Andy mcnally and nick collins relationship test

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Meet Andy McNally, who is empathetic (almost to a. Swarek, and in the last three episodes of season 2, Andy and Sam enter a relationship. she can trust Sam, Andy leaves on an undercover mission with Nick Collins, leaving Sam sitting at. We have seen the key protagonists –Andy McNally (Missy Peregrym), Dov Chris Diaz (Travis Milne), Nick Collins (Peter Mooney), Chloe Price (Priscillla Some relationships don't survive it, à la Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran. Creator Tassie Cameron is really putting this couple to the ultimate test. Rookie Blue 4×11 Focus Review: Who's Best for Andy McNally, Sam or happy about the Andy and Nick Collins (Peter Mooney) relationship.

From his seat on the corner of his desk, Oliver Shaw nudged his fellow officer.

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He had been watching the exchange between McNally and Collins with a sense of unease and awe. They had been partnered the last year since Sam had rushed into a UC job to escape the repercussions of Jerry's death and his break up with McNally. While everyone, or at least it had seemed at the time, had told Sam to deal with his feelings to save his relationship with McNally, he'd refused and jumped head first into a long term UC, deciding not to stick around after McNally and Collins had agreed to Callaghan's task force.

For her part though, McNally had been defiant since her return. She wore her hurt in her eyes, but it mellowed her out a bit, made her pay attention to the details around her a bit more. Knowing that Sam had left, she stopped looking about the room during parade and put her entire focus into her work. She had a single minded focus on the job as the walls went up. Shaw had commented more then once that she was like Sam in many ways when she didn't want to acknowledge that she might actually need someone.

andy mcnally and nick collins relationship test

And so they had watched her carefully, all of her former TO's, even Frank. Hell even Callaghan had decided to stick around and watch her back as she grieved for the loss of her relationship with Sam Swarek. But gradually they saw the hurt become better hidden, and while she never allowed any of them to get too close, she had allowed Collins inside the walls a bit.

She was comfortable with him in a way that was unexplainable to the rest of the division. In a way they knew Sam wouldn't care for and it made everyone else uneasy. They had been partners for the better part of a year and it seemed to be an effortless partnership. The division held a collective breathe the first few weeks Sam had been gone and the newly minted duo returned to normal duty. They all silently prayed for Collins. Andy McNally had a knack for finding her way into dangerous situations and they all hoped fervently that Collins had her back in fear of what Swarek may do if anything happened to her in his absence.

But gradually, the anxiety for Collins was replaced by an awe in the easiness of their playful banter and high arrest rates. They never quite got as high as Andy and Sam's but it was good. They were all older than Sam by a year or two but that never seemed to matter.

Before they walked in they were joined by Donovan Boyd. He was in their class and pretty much kept to himself. As soon as they walked in they were grabbed and shoved over to the bar. They heard Boyko's voice boom over the crowd. Each letting out a groan. You have the right to shut up! You have the right to remain calm! You have the right to get out of these cuffs any way you know how!

First rookie out of their handcuffs drinks for free, everyone else PAYS! Now Andy knew the significance of the handcuff key Sam had given her before they left.

As soon as they were let go Sam quickly made his way to Andy. He leaned in like he was kissing her neck and Andy quickly relieved him of the cuffs. Sam watched as the others fought to find a way. He quickly made his way to the bar and slammed the cuffs down then threw his hands in the air. Boyko smiled and yelled.

Sam did very little talking about his life. Andy was the only exception and his friends knew their relationship was ridiculously strong.

The conversations flowed pretty well. Jerry was very entertaining. He just really has to trust you. Noelle and Andy had become pretty good friends. His friends witnessing a side of him they were sure he never showed anyone but her. Noelle smiled as she watched them. He's been friends with my brother since we were kids. Andy really liked all of Sam's friends, except maybe Jerry because he was the single guy.

The guys talked about poker night. That's the only night we're both off.

andy mcnally and nick collins relationship test

I don't want you to miss it because of me. I'm not giving it up for poker with the guys. Andy could hang out with me and Noelle while you guys play. We'll grill before we play.

The night soon ended and Sam drove her home. Andy groaned when they pulled up and the lights were on.

Andy McNally

Tommy had beaten her home. They had seen him at the Penny but had not spoken to him. You can't move him alone. It was something he was adamant about. As usual her dad was passed out on the sofa. Sam helped her get him back to his room. She was supposed to move in with him after graduation but it hadn't happened yet and that had been seven months ago. He wasn't going to push her though. If he was anything it was patient.

