Alpha male and beta female relationship logic

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alpha male and beta female relationship logic

In studies of social animals, the highest ranking individual is sometimes designated as the alpha. Males, females, or both, can be alphas, depending on the species. Beta animals often act as second-in-command to the reigning alpha or secondly, whether female-alpha status and relationship to the alpha- male can be. Bob Beta doesn't want to rock the boat with Aaron, so he starts learning how Agile works. Omega Males have relations with people from all groups and carry a resourcefulness and cunning Two Rams are butting heads while the female watches. The winner who mates is the stongest and therefore the Alpha Male. Wait. The Alpha Code: The alpha male does not cheat on a beta female but is free to be or "sin" or “victim” in male/female relations and sex is natural and healthy.

I'm no Nicola Horlick, but Rhodes says you don't have to be "a big earner or powerful out in the working world" to 'qualify' as an Alpha. Similarly, the Beta man is "no longer the guy assumed to be gay if he likes yoga, dresses well, or is a vegan". Beta men are "dependable, responsible, and supportive. As I write this, my Beta male partner is helping our middle child with his school project, and will put both boys to bed and read stories. How many Alpha dads do that?

And how many Alpha mums must quietly seethe at the injustice? He's also nearing the end of four months of extended paternity leave from work, during which he was primary carer of our baby daughter. He describes this time as one of the best experiences of his life, and I've fallen more in love with him for forgoing the conventions of what masculinity and fatherhood mean for the higher calling of getting to know his daughter in a way few dads ever will.

Meanwhile I put in hour weeks as a freelance journalist and deputy editor of a website for working women, SWSCDaily. When I was a full-time mum, I found that writing added depth and colour to my world.

Had I been the wife of an Alpha male I doubt I ever would have achieved my bliss.

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By now I'd be going quietly insane; stymied by a creative dissatis-faction but compelled to stifle it for fear of appearing ungrateful for all an Alpha male provides. Many people resist the notion that Beta males make perfect mates for Alpha woman because they believe that Beta men are second-rate. For all that the world is changing when it comes to gender inequality, it's still a social norm that men must be the bread-winners, and that those who aren't must be deficient.

Beta males have no problem bringing home the bacon. They simply know that woman does not live by bacon sandwiches alone.

Being a trouser-wearing woman in my marriage doesn't mean being married to a lesser man. Alpha males are surely prime candidates for heart attacks before they reach retirement, declaring on their death beds that they wish they'd spent more time with the family.

No says Edel Coffey I 've just had a conversation with a friend about an acquaintance of ours who is getting married. His wife-to-be has already started talking about leaving her job and becoming a stay-at-home wife to our pal.

alpha male and beta female relationship logic

As friends do, we went straight to our judging place when we heard this. And 'What sort of a modern man is happy to enter into this kind of unbalanced arrangement? If you were a hard-working Alpha male, would you choose your natural equal — the brainy, stressed-out woman with her own high-octane career to worry about — or would you opt for the gorgeous carefree woman who has spent the day making a beautiful cocoon for you to return to after a trying day at work, even if you were ultimately paying her to do so?

When she put it like that, I was almost tempted to propose to this woman myself. But can you imagine the opposite happening — a man deciding to give up work to be a stay-at-home husband to his Alpha wife?

alpha male and beta female relationship logic

The pairing off of Alpha males with Beta females is a long-established dynamic, but it hasn't traditionally been as successful the other way around.

If he appears more alpha, this may lead to a woman engaging in her short-term sexual strategy with him on false pretense. In essence, it becomes more difficult for her to differentiate between real alphas and pretender alphas. If a large group of men started becoming more alpha, this may compromise her long-term sexual strategy and ability to find a provider male.

Women need and want both Beta males and Alpha males within the sexual market place, in fact its a requirement for their sexual strategy. Thus, beta game becomes encouraged to some extent, through cognitive bias. Thus, the failure of his beta game is not attributed to himself, or the approach, but to the woman.

Alpha game can and often is driven by logos, it has a goal, it follows a straight line of reasoning, but it is not communicated as such. In alpha game, Ethos and Pathos are used to their full extent and full value. Pathos is employed to tailor the approach to female psychological triggers, such as dread game, negs, demonstrating self-confidence, poise and an abundance mindset.

The Alpha reverses the position, where he is now the buyer and the women are trying to sell to him. If one contrasts Alpha game and Beta game, the former communicates covertly, the former does so overtly. The major difference between Alpha game and Beta game, comes in what they trigger, and how they trigger it. Summary and Conclusions From the perspective of evolutionary psychology and biology, the dualistic sexual strategy of women makes sense, from a risk vs reward perspective.

A woman who got saddled with offspring that has inferior genetics, has wasted a resource that is very energy intensive, namely a pregnancy.

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A pregnancy also means that the woman is at increased risk for predators and the risk of dying in childbirth. Women who were inherently biased towards one of the two strategies, were probably less reproductively successful than women who were prone to the duality. What Beta men do not understand is that the same woman who insists on a clean house, yells at you for having more than a single glass of wine and insists on Gucci purses. The Beta approaches women in the same way you approach a company when you want to get a merger started, you give them all the good reasons why they should want to merge with you overtly.

Alphas on the other hand understand that the key to getting the deal is to make the other person think they are the ones who initiated it. Betas think that by telling a woman what a great product they are that they will get sales.

An alpha has no need to communicate his alpha status overtly using logos, he does so covertly through use of ethos and pathos. His character communicates his alpha status through posture, self-confidence, amused mastery, and various other traits.

Yes or No debate: Should Alpha women marry Beta men?

His alpha status is supported by both his own psychological and emotional communication, but also through the ethos and pathos of others. Through virtue signalling, he is communicating that he holds the virtues he thinks women want, and which society tries to communicate that women want, these include, stability, reliability, monogamous potential, long-term mate potential.

Through provision signalling he tries to communicate his ability to provide for her and her children.

Why Some Women See You As An Alpha Male & Some See You As A Beta Male