Anthy and akio relationship questions

Revolutionary Confessions

anthy and akio relationship questions

In the end, Utena still knew very little of how much Anthy had been pulling the strings. I imagine their relationship is gonna have to go through a lot before but try for a second to talk about Akio's motivations, reasons and complexity and. Akio needs Anthy as a tool to seduce duelists into the games, real girls in abusive relationships, I think she could be an extremely relatable character If you'd like to contact me, have questions, or anything at all, feel free to. I think it's not to big a stretch how this too, is cruelty by Anthy – flaunting a kind of relationship she had with her brother that Nanami doesn't.

In the penultimate episode Anthy, who has been manipulated into believing she doesn't deserve to be free betrays Utena, literally stabbing her in the back.

Akio Ohtori

In the final episode, Anthy falsely claims that although Utena reminds her of Prince Dios when she loved him, Utena is a girl and thus incapable of ever being her prince. Still, she hesitates to give the sword to End of the World. Akio notes that she must feel guilty for hurting her friend and claims to feel Anthy's pain and love her. Utena continues fighting for Anthy, until a coffin containing Anthy's true self appears. Tears falling down her face, Anthy tries to take Utena's hand and appears to fall to her death.

In the end, Anthy walks down a hall unharmed as people talk about Utena. In the chairman's office, Akio tells Anthy he's restarted the rules of the Rose Crest. She takes off her glasses and tells him she's leaving to find Utena. In a voice-over, she swears to find Utena, telling her to wait for her. After the ending credits, a photograph of Utena and Anthy together is shown with Akio cropped out.

In a voice-over, we hear a conversation between Anthy and Utena. The final image of the series is a close up of Anthy and Utena's clasped hands from the photo. Movie Edit Anthy is first seen in the movie while tending to her roses when Utena mistakenly happens upon the garden.

She easily opens up to Utena, telling her that the chairman is her brother, and that this allows her special perks at the academy, including being one of the few allowed into the rose gardens. Anthy is clearly aware of the duels and what Utena's ring means, whereas Utena herself is oblivious.

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Anthy also has a tendency to assume that Utena is more aware about the duels than she actually is, and expresses shock when she learns that Utena is totally unaware of how the duels work. Instead of being enraged, or acting weirded out as someone pointed out Nanami showed a much more realistic reaction Utena is all like, "Hay, wanna go on a date with me?

Since we're relating this to real life experiences, ok, imagine walking in on a child molester, actually SEEING the fondling or whatever like in the movie Devil's Advocate - the creepy pervs hands moving under the deskyou make full-out eye contact with the child in question - then the next day, YOU, who are in a position of authority over that person Utena was the engaged who Anthy had to obey, even if she rejected it totally ignore this scene!

Act like it didn't happen! And, the final crushing blow, even suggest taking the molester out on a date, where they might have another little "treat" in store! Much like, I've heard, some mom's in real life, can sense child abuse is going on, but they don't want to believe it My mom was molested and she told me that everyone knew, but no one wanted to say anything because except for that tiny detail - they had the perfect family life.

ALSO, my mom was the oldest of seven younger brothers and sisters. She mom would play this game, with her own molester, literally tempting him away from the younger children in an effort to protect them from his evilness.

When the story finally did reach it's peak, my mother's mom - rather than leave the husband - attempted therapy! The stupid therapist that they went to actually tried to say that it was my mother's fault, being that a teenage girl should not walk around in a towel in front of a middle-aged man.

Anthy Himemiya

I say that people with do anything to protect the family unit - no matter how fucked up it is. You all remember when Anthy smiled and said "I hope things never change between us three.

But I definitely think that Anthy was being abused the entire time No, I don't believe that - but her eyes do look lifeless, and her body seems sedated. She's not wriggling around, or moaning, or showing any signs of pleasure And even if she were experiencing orgasm - well, as sick as it is to think about, I'm sure some child molesters actually get the kids off. Power is a wonderful concept. Power is a controlling force.

anthy and akio relationship questions

The car is a representation of his power. Wikipedia documents pertinent observations emphasis mine: After being expelled from the Academy for injuring Touga, Saionji is given permission to return to Ohtori, and he challenges Utena for another rematch.

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During the fight, Utena discovers that an even stronger sword than the sword of Dios can be pulled by Anthy from her body, and she uses it to defeat him once and for all.

After that, Akio appears before Touga and takes him into his car to an unknown place he calls the End of the World. After that the duo starts to take each one of the remaining Student Council members to that place. It is implied that the victor of the duel will be determined by how strong a bond exists between the duelist and the bride: But even with their newfound strength, they lose their duels against her.

anthy and akio relationship questions

I have never seen anything this sexy in anime. I can easily imagine some kind of sexytime is going on in the back seat. The different seductions culminate in the seduction of Utena herself. The counterpoint to the seductions performed by, and enabled by Akio are the manipulations made by Himemiya Anthy.

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