They hadn't even had sex yet, close to it a few times though. After the trauma Sarah went through his respect for women went through the roof. She taught him how to treat women. Andy cried as she packed her bag. Sam was being more than patient about her moving in.

Truth was, she was too afraid to leave her dad alone. Her relationship with Sam was something she could never explain to anyone. The few friends she's made in college couldn't believe that they hadn't even had sex yet. Quite frankly she wasn't sure why they hadn't by now.

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She grabbed her bag and walked into the living room. Before she climbed in his truck he kissed her. Can we just go home? Sam picked her up Sunday morning and they spent the day unpacking her things, then they celebrated with pizza. The week was stressful for Andy with finals and her dad. He wasn't happy that she had left. All she wanted was Sam. She made up her mind that tonight was the night. She did a little shopping and made it home before him. Sam was a little later than usual because of a last minute arrest.

He'd sent Andy a text letting her know he was on his way. See you in The butterflies took over when she read his message. She slipped into the silk dark blue teddy that she had bought, lit candles, and had a beer waiting for when he walked in the door. Sam was so happy to be home. All he wanted was Andy, dinner, and maybe a cold beer. They never really even talked about sex at all. He wanted her more than he could ever express, he just wanted her to be ready. Her smile turned to a teary frown and her arms dropped from around him.

Sam cursed and ran after her.

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You know I love you. Sweetheart, please open the door. He had never made her cry, six years and not once. He knew he could pick the lock easily so he went to get his kit. The attacker escapes and Andy is Unharmed, while Andy is focused on trying to find her attacker.

Sam has yet to tell her the truth. While the case goes nowhere Sam and Andy return to the station where Sam tells her the truth, Andy not being able to handle the news leaves. The next episode shows Andy avoiding Sam, not being able to cope with the fact that Sam is having a baby and its not with her. At the end of the episode Andy meets Sam in his truck and tells him that she doesn't know how to do this but she does know is that she loves him and that this child will never face a day where it feels unloved or unwanted by her.

Sam and Andy are by the lake cleaning up Sam Apologizes for everything falling apart, she tells him that its perfect because its just them and kisses him, Andy walks away talking about starting up the BBQ and she turns around to Sam on one knee, Andy is shocked and drops everything in her hand Sam asks "Marry Me, McNally" and she says yes. The next episode everyone is at the black penny celebrating their engagement, while Sam gets down on one knee asks Oliver to be his best man, Andy notices her ring is missing.

As the episode progresses Oliver becomes the prime suspect in the corruption and the bombing. Oliver ends up resigning and walks away. Sam gives Andy her ring back saying he found it in the sheets. Andy and Dov set a trap to see if the commissioner will take the bate while Gail and Nick are on watch, Gail and Nick are called away Andy decides to go catch him her self, she ends up catching Steve Peck, as he tries to escape he is caught leaving the building by Nick and Gail, as Gail is shocked to see that her brother is corrupt Nick and Andy have to arrest him and Jarvis is sent to arrest Santana, and Oliver is cleared.

The next episode Andy and Sam are suppose to have a date night and Andy shows up at Sam's place with wine, but no Sam, so she goes to the bedroom to find Marlo asleep in bed, as she leaves Sam walks in the door, Andy walks away. Feeling that they need space Andy tells Sam that Juliette offered her a 5 month Undercover job in Vancouver, Sam angry tells her to not leave again and that they will figure this out.

At the end of the episode back at Sam's place Andy tells Sam that shes not leaving and that she was just telling him that for him to have an out, he tells her that he doesn't want an out and that they both tried running, tried being with other people but they always end up finding their way back to each other.

Andy is at their apartment getting ready and nick shows up to tell her that he wont be going to the wedding and that he's going to Vancouver for the Undercover job but he will be back, Andy asks him if hes happy and he says yes hes happy, while helping Andy look for her vows her dress rips and nick is able to sew it up, as he leaves he gives her his sunglasses as something borrowed and she kisses him on the cheek and he leaves.

Giving peace to their failed relationship. As Andy is on her way to the church she picks up a girl on the side of the road, finds out the girl as been assaulted and Andy returns to the person responsible only for her to get carjacked by the girl. Andy quickly realizes that the supposed subject has been stabbed by the girl, Andy tries to call Duncan for help but her phone dies, so she leaves to find help and Duncan worried about Andy tracks Sam's truck and he finds Andy walking in the road, they are able to call and Ambulance and Duncan gets Andy to her wedding.

Swarek", Andy replies "Good Morning Mr. Strengths Walks her own path. Won't take crap from no one.