Amanda knox and meredith kercher relationship

Flatmate saw scratch on Knox's neck soon after Kercher killing | World news | The Guardian

amanda knox and meredith kercher relationship

Amanda Knox, the American student accused of the murder of Meredith neck, and I noticed it because it was known that Meredith had been killed by for conflict and there was always a good relationship with these people. Why the Amanda Knox Case Still Doesn't Make Any Sense: Inside a Shockingly And there's Meredith Kercher, the murder victim who was just as soon . For all that was made of his and Knox's relationship at the time, it was. Amanda Knox confirms her relationship with new boyfriend days after Meredith Kercher's body was found semi-naked with her throat cut in.

Mezzetti said she observed Knox's scratch from a few yards away. She described the wound as "vertical, less than 1cm 0. She said it was red and gestured that it was under her chin.

Amanda's Behavior - Amanda Knox Case

Mezzetti said she did not see any scratch when she saw Knox two days earlier, during breakfast at the apartment. She said she did not see Knox until two days later at the police station. As she heard Mezzetti describe the scratch, Knox appeared to cry. A lawyer representing Raffaele Sollecito, 24, Knox's boyfriend at the time, who is also accused of Kercher's murder in a sex game that went wrong, demanded to know why Mezzetti, a trainee lawyer, had not mentioned the scratch to police until her sixth interview with them in November.

amanda knox and meredith kercher relationship

That raises a question. A third suspect, Ivory Coast-born drifter Rudy Guede, 22, was sentenced to 30 years in prison for his role in a fast-track trial last year.

Massei Trial - The Murder of Meredith Kercher

In court, Knox hit out yesterday at the "exaggerated" testimony of a series of British witnesses. Using her right under Italian law to intervene during sessions, she said she was "really saddened" by claims made by a series of British exchange students that her slovenliness had upset her three female flatmates in Perugia, including Kercher.

Silenzi, a Perugia University student, lived with three other Italian men in the basement flat below the house Knox and Kercher shared.

amanda knox and meredith kercher relationship

Aldalia Tattanelli, the owner of the property where the murder took place, was represented by attorney Letizia Magnini. The Charges Request to have trial behind closed doors The Kercher family, through their lawyer requested that the trial be held behind closed doors.

Amanda Knox’s Behavior And Friendship With Meredith Kercher

Knox was questioned only because she was present at the police station when Raffaele Sollecito confessed to the police that everything he had told them about the night of the murder was "rubbish" and that he had lied because Amanda Knox had asked him to. With the official statements excluded, Knox's lawyer Carlo Dalla Vedova now wanted to have the voluntary statement that Knox wrote the following morning also excluded.

Dalla Vedova argued that if not for the interrogation, Knox would never have written the statement. The prosecution's position was that Amanda Knox without prompting and without questioning asked for and was provided with a pen and paper.

Amanda Knox and Meredith Kercher fell out over housework, third flatmate says

She voluntarily wrote this statement. As such it should be treated as a voluntary declaration and allowed as evidence.

amanda knox and meredith kercher relationship

The court deferred giving a ruling on this request until the next meeting of the court in February. February 6, At the previous meeting of the court, lawyers for Amanda Knox had argued that her written statement should be excluded.

amanda knox and meredith kercher relationship

After hearing arguments from both sides Massei ruled that the statement could be used as evidence in the trial. This is allowed under the Italian system where defendants are allowed to make statements and address the court from their seats at the defence table between witnesses. The first statement was a generic plea that he was innocent.