Aka and zinhle relationship quiz

DJ Zinhle sends AKA's mom a message

aka and zinhle relationship quiz

Nov 20, The perception seems to have followed her over the years despite her relationships with AKA (real name Kiernan Forbes) and Brendon Naidoo. But Dj Zinhle and AKA's mom are still growing their relationship. Even though Wonder if Bonang can match the effect that Dj Zinhle has on AKA's mother. SHARES . The U.S. Monuments Quiz: How Many Do You Recognize?misjon.info His split from DJ Zinhle and the public spats have been a talking point since the rapper admitted to cheating on “The start of my relationship (with Bonang) was painful because at the time I was in a Quiz: Know the still?.

A post shared by AKA akaworldwide on Jun 3, at 5: A post shared by AKA akaworldwide on Feb 25, at 3: Twitter He agreed that he was in love with Bonang and Zinhle appreciates him for his honesty and the guy still is a co-parent of their lovely daughter.

DJ Zinhle addresses the perception that she used to be lesbian – The Citizen

Apart from that, there has been no other dating history or relationship detail available on Aka. He also has a child with Zinhle Jiyane who he was dating for three years. He has been able to make some real money after he created his first debut album Altar Ego.

He gained a lot of popularity starting after he called himself Aka and started working solo. His first music group formed was called Entity and Aka formed it along with his friends from school and later he worked with I. League and it performed quite well alongside the other notable musicians. Aka is proud to have started the I. Bonang Matheba opens up about AKA breakup: On a recent episode of her reality show, Matheba admitted she cried a lot over her former bae, but like they say, time heals all wounds.

aka and zinhle relationship quiz

The South African beauty also spoke about dating famous men, adding she was not bothered about the status of the guy, she fell in love with the person. It's not just the two of you in that relationship but the prying eyes of fans and the public at large.

5 Things AKA 'taught' us about him and Zinhle

I've learnt the trick is not to pay attention to what the person does for a living - fall in love with the human being. Real Rich Kids of South Africa: It is no secret Phasha grew up in money- he bragged about asking his parents for a Rolex watch worth R1 million.

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However, he managed to make a success of himself. Phasha is one smart young man, Briefly.

aka and zinhle relationship quiz

He also went on to co-found Cutthroat Entertainment, a rising record label who already signed the likes of Frank Casino. DJ Zinhle and Denise Zimba used to be tight but that was long before DJ Z apparently found out that Zimba was having an affair with her boyfriend at the time. There is now no love lost between the pair and this well-known.

aka and zinhle relationship quiz

Matheba appeared to want to stir some fireworks when she approached Zimba at the show to quiz her about the upcoming entertainment. DJ Zinhle was scheduled to appear soon after this.

aka and zinhle relationship quiz