure of legend mysterious and unknown. K - English - Adventure - Chapters: