A thousand splendid suns laila and tariq relationship help

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a thousand splendid suns laila and tariq relationship help

But after four years of marriage, Mariam saw clearly how much a woman could tolerate when she Rasheed Character Timeline in A Thousand Splendid Suns. Love quotes from A Thousand Splendid Suns book; quotes about Love. moment underscores the maternal relationship between Mariam and Laila. The love. A Thousand Splendid Suns is most of all, a story of the oppression of women and how even relationship with Mariam who protects her. They plan to run . daughter Aziza from the clutches of evil Taliban, with the help of a man at last, Tariq.

For instance, at times both girls resent their mothers, but at other times they are empathetic, even loving, toward their mothers.

Mariam resented her mother's decision to prevent her from getting an education, and her mother's distaste for Jalil; Laila resents her mother's decision to isolate herself from she and her father. Both girls are unable to completely give up on their mothers: Mariam has many fond memories of her mother and sees that underneath her anger, her mother truly did care for her. Laila rejoices in the days when her mother acts like her old self and embraces life by cooking and playing with Laila.

a thousand splendid suns laila and tariq relationship help

Through Mariam and Laila's experiences, it's clear that the personal suffering of both Nana and Fariba affects their ability to be good mothers. Both mothers care for their daughters, but are unable to put aside their own misery to focus on the needs of their daughters.

Nana is unable to accept Mariam's growing independence and thus commits suicide. Fariba cannot look past her grief over her missing sons in order to care for her young daughter.

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While Nana and Fariba experienced different losses in their lives, their inability to overcome them has a strong affect on their daughters' self-worth. Fortunately for Laila, her relationship with her father is more fully realized than the one between Mariam and Jalil.

Unlike Jalil, Hakim is entirely devoted to his precocious daughter and defends her right to make educated choices in her life. Mariam, however, only received Jalil's support and affection when it was convenient for Jalil, culminating in his decision to force her into a loveless marriage. However, Hosseini shows how socioeconomic forces influence both men's choices.

Hakim, as a former teacher and university-educated man from the middle classes, is more able to embrace notions of equal opportunity for the genders; Jalil, as a public figure, felt pressure from his wives and his position in society to disown Mariam and limit her choices to protect his own reputation.

a thousand splendid suns laila and tariq relationship help

Mariam has complicated feelings about her parents: She lives with her spiteful and stubborn mother, Nana; while her father Jalil, a successful businessman, visits Mariam — his only illegitimate child — once a week. Mariam resents her limited place in Jalil's life; she wants to live with him, his three wives, and her half-siblings in Herat.

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She makes her wishes known by asking Jalil to take her to see Pinocchio for her fifteenth birthday. Jalil reluctantly agrees, but then never shows up to take her to the film. Mariam walks to heart and finds Jalil's house, but he doesn't let her in, so she sleeps on the street.

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The next morning, Jalil's chauffeur drives Mariam home where she finds that her mother has committed suicide. Mariam is taken to Jalil's home after her mother's funeral.

a thousand splendid suns laila and tariq relationship help

Jalil's wives want nothing to do with Mariam, so they force him to let her marry Rasheed, a widowed shoemaker in Kabul. At first Rasheed treats Mariam decently, but after she suffers miscarriage after miscarriage, he abuses her both physically and verbally.

A Thousand Splendid Suns

It becomes clear that Rasheed's only use for Mariam is in her ability to replace the son he lost years ago. Growing up down the street from Rasheed and Mariam is Laila, a young, intelligent girl from a loving family.

However, the Afghani war against the Soviets disrupts Laila's childhood and both her older brothers leave to join the war. Laila seeks comfort from her best friend, Tariq, a boy a few years older than her. Just before Laila reaches adolescence, her parents' receive news that both of their sons have been killed.

A few years later, war reaches Kabul and bombs fall on the city regularly. By now, Tariq and Laila are teenagers and in love.

As Tariq tells Laila that he and his family are fleeing to Pakistan, the couples makes love for the first time, quickly and passionately.

a thousand splendid suns laila and tariq relationship help

A few days later, Laila's parents decide to leave Afghanistan as well, but as they are packing a rocket hits their house, killing Laila's parents and wounding her.